Best Type of Sausage to Smoke- All You Need to Know

Everyone likes sausages in that they have a pleasant taste and an attractive appearance. Many people prefer using the sausages to use them in any meal and improve the flavors and nutrients. You can use sausages in many different places, such as in soups, sauces, especially meaty ones, and even stews. If you use them in sandwiches and eggs, they will make a great breakfast which everyone in the house will enjoy.

There are different ways in which you can make your sausages. First, you can choose to smoke the sausage using lump charcoal and be cautious when smoking it to prevent it from burning out. Also, cooking in moderately high temperatures is another method, especially in cooking oil and heat. Moreover, the third method is to either cook it dry or semi-dry according to your taste.

When smoking sausages, it is essential to know the best sausage to smoke. The smoke must be able to suit your personal preference. Luckily, the article below shows the best type of sausage to smoke. Using the little knowledge and skills you have, you may be able to smoke your best sausage like an expert at any time.

 Best Type of Sausage to Smoke

best type of sausage to smoke

The best type of sausage to smoke depends on the two main factors. You must consider the factors before choosing any sausage, and the factors include the following.

i. The most important factor is one’s personal preference.

ii. The type of meat you wish to use, either pork, beef, horsemeat, among others.

Also, the dishes contribute significantly to the kind of sausage you are smoking. For example, if you smoke meat-based sausage, you require solid spices and a smoky flavor. You cannot smoke all sausages since some have already been smoked in the factory during the manufacturing process. The best sausages to smoke include the following;

a) Italian sausage

Italian sausag

The Italian sausage is an ordinary sausage that most people prefer to smoke due to its features. For example, the sausage requires less smoking time than other sausages even though the time is a couple of hours. It takes approximately three hours before you smoke it completely.

The sausage’s necessary temperature is around 120 degrees Celsius, but the sausage’s internal temperature is around 73 degrees Celsius. Italian sausage is most applicable in meaty sauces. It requires other dishes that are suitable and suit the Italian sausage cooking method.

b) Polish sausages

Polish sausages

The polish sausages are commonly known as the German sausages or the kielbasa sausages. The sausages are known to use robust smoke flavor during the cooking process. For example, they require temperatures ranging from 170 to 120 degrees Celsius and the internal sausage temperature of around 60 degrees Celsius. The cooking time is similar to that of the Italian sausages and is approximately three hours.

The polish sausage requires seasoning ingredients such as; garlic, pepper, marjoram, and salt. The ingredients make the sausage tasty and appealing. If you want a sausage that requires little process and the steps are simple, consider choosing the polish sausage, especially if you are a beginner in smoking and curing the meat type.

To cook this type of meat, follow the steps below;

i. First, choose the meat you wish to smoke and grind it using the meat grinder.

ii. Bring the spices together and mix the ground meat with all spices such as salt, garlic, pepper, among others. Also, mix the spices and the meat with cold water.

iii. Mix until the mixture becomes uniform.

iv. Place the sausage in its appropriate casings and ensure the cases are incorrect measurements.

v. Place the sausages around sticks and hang them.

vi. Leave the sausages to cook for approximately one hour and ensure the most recommended temperature to protect them from burning.

If you have a smoker parallel, you may prefer using it rather than the natural smoke. Follow the instructions below to smoke the sausages if you are using a smoker barrel.

i. Place the meat and the seasoning after preparing them in a smoker barrel at a temperature of 130F, and ensure you leave the drafter open.

ii. Leave them for a couple of hours, approximately three hours, and ensure you check them after every 45 minutes.

iii. Continue increasing the temperature until the internal temperature is approximately 160F.

iv. After the sausage is ready, proceed to shock it. The only way you can shock the sausage is by using ice-cold water.

v. Leave them to dry on the sausage hanging rod and when they are ready, store them in a recommended place, that is, a fridge, until when you are prepared to consume it.

c) Chorizo sausages

Chorizo sausages

The chorizo sausages are also known as the andouille sausages. The sausages require chili and other dishes during the preparation process. You need a solid spicy and smoky flavor when smoking them until they are completely ready for consumption. When smoking this type of sausage, consider the temperatures necessary.

For example, the sausage requires temperature for the first hour ranging from 54 degrees Celsius. For the second hour, the temperature is 65 degrees Celsius, and for the third hour, the temperature is around 77 degrees Celsius.

Finally, the fourth hour requires a temperature of about 88 degrees Celsius, and the total time necessary until you smoke the sausage is entirely four hours. While smoking this sausage, ensure the internal temperature is 73 degrees Celsius.

Other sausages to smoke include the following;

  • Chicken sausages.
  • Hot dogs.
  • Beef sausages.
  • Brats.

Step by step guide on how to smoke sausages

Step by step guide on how to smoke sausages

Smoking sausage is one of the things which most people wish to try. To smoke your sausage successfully, follow the instructions below.

1. Collect all the ingredients necessary

The ingredients include; sausage of your choice and the type of meat you want. Also, select the type of wood you wish, such as pecan for a milder flavor, an apple for fruity taste, and hickory that has a strong flavor.

2. Cover a dish halfway with water and wood chips

It is a crucial component that many folks neglect while studying how to burn sausages correctly. If you want to give your beef a mild flavor, you must smoke it with fruitwood for 3 to 4 hours. If you want a robust smoke taste, though, you must smoke your meat for around 3 hours with mesquite wood.

3. Transfer the wood pellets from the bowl of water to the steakhouse

The problem is that because the charcoal-grilled is from wood, you’ll have to construct a non-flammable cushion below it and an aperture so the steakhouse can be well-ventilated. You may always buy one from a sports store or someplace that sells specialty cookware if you’re not secure in your construction experience or are uneasy with the concept of a DIY steakhouse. You can put any meat, even sausages, on the grill grate inside the steakhouse for as much as you want to it.

4. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Fahrenheit

5. Put the dry sausage in the smokehouse on frying sticks or metal racks

6. Maintain a constant temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the smokehouse. When you smoke sausages at an excessively high temperature, the fat within the sausages melts. The sausages become tasteless, dry, and bland as a result of this drying process.

7. For the most outstanding results, switch out the wood chips every hour and a half

8. Examine the Temperature

9. Remove the smoked sausage from the pan.

10. Using cold water, cool the smoked sausages.

11. Allow 2 to 3 hours for the smoked sausage to air dry.

Frequently asked questions:

The information below shows how to smoke your sausages using an oven.

i. To begin, prepare your oven and preheat it to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

ii. Prepare your pecan or walnut wood chips by soaking them in the water ahead of time. Remove them thoroughly and put them in a strainer once you drain them.

iii. Fill a broad and deep metal pan halfway with moistened wood chips. You must lay the shaving out in a single layer and not be stacked. Then, on top of the wood chips, place a wire rack over the metal pan.

iv. Place the sausage on the oven rack after that, trying to ensure you distribute them equally. Create an aluminum foil tent and wrap it around the stand on all edges. The smoke will not be able to escape this way. Instead, it will ensure that there is a uniform distribution of the smoky taste throughout the meat.

v. Put the oven rack and dish in the oven and cook for approximately 3 hours to 6 hours on minimum. If the wood chips begin to dry out, make them go again regularly.

vi. Take the temperature of your meat near the conclusion of the cooking period. Please remove it from the oven when the temperature reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


In case you want to choose the best sausage to smoke, consider reading the article above carefully. It states the different sausages available, including Italian, German, hotdog, summer sausages, among others.  Also, read the steps above to smoke your sausage successfully.

When you want to smoke your sausage, take some precautions. For instance, ensure you use the correct ingredients at the recommended amount to avoid over-flavoring the sausage. Also, use recommended temperatures to prevent burning the sausage. Finally, use the best oven or smoker barrel if you are using one.