Beef Liver vs. Calf Liver- Quick Differences and Similarities

Choice of the liver is complicated since they are not sure whether beef liver or calf liver is the best. At times you can be having the idea of the best among the two, but maybe they have the same characteristics. There is much information that we cannot know about the two livers. It is good to identify the differences and similarities of the two livers to choose that is best.

So what is the difference between the two livers, and maybe their similarities? As its name suggests, beef exists from old cows that are mature enough, while the calf liver comes from the young cows. Their difference can be due to cost and availability. However, there are more properties about the two livers that can differentiate them.

The article below will show the differences of the two livers in detail, their similarities at some point and last their advantages and disadvantages after that are the frequently asked questions and later the conclusion.

Quick comparison table among the two livers

comparisonBeef liverCalf liver
availabilityReadily availableRarely available
costLess expensiveMost expensive
FlavorGood flavorSweet and good flavor
textureRough due to ageSmooth, tender, and soft
NutrientsFewer nutrientsHas more nutrients
effectsCauses effects in the kidney and gutIt affects the kidney, gout, cardiovascular diseases

Differences between the two types of liver

beef liver vs calf liver

As we all know, the liver is an expensive type of meal when you need to purchase it for cooking or as ready food for consumption in the hotel. The liver has a smooth texture compared to other organs, making it expensive. In this case, we have the beef liver and the calf liver that we need to know their differences. Check on the significant points that differentiate them below:

  • Cost

The cost of the two livers differs according to their demand. The products that have higher needs. However, the liver can be readily available in the market in some cases, but it is still expensive. In this case, the beef liver is costly but not more than the calf liver. Calf liver is more expensive than beef liver.

  • Availability

Beef liver is much available in the market since most butchery people cut it are mature, and it is good with the health status. The calf liver is unhealthy, and when you consume and have some health issues, it can affect you. Therefore, most individuals do not prefer cutting them since it is unethical to make it rare in the market.

  • Cooking

When cooking the two types of liver, you must be careful since one of the types takes much time while the other takes less time. Calf liver takes less time to cook since it is from a young cow, while beef liver takes a lot of time to cook since it is from an older cow.

  • Taste and texture

Every type of food has its taste that makes humans urge to be in need. The taste and texture of the two kinds of livers can be different since they are from other cows of different ages. The surface of the beef liver tends to be mushy that after cooking, the texture turns to be leathery and has a bitter taste. In the other case with the calf liver, the surface is tender and soft, and after cooking, it brings a sweet flavor.

  • Health issues

The liver has a good amount of nutrients that help provide a lot of things to the body. However, some nutrients have side effects that can affect the body if you consume a large amount. In this case, the beef liver is good for your health since it is from a mature cow, while the calf liver is from a young cow that is not good for your health.

Similarities of the two products

Similarities of the two products

1. Both two types of the liver have nutrients like vitamins and minerals that are good for the human body. Some minerals include copper, iron, zinc, folic acid, and chromium. However, calf liver contains more nutrients than beef liver.

2. Both can cause stomach pain when you consume them in excess, turning into severe health issues for the body.

3. Both are lean meat with cholesterol since they are pure and can cause long-term health effects.

4. Both two livers produce methane which is there for sustainability.

The most recommended type of liver among the two

The most recommended type of liver among the two

Before choosing the best type of liver among the two, you need to know the benefits and cons of the two types of liver. However, the point about slaughtering young cows seems to be an abomination to most individuals that even spiritually, it is known to be wrong.  Therefore, beef liver is good for your health since it is a mature cow with recommendations from health organizations and has nutrients that cannot cause harm to the body.  When you check on the availability of the two types of livers, the beef liver is readily available, and it is also affordable to most individuals.

However, it has some cons: it has a mushy texture with a strong flavor that won’t be tasty and sweet like the calf liver, and this is where you can choose the calf liver at some point.

Benefits of the liver to the body

i. Provides fat that builds muscles in the body

ii. It contains minerals and vitamins that help prevent the body from heart attacks.

iii. The liver helps the hemoglobin level of blood due to its minerals.

iv. They help that individuals who suffer from anemia

v. Helps improve the eyesight of an individual.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can the liver turn to a green color? What causes the green color?

The liver indeed turns to be green in color due to several reasons. One of the reasons can be that bile is leaching out from the gallbladder into the liver, whereby most doctors do not recommend eating such a kind of liver.

  • Does soaking a must in the process of cooking liver?

When cooking liver, it is not just that you soak the liver before cooking. However, soaking is good for some people since it helps to reduce the strong flavor of the liver where you need to wash with water or milk for a certain period, probably three hours.

  • Can one use the liver when reducing weight?

Of course, no. The liver cannot work in losing weight since it is a significant source of protein that works to provide the body with muscles that help an individual grow.


Both beef liver and calf liver are good for your health, so you need to be keen when consuming them to avoid taking excess amounts, which can affect the body’s health status.  Before choosing the best type among the two, remember young cows have many nutrients that, when you consume them, you must take with limitations.

Therefore, take good care and choose wisely by following the instructions and points about the liver from the article above. The differences and similarities of both the two types of liver help you know what to check when choosing and why you choose the liver for consumption.