Can You Ferment Ginger in Honey? – Finally Answered

Many people think fermenting food is only by the use of water brine solution and salt. But that is not the case because changing the salty taste to a sweeter one you have to ferment food in honey. There is a change of taste and texture when ginger is passed through honey. Based on taste it becomes sweeter than before and on texture, a smooth feel is enhanced.

Honey is always the priority when changing foodstuffs to sugar mode. Furthermore, it is the better option for brine and it acts well when used in fruits and vegetables, mainly ginger. Henceforth, you know which component to catalyze the taste and feel of your foodstuffs. I recommend it due to its healthy nature which acts also as a cure for some diseases.

After fermenting ginger in the honey, you can use it in your tea and even add taste to food like bread. For any person who doesn’t understand how this happens, this is the best article for you. If you are familiar, follow the procedures below to produce the sweetest ginger ever. Lastly, you can get the solution of the frequently asked questions and then, the conclusion of the whole article.

Requirements used;

RequirementsFunctionsEssential product
Fresh gingerComponent for fermentationCheck Amazon for fresh ginger
Raw honeyTo allow fermentation 
Spoon/knifeUsed to peel and cut fresh ginger 
JarEnables the peeled fresh ginger and honey to mixGet best jars from Amazon
Sugar in honeyAbsorbs water during the fermentation process 
FridgeSlowing fermentation processGet a quality fridge at Amazon

Can you ferment ginger in honey?

Can you ferment ginger in honey

Fermenting ginger in honey is very familiar to fermenters. This means that fermenting can be done with ease provided you follow the correct procedures on how to achieve it. Remember this can be done even if you are not familiar with this kind of fermentation. Given that you read this full article you are ready to go.

Raw honey consists of yeast and bacteria that catalyze the process of fermentation. Low water retention in the raw honey prevents damage on the shelf as a result of yeast fermentation. This indicates that the more water on the yeast the shorter time yeast takes to start fermentation.

Remember you can always catalyze the fermentation process by adding more water to produce the alcoholic content in the beverage. More so, adding either fruits or vegetables to honey begins the fermentation. The reason behind them is that water can be absorbed from them,

Be well versed that water is absorbed by the available sugar in honey from the fruits or vegetables used. It acts as a benefit for the preservatory factor and fermentation process inside the honey. Although, there is a lot of sugar and a minimum ratio of water the fermentation process will have to occur for a longer period.

Ways on how to ferment ginger in honey

Ways on how to ferment ginger in honey

Fermenting ginger is very easy to do at home provided you have the expected information and ingredients. So, the mixture is expected to stay more than one month to get the exact taste required.


  • Fresh ginger
  • Raw honey

Follow the steps below to understand how the fermentation of ginger in honey occurs.

  • Using a knife peel the fresh ginger and slice it into thin pieces.
  • Fill the thin pieces approximately half of the jar and then pour the raw honey above it. Always ensure the honey circulates all over the jar.
  • Using a spoon you can eliminate the air pockets found in the jar and even fasten the process by allowing the honey to mix with the ginger.
  • Remember to check and ensure all the honey covers the ginger pieces in the jar.
  • When you are done the steps above place your jar in a dark safe place so you can inspect the changes that occur every day.

After a flow of a few weeks, the honey and ginger in the jar begin to ferment and the contents inside become watery and thin in appearance. To get a strong taste always allow the fermentation process to take a longer period. It is good to keep checking more often until it reaches your level of expectation. But it is advisable to allow the fermentation process for months to get a better taste.

When your level of taste is reached, you can transfer your jar to the refrigerator to lower the process of fermentation. This ensures that the flavors don’t become too strong for taste. The way is to leave the jar in a favorite position at room temperature if you are comfortable with it.


The ginger pieces start to run on top of the jar after several weeks. When you notice that bottom-up jar so that ginger mixes properly with honey. This is a simple way to solve the issue, and after a short period return the jar to its initial position.

Opening your jar lid occasionally allows some gases to get out which are of no benefit. This is a problem that occurs within the first month of the fermentation process.

Other spices fermented in honey

Other spices fermented in honey

Several species can be used in place of ginger in honey. This involves using different types of fruits or vegetables. Note that foodstuffs that are moist with the presence of yeast inside them are the perfect match for honey. Other fermenters use honey to make garlic and turmeric to produce spicy products.

Honey fermented peppers are one of the most liked spicy foods that can either be fermented in full or piece form. To make something sweet and delicious try using strawberries, bananas, and peaches. Different types of fruits and vegetables are available for use. It is preferred to use spices that release the water content easily in them.

For the spices that don’t release their water content easily, it is good to chop the slices into tiny pieces to allow water replication. Slicing large fruits like apples and pears into tiny pieces. On the other hand, a fruit like cherries slice in quarter or half segments and keep away from the pit.

I believe when you become familiar with the following procedures on how to make good fermented products with different fruits and vegetables you can go to another level of fermenting honey itself to produce sweet and spicy mead.

If you are well versed with content you can make many spicy foodstuffs with the help of honey. By now the ball is on you to make something that will be loved by people who will take it. Always follow the guides of this article to help you reach the next level.

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Frequently asked questions;

  • Is it possible to preserve ginger in honey?

The best method to preserve the ginger is infusing which results in the ginger producing all its nutrient value and taste. It acts as medicine on some diseases also.


Using the honey fermentation process you will probably get the most delicious meal ever as the microorganisms increase the taste and texture hence rich in nutrients value. Honey ferments are sweet compared to others used like brine ferments and even take longer periods to ferment.

After making the ginger honey you can decide to use the contents in tea as it acts as a cure for some diseases.  More so you will feel better using the honey and it improves the immune system of the body. It is worth having this type of foodstuff at home.  Always ask for help when stuck.