How to prepare an amazing Mediterranean tortilla pizza

Preparation of tortilla pizza is a faster and simple way because it doesn’t require enough time.   A lot of combinations are needed in order to get your pizza fully prepared.  Mediterranean technique is a healthy and sweet dish that everyone will devour.  This dish is covered with bubby cheese and packed with topping.  It ranges from hard to easier ways of preparation depending on the ingredients used.

Making tortilla pizza is very simple given all the ingredients required and observing the time given. It gives a chance to put all ingredients in place and cook it perfectly.  Mediterranean pizza can be mixed with spinach, pepper, peas, cheese, and any other spice of your choice.   With advanced technology, methods have emerged to address the challenge like prevention of crust as it can be frozen or reheated without getting rigid.

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This article will discuss the tools needed in the preparation of Mediterranean pizza, the ingredients, the time required, and the procedure in preparing the tortilla pizza. Besides the ingredients and tools, it will address the methods of preserving the leftovers, additional notes and frequently asked questions, and finally the conclusion.

Tools required

·         Plate

It’s used after the completion of all processes of preparation of pizza. It can also be used when cutting or slicing onions or tomatoes.

·        Table spoon

 It’s used to measure the appropriate amount of salt, tomato sauce, red pepper, garlic powder, chopped fresh parsley among other spices of your choice.  The spoon can be used to add cooking oil into the pan.

·        Oven

The oven is heated and regulated to a temperature of which enables evenly distribution of moisture. This ensures that the pizza is completely cooked and it’s ready to be served.

·        A cup

It enables the approximate amount of water, shredded mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese required.

·        Kitchen towel

It’s used to dry the serving dishes and cover the mozzarella cheese and other toppings.


  • ·         3 big sliced black olives
  • ·         1/3 minced natural parsley
  • ·         1/3 cup grated mozzarella cheese
  • ·         2 sliced red or green onion
  • ·         ½ chopped pepper
  • ·         2 tablespoon pizza ketchup
  • ·         1/7 tablespoon garlic grind
  • ·         2 flour tortilla
  • ·         ¼ cup parmesan cheese
  • ·         1 tablespoon tomato powder
  • ·         ¼ tablespoon caper
  • ·         ½ teaspoon salt
  • ·         2 cups of warm water
amazing Mediterranean tortilla pizza


1.      Heat up the oven to about 445 to 460 degrees.

This will ensure that the moisture is evenly distributed in order to cook the best pizza.

2.      Prepare the tomato sauce. Top up the salt to the plate of tomatoes and mix them until they are fully combined.

3.      Smear olive oil over the tortilla flour using the end of a spoon. 

Olive oil will ensure that the tortilla sticks into the pan and prevent it from being destroyed.

4.      Put the small amount of the remaining tomato sauce at the peak of the olive oil layer.

5.      Mix them with salt and pepper.

6.      Sum up the layer of parmesan cheese and add any other spices over the cheese.

7.      Put them on the oven stand and cook them for 8 to 1o minutes until the side of the tortilla turns crispy.

8.      Cut the fully made pizza using a knife and serve.

This dish can be served with soup, cabbage salad, potato, garlic cheese bread among other meals of your choice.

Note that if the fresh mozzarella is not available you can use sliced mozzarella.

Mix the mozzarella cheese with natural herbs to protect it from being destroyed when cooking.

The amount needed per ingredient depends on what you prefer.

How to store leftovers

1.     Refrigerator

Leftovers can be preserved for up to three days by covering them using an airtight can.  The refrigerator provides the temperature required in order for the dish to be in the desired position.

2.     Freezer

Keep your pizza covered and store them for a period of one day.

3.     Reheat

You can warm your pizza in an oven to a degree of 355 for 8 minutes or more. Another alternative is that you can use a microwave. If you don’t have any of these tools, you can also use a stove, gas or any of your best choice.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of pizzas are there?

Mediterranean pizza, homemade, Greek pizza, Californian, New There are a lot of different types of pizza. They include York among others.

What is the history of pizza?

Modern pizza originated from the known dishes in Naples and Italy for about the 18th to 19th century. This word was first scripted in 997 A.D in Gaeta and later spread to other parts of central and southern Italy. Pizza is the foodstuff of Italians and those who migrated to this country. Things changed during World War II when their enemy settled in Italy leading to high demand for pizza and the price also increased leading to a shift in other Italian food.

Can I make pizza dough with semolina?

Semolina is prepared durum wheat. Its color is dark or golden yellow. Using semolina will add more chew and toughness to the crust and provide a sweet aroma than other spices.

What should I do when the dough is too wet or sticky?

If you pizza dough gets hard to manage and comes very wet, ensure that the working location plus the dough are dusted with enough flour before molding it.  Make the dough soft and elastic to make the work easier.  You can also apply oil by smearing it in the cooking dish, dry the toss and put the dough into it.


Mediterranean tortilla pizza is the best and healthiest dish to make. Given the tools and ingredients guide, you will be in a position to prepare the sweetest pizza ever. In this article I have discussed the procedure needed in baking pizza.

Besides the procedure, I have addressed the best way of preserving the leftovers of your dish that will prevent it from rotting.  Kindly follow the instructions given above in order to cook the best pizza. All you need is to make sure that everything is ready so as a lot of time is not consumed. Tortilla pizza has very little calories, enough vegetables and vegans.