Best Things To Sous Vide: You should Know

Sous vide is one of the cooking ways that you can add to support your health. You can cook various foods with this new cooking technique. Sous vide includes food cooking by sealing the foods in plastic bags and placing them in a temperature-controlled water bath.

You can experiment with this technique to enjoy the full flavor of your food. It helps to maintain the food flavor and nutrients by keeping them in the lock. That is why you may have the most delicious and healthy boost in food with the cooking way. Many people preferred sous vide cooking as on other typical cooking methods.

It is derived from the French language, which means vacuum sealing. You have to seal the solid and liquid foods in s plastic sealed bag. Place this bag into the temperature-controlled water and enjoy the nutrient-dense food. Some of the foods have been discussed that you can cook with the sous vide cooking method.

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Some Best Foods You Can Cook in Sous Vide

Sous vide is a technique for cooking your food by providing taste and health. It is the most popular thing that you can add to your methods of food cooking. You can cook a wide range of foods in this way. Some of the best things to sous vide include.


You can cook eggs with the help of sous vide. It is beneficial to cook eggs with this technique because it gives you the desired texture and taste level. The specialty of this method is to sustain the nutrients of your food and improve the taste at the same time. It provided the desired consistency to eggs and did not waste its proteins by overcooking. You did not need any vacuum packets when you would cook eggs with sous vide because eggs already have shells.


You can cook pork with sous vide because it has the specialty to cook this dried meat. Pork is the most drier and blander kind of meat that is difficult to cook with typical cooking methods. With sous vide, you can cook the pork without losing their fats, nutrients, and flavor.


Cooking lamb is also difficult because it did not give you the desired texture until cooked properly. Typical cooking may eliminate most of the important nutrients and fats by cooking. Sous vide did not cook it like typical cooking methods. It preserves the food flavor and its nutrients.


Carrots are more healthy and tasty when they cook with sous vide. It gives the desired crisp and flavor to this vegetable. You can add other ingredients to make your carrots yummier such as black pepper, sugar, salt, and butter.


Sous Vide Asparagus is one of the food that you can cook with this way of cooking. This is much more beneficial because asparagus is a versatile food that you add to your food menu. You can sauté them by using the sous vide technique of cooking. It requires seal bad to cook your asparagus to enjoy its delicious taste.

Baked Potatoes

You can cook the sous vide baked potatoes at your home because this cooking technique offers you the potatoes cooking. It requires basic things to make them tasty by adding thyme, butter, and other things. All you have to do is add all the stuff in a sealed plastic bag and put it in the already preheated water.


Making of sous vide yogurt at home is not relatively easy. You will require the ingredients and the proper way to make it at home. But, it will be more yummy and healthful if you make yogurt with the sous vide cooking technique.


Sous vide coffee is possible to make with this cooking way. It is an incredible thing supportive or coffee lovers. You can have your morning coffee made with sous vide to enjoy the energy boost with delicious taste.


Usually, people love to eat different kinds of meat. There is numerous kind of meat that you can opt-in your meal, such as rabbit meat. You can cook this meat in a sous vide cooking technique. All you have to do is put the ingredients in a plastic seal bag, seal it thoroughly, and keep one corner end unsealed. Then use the Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 145°F (62°C) and place the sealed bag in the water for a certain time. Take out the bag and have your sous vide rabbit at your meal.

Venison Roast

The making of Sous Vide Venison Roast is easier, but you have to follow the ways that are usually suggested for this kind of cooking. Keep the meat at room temperature and set the sous vide cooker at 135 degrees. Add the ingredients along with meat in the sealing bag. Put it into the sous vide cooker and keep on cooking the food. Take the bag out from the temperature-controlled water and enjoy your meat.


Beets are beneficial for health, but the best thing is that you can’t cook it in a sous vide cooking way. Beets sous vide has all the things that you want for healthy food. Have the beet, peel it out, and put some salt, olive oil, thyme in a plastic bag. After that, put this bag into the sous vid cooker and cook it for a specific time. Enjoy your beet with this healthy cooking way.


Sous Vide Flan is a sweet food that you can cook with sous vide. Yes, it sounds odd, but this cooking way offers you sweet foods for your cravings. You can add all the ingredients in the bag and use the stepwise process of making flan.

Beef Stew

You can make your favorite Beef Stew with Sous Vide. It not only cook this stew but also make them more delicious and tasty. First of all, have all the ingredients and put them in a plastic bag with sealing. Seal the elements and place them in sous vide cooker at 140ºF (60ºC) temperature. Cook it for ten minutes and check the things. If you have the desired texture of meat and crisp, then take it out and add it to your plate.


This is a fantastic dish that can be cooked at home with sous vide squid cooking support. This is a health-supporting way of cooking, so most people try different foods with this technique. You may need the ingredients and put them in the plastic seal bag. Set the Sous Vide Precision Cooker to 136ºF (58ºC) and place this bag for 2 hours. You can also set the timer for 2 hours and after this time, take out the bag and enjoy your squid with full of taste.

Unfavorable Foods To Sous Vide

Filleted Fish

Fish cannot be cooked by using sous vide because it is very soft and temperate affecting food. So it is better to cook, grilled, and sauté on a nonstick pan to enjoy this seafood.


Cooking the liver is not an easy task but its also not better to cook it with sous vide. It is not harder like other lean meat. That is why you have to cook it on a low flame in a pan.

Fillet Steak

You can make the best and tasty fillet steak without sous vide because it may waste fillet steak.  It may affect its taste and texture. That is why you should not be got for sous vide to cook the fillet steak.


All these things can be quickly cooked with the sous vide cooking technique. It is amazing to have health support and tastier food at the same time moreover. There are also many other options which can be tried with sous vide. You can choose and try which you desire and that suits you the most for your health.

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