Chili Tastes Too Tomatoes- Causes and How to Reduce It

Sometimes you can have chili at home, but when you are using it, the taste is more of tomato than chili. For those individuals who love using chili, the moment can be disgusting, and one can get upset. It can be very disappointing when you have such chili and behave in such a manner.

You can use several things to add the chili taste and remove the tomatoey in your chili. Some of these products include cumin powder, bay leaf, and herbs you need to stir into the chili. The products add some nutrients to the chili since they have a mild flavor. You can choose to use onion cubes or bell pepper, which helps to remove the tomato flavor. Some spices also reduce the tomato flavor, which you can use.

If you are willing to reduce the tomato taste in your chili, you need to check the fixes in the article below since there are different methods you can use. Later are the frequently asked questions and the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

How can one identify a chili that has more tomato?

How can one identify a chili that has more tomato

The best way to know that the chili is too tomatoey is by tasting the chili. Remember, the taste of food differs from one person to another depending on your taste level. Some people like hot and sweet chili while others want hot and sour, which is bitter.

After buying chili, you need to know the kind of taste you need. If you want a bitter taste, consider adding more heat and spice to compare the chili you want with the taste you are expecting. Before fixing or changing the tomato taste in your chili, consider knowing what caused the chili to have the tomato taste.

What causes the chili to have the tomato taste?

What majorly causes the chili to taste the tomato can be the type of tomatoes and maybe the amount of tomato you are adding to the chili. Below are the causes in detail.

1. Type of tomatoes

chili tastes too tomatoey

There are certain types of tomatoes for certain types of food to make something sweet. In this case, with the chili, you need to use only one type of tomato to make the tomato. Sometimes you can choose to use a mixture of fresh, puree, and canned tomatoes. The mixtures can be the culprits to excess tomato in the chili. The types of tomatoes are different and affect the taste differently; let’s discuss them carefully.

i. Canned tomatoes

When you can tomatoes, they tend to turn sour since saltwater is added for preservation in canning, causing more acidity. However, when you add more canned tomatoes, it will impact the taste of the chili.

ii. Fresh tomatoes

Some tomatoes can be fresh, but they are still sour since they depend on the tomatoes you are using. Plumber tomatoes are sour, while cherry tomatoes are sweet. Consider using both two types to balance their taste to get the best taste.

iii. Tomato paste

Tomato paste is the thickest type of tomato to use. The taste of the tomato paste differs since it is from different manufacturers who use different methods to preserve food, making some sweet and some sour. When using tomato paste, consider using it alongside the fresh tomatoes.

iv. Tomato ketchup

Tomato ketchup is a substitute for the tomato paste in your food or, instead, chili in this case. However, when you mix the two of them, it will make chili with excess tomato. Consider adding the required amount to create some good taste of food.

2. Quantity of tomato

When you add excess tomato in the chili, it will make the chili have excess tomatoes. When adding tomato to chili, add tomato to a reasonable level that cannot affect food taste.

Ways of reducing the tomato flavor in your chili

Ways of reducing the tomato flavor in your chili

1. Using ingredients that add the nutrients with a lower level

When adding nutrients to your food, consider using a specific type of ingredients to your chili. Below are the lists of the nutrients: cumin, curry powder, cinnamon powder. Remember, the ingredients differ with the number of people you are serving.

2. Add tomatoes to certain levels

Avoid adding tomatoes to the chili for once but instead, learn to add the nutrients with portions or by measuring the value of the ingredient you are using. While adding the tomatoes, you can taste the taste you want instead of adding tomatoes at once, spoiling the chili you are making.

3. Add salt and pepper

Some people consider adding ingredients to the chili to change some of their feelings. With chili having more tomato taste, consider adding salt and pepper and add them accordingly.

4. Add sugar to some of the tomatoes

It is good to add sugar for individuals who only prefer using canned tomatoes since the sugar brings a balance to reduce the extra sourness from the canned tomatoes.

5. Use medium overpowering ingredients

If you try using low empowering ingredients, you can now use medium to test if they can work with you. Some of the ingredients include: bell pepper, onion cubes, and sugar

What to do when you add ingredients to the chili and the texture changes

What to do when you add ingredients to the chili and the texture changes

After adding some nutrients to the chili, either to add or reduce the tomato taste in your food, the texture of the food can change that you can be feeling to make the texture smoother. Below are the ways of making the texture more smooth:

  • Reheat

To make the texture of the chili smooth after adding nutrients, choose to reheat it to make the texture finer. Reheating is good since it drains the excess water you need to keep heat until the texture satisfies you.

  • Add a thickener

After changing the ingredients and you realize the chili may be too watery or runny, you need to add a thickener. A thickener to use in this case can be canned beans. If you do not love beans, you can use milk.

  • Add a thinner to the chili

Not in all cases will the chili become thick but sometimes thin. If you have a thin chili, consider adding broth and stir until it seems okay for you.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the best way to fix a bland chili?

The best way to fix a bland chili is by adding chipotle and chill pepper along with the cumin seeds to the chili and ensuring you stir the products carefully until you get a smooth result.

  • How can one make the flavor of chili more intense?

To make the flavor of chili more intense, consider adding sugar to bring the intensity of chili or use cinnamon to add the flavor.


The article has given the necessary information about the chili, its taste, how to add the tastes, and how to reduce them. If you have anything you would like to know about the excess tomato in chili, consider checking the article to find the solution and cause of the problem.

Remember, when adding nutrients to the chili to reduce the tomato taste, you need to measure some of the nutrients to avoid applying them in excess since it can make something that is not calling.