Bactoferm Substitute: What You Can Use Instead

Now that you have decided to prepare your own sausages (fermented), no one is against it. But you will have to purchase a reliable starter culture. These are bacteria, responsible for preparing dry sausages; Bactoferm falls under this category. But, what if you fail to get Bactoferm?

Don’t worry because we have gathered information on the alternatives to buy instead of Bactoferm. These options are also great and it depends on how easy you can access either of them. We have a lot of Bactoferm substitutes out there like Van Hees, Hela Germet, BiTEC, among other starter cultures.

The three manufacturers are also famous in making dependable starter cultures that can be used in fermenting sausage. Well, by the time you are through reading this article, you will find various alternatives to replace Bactoferm.

How Bactoferm starter cultures work

bactoferm substitute

Knowing the answer to this concept will hint on qualities of a reliable substitute for Bactoferm starter culture. Starter cultures are essential as they have various beneficial bacteria and produce lactic acid in the meat. You can use it in different concentrations since they have varying effects on your meat during the fermentation process. Some of the visible effects might be change in color and flavor; it also prevents development of harmful bacteria.

We can therefore conclude that most starter cultures tend to affect the smell, color, and meat protection. You can as well combine these bacteria, but the production style plays a vital role. We still have particular starter cultures that are utilized in enhancing flavor, nitrate reduction, surface coverage, bio-protection, etc.

Why choose Bactoferm?

Why choose Bactoferm

This brand is prominent since it offers various bacteria combinations for a wide range of applications. Below are some of the reasons why Bactoferm is famous;

The first reason is that you have the opportunity to select different bacteria combinations based on your end results.

You are sure to invest in the high quality product because Bactoferm is a top brand.

Thirdly, Bactoferm is readily available and you can order easily. It’s therefore suitable for beginners because each Bactoferm substance delivers comprehensive instructions on effects and use of specific bacteria. Despite the positive aspects of the Bactoferm, trying something new is always advisable.

Bactoferm substitutes: what you can use instead

Bactoferm substitutes what you can use instead

A reliable Bactoferm alternative should be something that helps you achieve your desired sausage fermentation. The substitute you opt for should contain the required bacteria for healthy and successful production. Well, below are some of the common alternatives you can buy in case you don’t come across Bactoferm.

1. Van Hees

This is another famous brand when it comes to sausage fermentation. It makes and offers several starter cultures which one can use in absence of Bactoferm. For instance, the Primal SK Natur (one of their starter cultures) can be utilized as a quick Bactoferm F-RM-52 replacement.

The substance is an excellent option for fast and medium-fast fermentation to provide aroma, mild acidification, and protects against possible pathogens. See, you can do without Bactoferm, especially if you can’t order it or it’s not available.

More so, Van Hees provides starter cultures that are used for Northern and Southern European sausages. The maturing process of each Primal starter culture is safe and also enhances the normal raw sausage’s taste and deep meat color.

2. BiTEC

The second and another reliable Bactoferm substitute is the BiTEC which produces a variety of starter cultures. These substances are useful in case there is no Bactoferm as you can use them for fast ripening and traditional fermented sausages.

These cultures provide protection against toxic bacteria and possess various starter culture combinations designed for obtaining different results. The brand’s famous product is the LS 25 culture which is meant for fast acidification of North European and North American sausages.

Using this starter culture comes with a lot of benefits since you can use it to obtain a dry sausage taste. Additionally, it not only influences the stability of your mixture, but also the color.

3. Hela Germet

Well, if you are not comfortable with the above options, maybe you should give this one. There several starter cultures produced by Hela Germet. However, the commonly used one is the one designed for producing Southern and Northern European sausages.

This starter culture is useful in achieving desired flavor in your dry sausages. It achieves this by minimizing the pH level of your meat. This property makes it suitable to be used to achieve a mild taste classic of European sausages as well as enhancing the meat color.

4. Fermento

The fourth option on our list is the Fermento which contains skimmed milk and cultured whey protein that produces a tasty flavor to your meat. The Bactoferm substitute is useful in semi-dry cured sausages. This capability helps it to minimize the fermentation period and allows you to immediately stuff your sausages.

There is no need to wait longer for the fermentation process to occur. For this reason, you can use it to prepare summer sausages. One of the interesting parts of this Bactoferm alternative is that it doesn’t require refrigeration. You can go with this option if it’s available or the above options are hard to access.

5. Buttermilk powder or yogurt

The last, but not least is to use buttermilk powder or yogurt. Apart from purchasing starter cultures from various manufacturers, I want to tell you that it is possible to use some ingredients. These ingredients are reliable options in absence of Bactoferm. You are allowed to use them for meat fermentation; hence can still be utilized as starting cultures.

Why should you choose this option?

Why should you choose this option

A number of people would prefer purchasing this starter culture due to the following reasons;

  • They are associated with one-in-a-million flavors.
  • Secondly, the ingredients are not expensive; affordable.
  • Lastly, sometimes you might be left with the option of making your starter culture in absence of the desired one.

Despite all these advantages, you need to understand that this ingredient can be associated with dangers to your health. You’re not sure of your safety.


  • What is a sausage starter?

A starter culture is the freeze-dried bacteria used for preparing dry sausages like chorizo, salami, pepperoni, fuet, and many other dry sausages. They are associated with safety as they acidify your sausages to achieve a classic ripened flavor.

  • Do I really have to utilize a starter culture in salami?

Not really. Preparing salami in absence of a starter culture is possible. This is a traditional method that existed many years ago before the introduction of starter cultures. Therefore, it’s not a must to use a culture when preparing salami.

Final words

All of the above starter cultures from various manufacturers can make the best alternatives to Bactoferm. They are not only safe, but also reliable options out there. Besides, they can be used in preparing different types of sausages. In absence of Bactoferm, you don’t have to worry because you can select the correct bacteria combination from different manufacturers for desired results.

Carefully go through this article so that you can achieve a great meat quality. Remember, Bactoferm is a popular brand, but we still have various alternatives out there. From the above options, you can realize that it’s possible to make one for yourself.