Can You Ferment Apple Juice With Ascorbic Acid?

I know some lads think that apple juice contains a lot of ascorbic acid because the apples have plenty of vitamin C. Have you ever asked yourself what is ascorbic acid? It’s simply Vitamin C.

So can you ferment apple juice with Ascorbic acid? If you are among those fellows holding such doubts, then you are at the right place. By the time you are through with reading this report, all your questions will be answered. Since apple juice doesn’t have ascorbic acid, and as a result of this, you will see individuals add extra vitamin C when preparing their own apple cider or apple juice at home.

Well, this article will educate on how to ferment apple juice with ascorbic acid. More so, you will be able to know the effects of ascorbic acid on apple juice fermentation. Continue reading our article for it’s more educational content.

Does apple juice contain Ascorbic acid?

Does apple juice contain Ascorbic acid

Since apples are said to contain Vitamin C, a good number of folks will take apple juice with the aim of getting ascorbic acid. However, you have to understand that these items have insufficient Vitamin C, meaning that consuming them won’t give you the required amount.

To counteract such misfortunes, many people tend to make their own apple cider or apple juice. That’s the exact extent where you will start asking yourself whether it is possible to ferment apple juice with ascorbic acid.

The meaning and importance of ascorbic acid

The meaning and importance of ascorbic acid

From the introductory part, you can realize that ascorbic acid is simply Vitamin C. I know a good number of people are versed with Vitamin C, but don’t understand ascorbic acid. These are just the same thing. However, ascorbic acid is another definition of water-soluble Vitamin C.

This implies that human beings don’t possess ascorbic acid in their bodies. But, it runs through the tissues of your body. You need to understand that ascorbic acid is essential for the normal functioning of the blood vessels, elastic tissues, and muscles.

Vitamin C remains a superior antioxidant, which gives your body the energy to fight various diseases like cardiovascular issues and common cold. Your body will produce a lot of vitamins naturally, but this isn’t similar to ascorbic acid.

This is a clear indication that you have to take foods that contain vitamin C like apples, citrus fruits, berries, cabbage, broccoli, etc. On the other hand, you can opt for dietary supplements. Failure to feed on fruits may leave your body with insufficient Vitamin C. Smokers or those fellows with gastrointestinal issues tend to lack Vitamin C. Lack of this vitamin in your body will give rise to Anemia development as well as the wounds will take a prolonged period to heal.

Can You Ferment Apple Juice With Ascorbic Acid?

can you ferment apple juice with ascorbic acid

Yes you can. In fact you will find a good number of manufacturers adding ascorbic acid to apples juices to enhance the Vitamin C amount. Therefore don’t hesitate to go on with your planned apple juice fermentation.

Before you start fermenting apple juice, you have to be careful to consider the ingredients available. The apple juice you choose to buy should not possess potassium Sorbate. Apple juice with this substance is not recommended since it will hinder the growth of yeast. The fermentation process will be eventually stopped.

With the presence of ascorbic acid in your ingredients, you don’t have to be worried. The ascorbic amount won’t interfere with the fermentation process. Therefore, it’s possible to ferment apple juice with ascorbic acid. Lighter juices are known to oxidize quicker.

Using this acid to ferment your apple juice is highly recommendable because it eliminates browning. It is also advantageous as it gives the juice the ability to keep the golden color. It poses no effect on the fermentation process; don’t worry about using the ingredient. However, you are likely to get a tart taste from a fermented apple juice with ascorbic acid.

It’s not a bad thing, especially if you enjoy consuming apple juice with such a flavor. If not, then you will face it rough trying to find apple juice that doesn’t have vitamin C because most producers use the ingredient in their foodstuffs. Therefore, if you have an intention of making some apple juices this festive season, then you have to consider using ingredients without any additives or preservatives.

Food additives or preservatives are known for ruining the entire fermentation process. But, don’t worry if the ingredient has some ascorbic acid; Vitamin C is used to protect the juice from browning.

Tips when fermenting apple juice with ascorbic acid

  • Ascorbic acid and vitamin C is just one thing
  • Vitamin C is famous for adding nutritional value to your apple juice, maintaining the golden color.
  • Fermenting apple juice is straightforward since fruits can even ferment on their own. However, you should worry about the existence of potassium sorbate in your ingredient.

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  • How much sugar is I supposed to add to my apple juice to form cider?

2 lbs. white sugar is enough for every 3 gallons of apple juice. Such rationing will leave you with a hard cider that ranges from 8-9 % ABV.

  • Can apple juice be converted to cider?

Yes, but it depends. Some experts will tell you that sunlight is responsible for turning apple juice to cider. Well, this is not the case because it’s insufficient refrigeration and yeast. Yeast is known to consume sugar in the juice before converting them to alcohol or organic molecules.

  • Can I heat my apple juice?

Yes, it’s possible. However, you should start by pouring the juice in a microwave-safe mug before adding spices. Nuke the juice for something like 2 minutes; or until the mixture is hot, but drinkable.

  • How much yeast should I add to 1 gallon of apple juice?

One packet is just enough, excess yeast is highly recommendable than insufficient. However, the package directions should guide you on the portion required.

Final words

Everything in this tells you that fermenting apple juice with ascorbic acid is absolutely possible. However, there are some considerations that have to be put in place to achieve better results. Well, we hope you found this report useful content wise. 

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