Can You Leave a Sous Vide Unattended? – [Answer Revealed]

In any chance have you ever seen a sous vide recipe that has a cooking duration of over 12 hours or even three times that time? Yeah, it is true to conclude that cooking sous vide for a long period is tiresome for every person. Provided you have some other personal work you have to do it is challenging balancing the work you become confusing.

Bringing your whole concentration by stopping everything just to cook sous vide I think drags you back with your other activities. This is the point where you will think if your soul vide can cook with less concentration than before.  So, leaving your sous to vide unattended helps you to do manual chores, go to work and spend time with your kids. If you can leave your sous to video safely and spend time dealing with other things then it is perfect to leave it unattended for a while.

I guarantee you that you can achieve this at the end of cooking your sous vide if you follow my tips below. My article below explains how you can leave your sous vide and numerous important ways on how you can leave it. Furthermore, the best sous vide you can use. A solution to the frequently asked questions is there for you and lastly, the summary of the whole article.

Can you leave sous to vide unattended?

can you leave a sous vide unattended

Yes, you can but it likely varies on what you are cooking because different foods have different time limits. Giving an example like a recipe of short ribs, you can cook sous vide for about two days nonstop. You can only do this if you want to cook protein at a minimum rate to ensure the meat is loosely attached to the bone.

But in some cases when you leave your sous to vide gadgets working unattended for a longer period you create issues. This is because when one of your sous vide bags bursts, the contents from the bag can interfere with the circulator and even further cause blockage. Always prevent the problems you create by yourself.

Before this, all nightmares occur you can avoid at all cost if you carefully follow my guide below. Provided you will leave your sous to vide unattended for long this is the best article for you as it will help prevent mishaps like this from happening.

Tips on how to achieve leaving sous vide unattended

Tips on how to achieve leaving sous vide unattended
Sous vide container/potWithstand heat
Ping pong balls/lidPrevents loss of water
Sous vide insulation sleeveBalance the heat
Sous vide bagsContains the immersion circulator
Sous vide rackTo ensure sinking of the sous vide bags
Ground fault circuit interpreterPrevents shock
  • The first step is to ensure you keep your setup away from the reach of children and pets.
  • You have to ensure that either the sous vide container or pot used is placed on a base that can retain heat without creating problems. There are also possible tools you can use like a silicone mat and pot holder. It is good to ensure that the whole setup is kept away from burnable substances. Be warned to use a tool like a towel as your surface for the pot.
  • Using ping pong balls or lids cover the sous vide container from losing water through evaporation. Sous vide machines can automatically go off to create safety measures. Most manufacturers act as a safety measure for users and the sous vide cookers. More so covering the sous vide container prevents water from condensing in the immersion circulator. Hence, prevents the destruction of the whole system. Click here to get quality sous vide cookers from amazon.
  • Sous vide insulation sleeve helps to maintain the required level of heat when cooking. Furthermore, the water does not lose a lot of water due to the minimum power of evaporation taking place. Hence, prevents the immersion circulator from overworking.
  • When using the sous vide bags it is good to clip them with a sous vide rack to keep the vide bags in position. This is because sous vide bags can burst to release the substances, which can create destruction to the immersion circulator. The use of sturdy bags like silicone bags and freezer bags are the best options.
  • Using sous vide rack or weight or clips helps to sunken the sous vide bags fully in the course of the whole cooking session.
  • Using a GFCI(ground fault circuit interpreter) outlet prevents attack by extreme shock to the sous vide machine which can fail if tampered with.
  • Be warned to use plastic coolant as it can melt due to overheating imposing fault smell around the place.

Results, when you leave your sous, vide to cook for long

Results, when you leave your sous, vide to cook for long

 Is not always a good idea to leave your meals for too long without drawing attention to them. First of all, it means you failed to follow the recipe carefully meaning the food you will bring will not be as delicious as expected when it didn’t overcook.

I guarantee you that the results can be pathetic to an extent you can end up disposing of the food you have cooked. The sous vide can turn to brownish then dark color which becomes weird to eat. The meal loses both tastes, feel, and texture, when a close eye is not paid when the sous vide is not cooking.

Best sous vide you can leave unattended

Best sous vide you can leave unattended

I guarantee you that there are the best immersion circulators out there and amazon is one the best places you can find a quality one. These are the best machines for cooking taking long periods with minimum attention on them.

Read the following reasons as to why I advise you get the best sous to vide cookers from amazon:

  • Their powerful nature ranges from 1000-1200 watts performing heavy tasks when turned on.  Provided no failure of power your machine can never go off or die because the machine is the best quality available in the world today.
  • They are made for continuous operations without taking a break. It can work for a week without turning due to a lot of tasks it takes. These are the best features of this machine. You love to use them.
  • Provided it is connected to a network like a WIFI you have full control of the machine. The remote can control the timer and the temperature variation that you experience.

Frequently asked questions;

  • Can someone turn on and off the sous vide?

 This is possible provided you do it correctly following all the procedures. However, to maintain the quality of the food and its taste you have to leave the machine unhampered to prevent anything from falling out.


The best thing about the sous vide machine is you can pay no attention when the machine is running and still get you to the results you need. The machine can withstand the tasks of even two days without having been checked upon. I believe any use will recommend getting a quality machine which can work extra time without attention.

High maintenance and having a close look at the machine is one best thing you should do to prevent your machine from going wrong. Kindly have a look at some of the healthy measures to be safe and the whole machine. Finally, get help where you feel you are stuck at one point so that you can resolve the problem.