Can Idli Batter Be Used for Dosa? – Get a Clear Idea

Idli and dosa are among the most liked South Indian food. Every person benefits a lot when taking this type of food as it helps the body with nutrient value and faster digestion. More so the species in them helps in body development. What I can assure you is that these kinds of dishes perform a vital role in your everyday functioning of the body when you take them.

An idli batter can be used for dosa if you follow the possible procedures that I have laid in my article. From your perspective, you wonder how this can be done.I assure you after reading this article you will be able to make the best dish by yourself. Without single supervision, you will know how to do so. Carefully understand and grasp everything.

If you have never tried this or you are new to this type of dish I think this is the best article you should read before trying it out. To those who are familiar with it add more knowledge using this article. I have answered a frequently asked question for your solutions and lastly, the summary to help get everything of importance.

Definition of idli

can idli batter be used for dosa

Idli is originally made from rice and lentil batter. This is one of the ancient foods of the Indians that were so delicious and sweet. The foods contained high nutrient value with a smooth texture and good taste. Despite idli being used by most Indians in the south, it is available in all locations around the country.

You can decide to dip the idli dish into chutney when serving the dishes. It is always good to serve when hot. Dipping idlis inside garlic chutney is always a great deal and it is more advised than to follow the rules.

Different types of idli are available despite the famous nature they pose in them. The examples include Rava idli which is made from semolina but not rice which many people tend to forget that and malli idli is fried with coriander with curry leaves.

Don’t mistake yourself because idli food is always served together with calcium and protein to complete the order. Soaking of the lentils and later fermenting the mixture increases the nutrient value which is even consumed by children under age.

Below are differences between idli and dosa batter:

  • Idli batter is thick while the dosa batter thinly in appearance and feel
  • Dosa batter contains more rice while idli batter has more dal
  • The dal  and rice in dosa are mixed and ground from the start, and idli batter contents are done separately hence thick-like consistency

Requirements to make idli batter

Requirements to make idli batter

Preparation time: 10 minutes =

+ About 3 hour’s soaking|

Cooking time: 10 minutes| Prepares: 10 idlis

 Three cups of idli rice

One cup urad dal

Enough salt

Water about 1/4 cup full


How to make idli batter

How to make idli batter
RequirementsFunctionsQuality product
GrinderGrinding riceGet a quality wet grinder from Amazon
RavaAdds taste to the idli  batter 
BlenderGrinding riceGet the best blender from Amazom
LentilsMakes the idli batter soften and look fresh 

Rice and lentils are two main ingredients you need for you to be able to prepare a delicious meal. Sometimes you can decide to start cooking the rice first because recently this has become the modern recipe that some people prefer. So it all depends on you with what you choose.

In a traditional way of doing it, you soak separately both rice and lentils then you perform blending followed by the fermentation process to bring the test. There are two best methods available for you to make idli batter depending on the components you have and the time you set for the work.

1. Using Rava

Rava has several names that people refer to depending on where it is used. Some call it sooji. Rava is manufactured from durum wheat which is used as a semolina form. As per what I know this is the most important ingredient used to make idli. Despite being a crucial component for use it is not available all over the world.

It is found in South India because that’s where the motherland of idli batter is.Idli is the most favorite food for Indians making it from Rava streamlines everything. Hence, there is no need to grind the rice used for making idli.

2. Using idli rice

This method is from ancient life but is the most preferred until nowadays. It is traditional because it requires grinding the rice. Different types of rice are used such as idli, parboiled, ponni, masuri and parmal rice is popular. Nowadays people have changed the grinding style as they use a wet grinder or a blender to grind the rice.

When using a blender,  add poha seeds to smooth the idli and flavor it. But a wet grinder resembles the traditional mortar and pestle for grinding batter. Be précised on how to use them both to help you make a delicious meal. If you are in need of large batter sizes I prefer you use a wet grinder if present.

When the urad dal is white adds some value to the idli batter as it becomes soft and fresh. For fermentation to occur, use iodized salt and place the contents at room temperature of 290C.

Here are ways you can make a delicious batter provided you understand what idli is. Follow the tips carefully to help you get correct results:

I. In a ratio of dal: rice use 1: 4

II. Soak the dal and rice separately for about eight hours. You can decide to soak in the morning and cook in the evening.

III. Water from the dal; add it to the blender or wet grinder you are using. Depending on the temperatures in your mixture the addition of salt can be done before fermentation in cold climates and vice versa. Then add ¾ full of cold water and blend gently.

IV. Ensure the batter is thick

V. After the fermentation process, the size of the batter increases and so and so you can decide to transfer it to a larger container.

VI. After blending add the batter to mix

VII. Leave the mixture in a secure place for several hours. The fermentation process takes a shorter time if the temperatures are high.

VIII. Your mixture should have a smooth texture and a better taste and then stir for a little while and now it is ready to serve.

3. Converting idli batter to dosa batter

Idli batter is always thicker than dosa and so to change it to dosa add more water until you experience the change you want.

The next step is to add tava to the mixture and add oil on the edges of the dosa.

More so you can use plain idli batter which can be hard and a little porous but it can help as an option.

Frequently asked questions;

  • Can idli batter be used for dosa?

Yes, it is possible using the idli batter for dosa provided you follow to correct the tips of using them both.


To wrap everything up is that idli can be used for dosa by either using the plain idli batter or adding water to the desired level of your desire. Any method you choose works best so long as you follow the instructions in the above article carefully.

It is advisable to add more water for porous nature substances to help your dosa have the desired texture it is required to have in general. Always seek help from other sources to help reach the expert level.