How to Prepare Creamy Parmesan Polenta- Easy Procedure

Polenta is a special Italian porridge that is usually made from cornmeal which acts as a source for all the flavors. It is a satisfying meal that is low in calories. It is very easy to make and can be eaten with almost everything like beef, roasted vegetables, fish, and others. It takes about 25 minutes to prepare.

Creamy parmesan polenta is a delicious meal that is free from gluten. It is prepared by simply boiling some water and then adding cornmeal while whisking, the heat is then reduced and the pot is partially covered for about 20 to 30 minutes. The butter, cheese cream, parmesan, milk, and seasonings are then added and stirred well.

This article is about a simple procedure of cooking creamy parmesan polenta. It describes the tools that can be used in the preparation and cooking of the ingredients. It also highlights the step-by-step procedure of cooking a creamy parmesan polenta and the different ways that can be used to preserve it.

Tools used in the preparation of creamy parmesan polenta

creamy parmesan polenta

Some tools are used to prepare creamy parmesan polenta. These tools help to make cooking easier by saving on time. They are made of different materials and are of different shapes. They include;

i. Measuring cups

These are cups that are used to measure the accurate quantities of ingredients such as water, polenta, and others.

ii. Tablespoons

These are spoons that are used to add ingredients during preparation.

iii. A heavy-bottomed pot

This is a pot that is used for heating purposes during the entire preparation period. It is heavy-bottomed so that it can retain a lot of heat that will be maintained during preparation.

iv. A foil

It is a commonly used tool for covering pots and pans. It is made in different sizes and shapes so that one picks the exact one that fits their cooking pan or pot. It helps to prevent the heat from evaporating thereby quickening the process.

v. A stand stirrer

It is a special device used to stir food when ingredients are added to it. It ensures that all the food is mixed to form one uniform layer.

vi. A blender

Some ingredients need to be blended before they are used therefore, a blender will be required. It will help in blending all the ingredients to the desired form.

vii. A wooden spoon

It is a spoon that is vertically inserted into the pot with the food that is being prepared so that the food is partially covered. It can also be used for stirring especially when the ingredients used are highly reactive.



a. 5 cups of homemade chicken

b. 3 teaspoons of garlic that is minced

c. 2 cups of stone-ground yellow cornmeal

d. 2 tablespoons of kosher salt

e. 1 ½ teaspoon of ground black pepper (fresh)

f. 1 2/3 cups of grated parmesan cheese

g. ½ cup of Fraiche cream

h. 3 tablespoons of unsalted butter



Step 1

Take a heavy-bottomed pot, put some salt and water in it. Heat the pot to boil the water while it is covered. Add some cornmeal to the boiling water then whisk slowly. Leave it for about 5minutes and lower the heat. Place a wooden spoon to the pot then cover the pot. Ensure the pot is partially covered.

Step 2

Vigorously stir polenta after every 4 minutes by scraping the sides and bottom of the pot then reduce the heat a little bit. Add 30 more minutes of cooking and test it frequently to obtain the desired taste is obtained.

Step 3

Add cream cheese and butter then turn off the heat. Stir so that you can blend and melt well. Add parmesan, pepper, and garlic to stir well. Add some milk using a tablespoon until it reaches the desired taste.

Step 4

Immediately serve polenta so that you do not allow it to firm up. Preserve any leftovers for future consumption.

Ways that can be used to preserve creamy parmesan polenta

Ways that can be used to preserve creamy parmesan polenta

Several methods can be used to preserve creamy parmesan polenta. These methods are;

1. Creamy parmesan polenta can be preserved best when stored in a refrigerator. This is the most convenient method because refrigerators are readily available and very affordable such that anyone can buy them.

2. The leftovers can be used to prepare other meals. This is the best way to preserve it rather than leaving it to go bad.

3. Reheat the food regularly. Reheating allows the food to remain in good condition for long hours.  Creamy parmesan polenta that is preserved using this method cannot last for more than 4 days and is so then there are high chances that the taste will change.

4. Storing the food in an airtight container is another method of ensuring that the food is preserved well. It is the cheapest method of preserving food but it is only convenient for a short period.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Question 1: What is polenta?

Answer: Polenta is a porridge-like cream that is prepared using cornmeal that is ground. It can also be prepared using other ground grains such as rice.

  • Question 2: What is the ratio of water to polenta in the preparation of creamy parmesan polenta?

Answer: It requires 5 cups of water for every single cup of polenta. So, it means if the meal uses 2 cups of polenta then 10 cups of water will be used, therefore the ratio becomes 5:1 respectively.


In summary, polenta is a very delicious porridge that is very easy to prepare. It is prepared using a few ingredients with a very elaborate procedure that is very easy to be captured by the brain. It takes the shortest time to prepare and does not require technical skills.

It is a low-calorie meal but with reduced cases of causing some disorders to the body when consumed in large quantities. It is the best porridge to give to babies and aged people for its taste and health benefits. It does not have any allergic infections to the body.