How to Prepare Amazing Chicken Parm Meatballs- Easy Recipe

Parmesan chicken meatballs are the Italian dish that is healthier since it does not require enough time to prepare. This bite is crunchy outside which enables your meat to be more structured inside. There are a lot of ways of cooking this meal which makes it delicious and practical. Parmesan meatballs are made with juicy lemon with fresh basil.

Making this meal is very simple and enjoyable. They are mixed with fine marinara sauce which makes the meal crispy. If you need to make this dish nice use the panko breaded sauce that is immersed in milk as a filter. This will enable a tasty bread quality. It’s good to prepare the meatballs early enough and freeze them.

This article will highlight the tools used in preparation of meatballs, parmesan chicken and the ingredients used. Besides the tools and equipment I will discuss the step by step procedure required in making this dish. I will also tackle the method of preservation used to store the leftovers and the frequently asked questions, finally making the summary of this article by concluding.

Prepare Amazing Chicken Parm Meatballs

Tools required

amazing chicken parm meatballs
  • A pan
  • Cup
  • Teaspoon
  • Garlic grinder
  • A bowl
  • A handle
  • Water can


  • 4 Ibis minced chicken
  • ½ garlic smoothly chopped
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 tablespoon of parsley and basil
  • ¼ cup of minced parmesan cheese
  • ¼ panko bread particle
  • Salt and pepper at required amount
  • 2 stirred eggs
  • ¾ flour for siltation
  • 1 Ibis dried mozzarella
  • ½  firm mozzarella



1. Heat the oven to about 400 degree Celsius.  This will ensure that the heat will be evenly distributed to ensure that the meal takes the required time.

2. Combine all the toppings you have prepared and mix them with the meatballs. Mince the parmesan cheese directly into a bowl.  Firmly made parmesan tastes sweeter than the ungrounded one.

3. Make the sizable meatballs and then add the prepared mozzarella by ensuring that the meat covers the cheese. Remember to make the meatballs that are soft. So make sure you don’t take a lot of time mixing the meatballs.

4. I made 8 meatballs with 1 Ibis. One meatball takes ½ tablespoon of chopped chicken mix.

5. Prepare the bread and put it inside the bowl then mix with flour, purely stirred eggs and panko.

6. Softly drag every meatball with the flour to remove excess buff then add them into eggs followed by the panko by ensuring that all meat is fully covered.

7. In a casserole warm frying pan, pour little olive oil, cook the meatballs till they turn the whole part golden brown and flimsy.

8. Move them into a casserole plate and place them inside the heated oven 365 degrees for about 8 minutes. Remove them from the oven and add marinara to every piece of firm mozzarella then put it again into the oven for about 6 minutes to complete cooking. Will realize that the cheese comes on top.

9. Decorate the already prepared spice with chopped basil.

10. Serve and enjoy your meal. You can serve with hot marinara.

Methods of storage

Methods of storage

a). Freezer

After you finish eating, leave the leftovers to cool then place them inside the container. Ensure the container is sealed tightly. You can freeze for about 2 months.

b). Aluminium foil

Wrap the leftover using the aluminium foil. If you cover it well it will last up to 3 days.

c). Refrigerator

Ensure the temperature inside the refrigerator is about 40 degrees. Place the remaining meal in a well container which is tightly covered. This will ensure that the meatballs will be safe for about 3 days.

d). Reheat

You can reheat your leftover meatballs using the oven, stove, gas or any of your preferred methods.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do you fix rubbery meatballs?

In order to make your meatball soft and tender you need to add a moistening spice or something which can make it moist like cold water, milk, you can use blended tomato, grounded vegetables and broth.

  • Why do my meatballs come out dense?

If your meatballs are heavy then it means that the toppings were mixed for a long time and the meat was thoroughly grounded. You need to use meat with high fat content. This will give your dish extra moisture.

  • How can I make my meatballs bind better?

You need to soak the bread in order to add moisture to your meat. You can also apply the spices of firm bread crumbs.   Another alternative is to handle the meatballs carefully and not to spend much time mixing them.

  • What makes my meatballs fall apart?

Actually when the meatballs fall apart the problem might be the binder. Many meatballs use bread crumbs and eggs. When you use a lot of bread crumbs your meal will be loose and vice versa.  The eggs also can lead to similar issues.


In summary, I have discovered that parmesan meatballs chicken is the sweetest and very delicious bite which takes little time in preparation.  It’s a healthier meal as compared to beef meatballs.  This Italian dish is not very complicated but it depends on the ingredients you are using. When making this meat note moist meatballs are the best and this is done by ensuring that you are supposed to take little time when mixing the bread crumbs to prevent it from being dry. In any case your meatballs are crispy . You can use an alternative of adding milk or water and even vegetables.

With the help of the procedure and the ingredients highlighted above you will be in a better position of preparing nice parmesan for your family and friends. In case you don’t have a safe oven, then you can use a baking dish instead. Sometimes you can find the panko falling apart when cooking because you need to turn the meatballs brown. This can be prevented by wiping the pan around the batches.

It’s my hope that you will not encounter any difficulty when preparing this meal.  Kindly go through this article to gain your experience.