18 Best Deer Meat Grinder: Full Review

Deer meat is considered as a tasty, delicious, and nutritious source of protein. It’s a perfect addition to any type of meal, from burgers to kinds of pasta. With a meat grinder, you will open a whole load of recipes you can make with comfort at your own home. But finding the right deer meat grinder is a little bit challenging.

It’s challenging, especially when everything available on a single click of a button. To avoid scrolling the internet, here we make a list of some best deer meat grinders. These grinders can vastly improve your skills of kitchen unlocked a load of possibilities for you. So, let’s take a look:

How to Choose Meat Grinder for Venison

Here you are going to know that the essential factor of buying a deer meat grinder. So here are some quick tips for you to choose the one right for you:

  • Check what’s the size: To grind 2-3 deers, 1 HP power is enough. It means that one big hoss will grind the 2-3 deer simple in one hour. So it’s good to buy a machine under one HP.
  • How durable is material: Like other appliances at home, you want to make sure that the grinder you are buying is sturdy enough to withstand the amount of working you are going to put in.
  • Is It Easy to Use: The thing you have to keep in mind that always prioritizes usability.
  • Check for Accessories: Always find a grinder that offers the additional accessories to make the whole grinding experience a joy.
  • Warranty: It’s essential to choose the right meat grinder for deer, which offers a warranty of 2 to 5 years.
  • Budget: The golden rule is to always go for the best model, which falls into your budget. Especially when you are buying a grinder for the first time.
  • Cooling: When you are going to buy an electric grinder, you need to figure out that the grinder has a system in place to reduce overheating while working.
  • Wattage: The output power or wattage of a meat grinder can vary from 400 watts to 4000 watts. At the same time, higher watt meat grinder can easily grind meat and soft bones.

Deer Meat Grinding Tips

Keep The Meat Cold

Cold meat can keep its shape better in grinder sand, provide a better output overall. Make sure to chill your meat for 30-45 minutes before grinding.

Clean The Grinder

Cleaning is a very important thing when you are grinding the meat. To avoid all types of contamination, make sure your grinder is perfectly cleaned.

Add Fat

Deer and elk are generally lean meats, that’s why they may get dry after grinding. To avoid the dryness, it’s better to add some fat in your grinder with meat.

Grind Twice

To get the best grinding output, try to put the meat into the grinder twice.

Top Best Meat Grinders for Deer

LEM Stainless Steel Big Bite Meat Grinder

This heavy piece of equipment for LEM. This grinder is highlighted because of its Big Bite technology. As the name shows that the grinder takes a “Big Bite” from the meat before it actually gets ground.

It means that you can put large pieces of deer meat into the grinder. The machine is perfect because it is permanently lubricated and made with stainless steel compounds. That may prevent clogging and allows you to grind up to 13 lbs of meat in one minute. It can surely handle all the home grinding needs then some.

You can grind a lot of meat because of powerful motorsMachine weight is heavy
Permanently lubricated components prevent the cloggingThe components are not dishwasher safe
Big Bite technology
Easy to use

The Heavy-Duty STX Megaforce Classic 3000 Series

Deer is red meat; therefore, it naturally takes a bit forced to grind. With this grinder STX model, you will definitely have it at any time. If you are familiar with food processors and like, you will know that STX will always deliver it.

Through this model, they put 3000W motor that has the potential to grind up to 300lbs of meat in less than one hour. But still, it is not for commercial use. You will need some hard work to find out a home grinder like this one.

High power motorNot for Commercial use
Aesthetically pleasing designNot for grinding bones
Easy to operate
High-quality design

STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder 

It’s another product of STX which employs a new and patented technology that wasn’t seen on the last entry on this list. This model comes with a 3000W motor. Therefore, it will grind the meat nicely and consistently.

STX adds some safety features to complement the motor, which will assure the machine’s long life. To start the machine, there is an integrated circuit breaker that will automatically off the machine if anything wrong.

There is an air cooling system on the top that make sure the grinder is constantly working well as possible it could. It’s a very nice grinder addition to a ground house of a grinder.

Powerful motorMachine is heavy
Advanced safety featuresSome components are not dishwasher safe
Premium design
Large meat tray

ALTRA Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

This popular grinder is one of the best sought-after in a home meat grinder. It’s easy to use; this ALTRA grinder model contains that. Some heavy-duty meat grinder you can buy is overly complicated with their settings. But this machine is not complicated.

It contains 0nly two buttons. These two buttons are the on/off switch and reverse button. This machine’s motor capacity is 2000W, which is more than enough power to grind venison. The grinder also has a fresh look on the top, which adds some class to any kitchen counter.

Easy to operateNot dishwasher safe
Easy to disassemble and cleanNot designed for commercial use
Powerful motor
Made of High-quality material

SunMile SM-G73 Meat Grinder

Suppose anyone is looking for an affordable grinder. In that case, it’s a high-quality performance meat grinder that put this Sunmile model for consideration; in spite of its affordable price tag, the aluminum-made the body is covered with stainless steel.

This will gives it many durability’s and a fresh or clean look. Besides, the machines come with a 600W motor, and it’s a powerful one out there. But don’t try to grind bones frequently. It also contains a circuit breaker that may prevent the motor from burning, and that means you need to buy a new grinder. The perfect machine for a person who is looking for a simple grinder.

AffordableMotor could be more powerful
High-quality materialInternal gears are made with plastic
It comes with a reverse function to avoid clogging

Sunmile SM-G33 Electric Meat Grinder

To grind the deer meat, the Sunmile grinder is best and affordable. This model comes with a motor that has a maximum output of 800W. That is good enough for just about any home meal with venison. Its body is made with aluminum and wrapped with stainless steel.

That allows the grinder to perform with less noise than other grinders in the market. This grinder comes with a large tray, which means you can load a large amount of meat at a time. It’s with simple on/off and reverse buttons. You will get the hang of this grinder in no time.

Affordable price rangeIt’s not dishwasher safe
Ease to useSome internal components are made with plastic
Easy to clean and disassemble
Lightweight or easy to move

Chef’s Choice 720 Electric Meat Grinder

This machine is an excellent all-around grinder that can grind deer meat, vegetables, and any other meat you want to process. The motor is reasonably powerful but not the most powerful. It provides 400W and won’t be able to process meat commercially.

But any home recipe can easily be handled by this machine. It’s very simple to use; it can get the hang of grinding meat with this machine in no time. People who are in search of a functional and straightforward grinder, this Chef Choice model may be best for you.

Simple and easy to useNot good to grind bones
Made of stainless steelNot dishwasher safe
Three-way control
Perfect for making sausages

Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

This grinder performed very well, and the best one out there as the title shows that this grinder contains a 1000W powerful motor. This motor allows you to grind any piece of meat with relative ease.

However, the unique thing about this grinder is its compactness. The grinder can manage and fit all of its high-quality components in small, light, and portable packages. So for those who move around, it’s the best meat grinder for you.

CompactNot suitable for commercial use
Powerful motorThe design may not be for everyone
Made of high-quality components
Comes with three grinding plates

Weston 0.75 HP Pro Series #8 Meat Grinder

Other grinding machines are hard time with tougher meat and bones. This amazing machine can handle all of those without any issue. Weston grinder can handle almost everything you throw in it. This grinder’s amazing features make it a great meat grinder, and you don’t have to worry about grinder breaking or anything.

The gears of this machine are made of steel, and that makes it extra strong and durable. It’s such a great all-around meat grinder.

Can handle any meatMachine is loud
Easy to disassemble and cleanPretty costly
Easy to use

Weston Pro Series 22 Electric Meat Grinder

Other meat grinders will be stuck on bones, and they won’t be powerful enough to cut soft bones. At the same time, it requires a lot of prep working on getting decent smashed meat. All of these are not an issue for Weston 22 meat grinder.

You can smash 100 fishes and 725 pounds of meat in one hour in just a single pass. Its Extra Wide Offset Head Design helps to make its speed high. This grinder can grind all the meats without stucking on the bones you throw to it or even noticed you had fed anything in.

This grinder is made for both family and commercial used to grind through soft bones, and you don’t need to cut the meat into pieces. With the design, Weston Pro is durably built with steel gears for quiet performance.

It can handle deer, moose, elk, and any ame meat easilyThis heavy-duty grinder is horribly loud
It’s simple to use and quick to the teardownQuite expensive
It’s easy to clean and restart
It is a tough machine
Doesn’t stuck on bones
Non-slip rubber feet add to its stability

Nesco FG-400 PR

This perfect and beautiful deer meat grinder if good for processing the wild games into sausages, jerky, hamburger, sandwich spread out, and other ground meat. The Nesco FG-400PR is coming with 380 watt, which provides the power to cut up 5lbs of meat in a minute.

It is also made with three sintered stainless steel plates for medium, fine, and coarse. It’s grinders and sturdy aluminum housing and an oversized hopper, which helps to hold 5lbs meat at one go without stopping the machine.

Cleanup in a snapNoisy and loud
It seems solid and simpleFood pusher pulls the lid off
Grind faster and works very well as a stufferSmall size sausage stuffer tube is too large for small sausages
Dishwasher friendlyYou can’t go directly from coarse to fine grind
Fine grind feature is narrow for hamburger

Gourmia GMG-525 Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is perfect for venison, but it’s not the last capability of this. It’s an excellent appliance for everyone who loves culinary art. You can use it to grind any kind of meat to prepare a wide variety of dishes. The grinder is available in three different wattages such as 500, 800, and 2200.

You have to decide your preferences based on which power and how often you plan to use this. It is top in the list because of its quality construction and material. The body and blades are tough stainless steel powered by a copper motor. It is backed with a one year warranty because of its heavy metal design.

It’s essential to wash the parts before assembling the machine. Otherwise, the grinder may leave the metal residue on the meat.

Versatile culinary usesRequire cleaning to remove metal residue
Three wattage options
Quality stainless steel design
One-year warranty
Easy to use and assemble
Attachments and accessories

STX International Turboforce II

You can quickly notice the quality of craftsmanship behind Turboforce II. It came with five grinding plates and made with tough tempered steel and three stainless steel cutting blades. STX has a lot of faith in the durability of their machines.

It comes with a warranty for three years, and you can buy additional protection plans. Another of its amazing thins is the Quad Air cooling system. It can protect the motors and also the longevity of the machine. If you want to crush a lot of meat for more years, try to buy the machine with this type of longevity.

The price of this grinder is too high, but you will pay for its quality. Keep in mind one thing that it will last a lot longer than other similar grinders. So you are going to save your money for a long time.

Five tempered steel grinding platesPrice is too high
Stainless steel blades
Three-year guarantee
Quad Air Cooling
Durable and long-lasting
Foot pedal
Choice of black or white

Cabela’s Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

Cabela’s Heavy-duty is designed to handle the game meat like venison. It’s very easy to use. Therefore, you don’t need a wizard in the kitchen to get the benefit from it. It comes with three buttons of grinding, stuffing, and reverse.

This product is made for hunters so that it doesn’t have a lot of versatility. It comes with a 400watt motor and only two grinder plates, which is fine and medium. Also, because of its simple design, its price is affordable.

People who are linked with hunting need an easy way to process the meat; then, it’s a good option for those. Its accessories are great, especially for venison. This comprises a stuffing funnel and star or also a cover.

Designed for gameOnly two grinding plates
Easy to useLow-motor wattage
Three-way switch
Simple design
Low price range
Useful accessories

MeyKey Mincer

This Meykey mincer is best for your kitchen if your all venison cutters taking too much space. MeyKey mincer meat grinder is small and better. It’s easy to assemble and break down the meat. You can also take it with you.

Meykey mincer meat grinder is the best addition in the list of grinders. Its price is really attractive, and it features three grinding plates. These plates are for sausage attachment for stuffing, a food pusher, and other accessories. It comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

The grinder is very easy to use and safe. The machine can work with three different buttons, and the blades are enclosed, which keeps you protected.

Compact or portable designCleaning required to remove metal residue
Easy to assemble
Great value
One year replacement warranty
Enclosed blades
Dishwasher safe

Cabela’s Carnivore

This meat grinder is specially made for the outdoor community because of its powerful grinding capacity. It’s a beast and heavy-duty grinder. It has a one-horsepower motor and can crush 11-13 lbs of meat in one minute.

The grinder is physically large, and you can put large pieces of meat in the hopper, but don’t hurt your back picking it up. This grinder has some unique features like Cool-Tek Ice Pack. It’s an ice pack which is fitted around the head of the grinder.

Ice-pack helps to maintain consistent grinder and prevent the clogs and keep the meat cold. This is a commercial-grade grinder and designed for a butcher shop and other professional operations. If you are a hunter and ground a lot of venison, then it’s perfect for you.

One-horsepower motorComes with only two grinding plates
Grinds 11 to 13 lbs meat per minute
Cool-Tek Ice Pack
Useful accessories
One-switch operation
Lifetime warranty

BCP Home Industrial Electric Meat Grinder

Some grinders may beat this grinder due to its price—people on a budget and looking for a machine that can process the meat on an ad-hoc basis. And doesn’t need anything that runs for hours no end. Then this one is for you.

1200W60-days warranty
Stainless Steel and Plastic Housing
Meat Pusher and cover included

Homeleader 1400 Watt Electric Meat Grinder

This is one of those products, which is budget models when it comes to price. But it takes a big punch in terms of its capabilities. It comes with a 1400watt power motor and several grinding options like a Coarse, Fine, & Medium. Also, several attachments which come as standard with this compact grinder. Or you struggle for a better way to find a good deal.

1,400-watt motorHeavyweight
3 grinding optionsCostly
Compact design for easy storage


Grinders in this list are the best meat grinders to grind the venison. If you want to buy the meat grinders, this guide may be helpful for you. It will help you to make your buying decision easy. So go ahead and buy your own best meat grinder for deer meat on giving buy buttons.

Make sure that you choose a grinder which suits you and fulfills all your expectations. You can also save your bucks, which you will spend on hiring a butcher to do this job. Therefore, these grinders may have worth your investments.