Can You Sous Vide Multiple Steaks at Once? – [Mystery Solved]

As we all know, Sous vide is the best way of cooking steak to perfection. All you need in this process is to control the temperatures, seal the food you are cooking under moisture, and put the food in the container. You need to undertake fewer activities to make the process successful.

The only challenge with the Sous vide steak is that you can find it hard to prepare several pieces at once, such that you need to prepare the steak for many people or rather for the whole family. Therefore, the article is can you Sous vide multiple steaks at once and produce quality results? Is it also in line with the number of Sous vide steaks you can make at one particular time?

The article below shows if you can Sous vide multiple steaks at once, including the methods to use. There are frequently asked questions and conclusions at last.

Can you Sous vide multiple steaks at a time?

Can You Sous Vide Multiple Steaks at Once

Yes, you can Sous vide multiple steaks. Moreover, the number of steaks to Sous vide is unlimited. you can cook any number you want that is enough for your visitors or family. What matters most is the size of the water bath that you will use for cooking. If the water bath is small, you will cook fewer steaks, and if the water bath is large enough, you can cook many steaks.

Remember, when cooking steaks, you need to give them enough space for the circulation process in the water that is a requirement of Sous vide cooking using the immersion circulator method and results in even cooking. Therefore, you need to place the Sous vide steak in their bags or jars to quickly put them in the water bath. Even with many steaks, you can put them in one bag before cooking them, which helps you cook many steaks with the Sous vide.

When cooking the steaks consider placing them in a bag as the first step and avoid stacking or overlapping the steaks. Pilling the steaks will cause overheating of the steak, or some parts of the steak will heat more than some parts, and there will be an uneven distribution of heat in the area. The uneven distribution of heat causes poor meat cooking that will not be good for eating.

After that, ensure the steaks are thin for easy and faster cooking since thick steaks prevent penetration of heat faster, causes the steak to take time to cook, and even water will not circulate in the steak uniformly. And for chefs using small containers for cooking, frequently check on the water bath since, in some cases, water can evaporate, and the water level reduces, unlike using large containers. Also, if you’re cooking many steaks at once in a Sous vide container, it’s best to start with hot tap water, to bring the bath to temperature more quickly.

How to Sous Vide Two Steaks to Two Different Temperatures

How to Sous Vide Two Steaks to Two Different Temperatures

The challenge of cooking multiple steaks at once with a Sous vide cooker is that many people have individual preferences and want their steaks cooked to different temperatures.

Because Sous vide cookers are designed to simmer everything at the same temperature, it can be challenging to cook steaks to different preferences simultaneously. Here are the best methods to follow.

MethodFunctionEssential product
Start With the Most-Done Steak The method is best when you want to cook different types of steak with different levels. 
Remove the Less-Done Steak The method helps cook steaks that were once cooked but are not yet ready for consumption. 
Sear Them Differently The method helps prepare the steaks after cooking them in the immersion circulator.Check Amazon for the best immersion circulators.

1. Start With the Most-Done Steak

If you want to cook one steak to medium and another to rare, here’s one way to do it.

1. The first step here is to cook the higher-temperature steak.

2. When that steak reaches the preferred temperature, could you leave it in the water bath?

3. Lower the temperature on your Sous vide machine to the temperature of your less-cooked steak.

4. Add some cold water to reduce the temperature of your immersion bath.

5. Add the second steak. The rarer steak will cook to a lower temperature, while the more cooked steak will stay warm in the Sous vide container without cooking any further.

2. Remove the Less-Done Steak

Below are the steps to follow when using this method:

1. Add all the steaks to the water bath at the same time.

2. Set the temperature to your lowest preferred temperature.

3. When your less-done steaks are cooked, remove them.

4. Leave the steaks that need more cooking in the Sous vide container.

5. Raise the temperature and allow the remaining steaks to cook for longer.

3. Sear Them Differently

Since most people sear and brown their Sous vide steaks after immersion cooking, a simple way to prepare steaks differently is to burn them differently. Below are some steps to follow when searing the steak:

1. Cook all the steaks to the lowest desired temperature

2. Remove them from the Sous vide cooker

3. When browning and searing the steaks, allow the more-cooked steaks to have an additional minute or two in the pan, to reach the preferred doneness.

How Many Steaks Can You Sous Vide at Once?

How Many Steaks Can You Sous Vide at Once

The number of steaks you can Sous vide simultaneously is limited by the size of your Sous vide container. While you can cook multiple steaks at once, there needs to be room for the water to circulate freely around all food sides. A good rule of thumb for cooking multiple Sous vide steaks at once is to cook one steak for each gallon of water your Sous vide container can hold. So if your container can hold 3 gallons of water, you can quickly cook three steaks in it.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Should Each Steak Be in Its Own Sous Vide Bag?

Having steaks in their bag is the easiest way to cook them to different temperatures. If you put multiple steaks in the same bag, make sure they are on a single layer with no stacking or overlap. However, if the steaks are many and you have fewer bags, you back multiple of them in one bag and cook them so long as you have a large water bath.

  • Will the Bags Touch Each Other? How Do You Prevent This?

The easiest way to ensure that bags don’t touch each other and that water circulates on all sides of a suitcase for even cooking is to use a Sous vide rack.

You can use clips to prevent the bags from bunching up together as an alternative.

  • Does All This Apply to Other Kinds of Meat and Fish?

As a rule, cooking steaks and Sous vide can also cook pork, chicken, or other meats. However, fish is usually more delicate and cannot be cooked the same way as steak. 


Sous vide cooking of multiple steaks can be done once, depending on the size of the water bath and the cooking container. If you have a big container and water bath you can cook the steak. The articles above show how you can use Sous vide to cook multiple steaks. Most people choose to use the numerous Sous vide cooking of steak when preparing meals for family or friends.

Consider using the Sous vide immersion circulator for cooking since it is the best way to cook. An immersion circulator is suitable since it allows water circulation, which causes the food to circulate to produce better food results.