Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal – Features, Accessories & Usage


Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal is the best grinder that offers mincing support for meat, nuts, vegetables, and other foods. They are more durable and high-quality meat grinders with efficient working.

Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal Review

You may have the experience of using various things in your cooking time to make new dishes with fantastic taste. Bosch is one of the brands that has been producing a bunch of products to make your love more happening. There are different kinds of grinders made by this brand. They have been serving a wide range of users with satisfying results. Bosch Meat Grinders are the best grinders that offer mincing support for meat, nuts, vegetables, and other foods. They are more durable and high-quality meat grinders with efficient working. If you want to learn more about this product, you can toggle it below for the details.

What is Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal?

Bosch Food and Meat Grinder are more famous. There are different products available from this brand. Some of them only proven you with a meat grinding facility, while others give you a multi-benefit for your home or commercial use. But, Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal is one of the meat grinders that gives you meat grinding and other grinding support. You can have the one machine to manage all the issues of mincing in the kitchen. They are easy to use and amazingly designed to help you without any flaw. Its attachments are helpful; that can be fit t mince anything raging from meat to various foods. It has a 4.5mm disk for general use and other sizes according to your needs. There is a stomper to feed meat or other foods into the chute for grinding. It has no rubber mounted feet like other products from this brand.

Features of Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal

The Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal is the renowned grinder products with unique features to help you in your home or commercial place with efficient working capacity. Its features include:

  • It fulfills high torque demands with its powerful motor and gear drive
  • The motor of this grinder comes wit 800 watt
  • Includes belt drive
  • Offers a wide range of accessories
  • Can grind meat, vegetables, nuts, and other foods
  • A universal grinder with high-quality working capacity
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Function best when meat is chilled and make it tastier and juicy
  • Better option for hamburger or sausage. 
  • Gives you both mixing and grinding capacity
  • Contain a handle for easier handling
  • Provide cable storage and disc compartment 
  • Process 3 kg meat per minute with stronger mincing support 
  • Large filling tray, handy stuffer, and a spare drive
  • Kebbeand Sausage attachment
  • Along with these features, it helps to give you instant and time-saving meat grinding support to fulfill your commercial or home-based needs.

Tips for Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal Usage

Well, it is essential to explore thoroughly when you are going to use any product. This is necessary to have some tips for better usage and improved durability of Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal.

  • Try to grind the chilled meat. Do not add frozen beef. It will affect the consistency of your meat. 
  • make sure you have correctly clean each part of the grinder
  • keep your grinder adequately maintained to increase its durability
  • Put the things on their place when they got dry, such as blade, plates, and other things to save them from cutting risks.
  • Try to keep the cutting blades sharper and rust-free by washing them with hands. 
  • Use the warm soapy water and dry it instantly.
  • Apply the cooking oil on the blades. It may protect it from rusting.

Accessories for Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal

This is a very much supportive product that offers meat grinding other grating options for various food. In this portion, we will discuss the other things you can use with this meat grinder. Some of the Bosch meat grinder attachment and accessories are:

Short Leg for Universal Meat Grinder

Bosch meat grinder comes with a support leg sized for the new Universal Plus mixer. It can be used to support the grinding effort of this meat grinder.

Universal Plus meat grinder

Universal Plus meat grinder can serve various grinding options. It gives you the grinding option for nuts, hard cheeses, Sausage Stuffer, Cookies,  Pastry Press, and Pasta Maker attachment. All these things can be done through this product.

Universal Meat Grinder Grating Attachment

This is one of the additional accessories for the Bosch Meat Grinder. You can use it together with nuts, hard cheeses, and spices. This is an attachment that is separately sold ad can be efficiently utilized with this grinder.

Universal Meat Grinder Disks, 2-13mm

The meat grinder has various attachments and accessories that can be used differently according to your needs. Bosch Meat Grinder for Universal also required a 4.5mm disk, which helps you make ground to meet your hamburger. It has a small 2mm disk for mincing, eight or 13mm disks for larger chunks. They are also known as meat grinder plates and also available separately.

Universal Meat Grinder Knives

It has a four-bladed knife to cut the things more finely chopped them into grounded meat. You can also have the additional blades, such as four-blade or two-blade. They have different uses for different sizes of meats. A two-bladed knife makes larger chunks, and a four-bladed knife makes smaller chunks. You can use them according to your needs and desire, and they are also available separately to fulfill your requirements.

Bosch Meat Grinder Attachment MG2 Universal Plus Mixers

Bosch Meat Grinder Attachment MG2, Universal Plus Mixers, is another product from the Bosch brand. This is a meat grinder attachment mg2 for Bosch universal plus mixers. It has an adapter leg and two discs of 4mm and 8 mm. There are a 4-blade knife and a filler tray. You can also have a pusher, sausage stuffer, and adapter leg. With this meat grinder’s help, you can grind fresh meat for hamburgers, meatloaf, make fresh sausage, and more within a short time. It gives you the option of grinding with other foods such as cheese and breadcrumbs to have more firm texture. Vegetables or fruits are also ground with this product. This food grinder attachment is best for the Bosch Universal Plus stand mixer. It is easy to use, assemble, and clean with its unique construction. It comes with fine and coarse discs, a filler tray, and a pusher.

An adapter leg can be used with the new pasta roller and cutter attachments for better working experience. The product maker is offering a one-year warranty with this meat grinding machine. 

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer

This is another product from the Bosch brand but with unique features. Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer is a lightweight product that helps in mixing. It has a 6.5-quart plastic BPA-free bowl that you can hold with its easy-grip handle. There is a removable drive shaft for cleaning. Its all the parts are not dishwasher safe. The only bowl is dishwasher safe. The bottom drive gives you easy addition of ingredients. It has dual beaters that provide triple whipping action for whipping. It can mix from small quantity to a larger one ranging from egg mixing to dozens of cookies better within a single batch. There is a robust belt-driven transmission to ensures adequate torque for every recipe. It has integrated, kneading, and blending capacity to mix more amount within a short time. You can have various attachments and accessories with this mixer to be an all in one machine for your kitchen. It helps you to cook and making different foods at home. You can grind meat, make juices, of fruits, and make pasta at home along with other benefits. This product comes with the following thing:

  • Wire whips with plastic whip drive
  • Dough hook
  • 2-piece pouring shield 
  • Lid 

All these things are available with Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer. You can use additional accessories and attachments to avail of more benefits from this mixer.


Bosch Meat Grinder helps you have the grinding capacity for various foods ranging from vegetables, meat, and fruits. It is a powerful and durable product that offers you other options in the form of multiple accessories.