How to Fix CRème Brulee That Is Not Setting

Failure to set the crème Brulee can be frustrating, mainly when you hurry to prepare something. However, it is not as bad as you can think of since it just needs you to know what you are doing and ensure it is correct. But why is your crème Brulee not setting? The question above is familiar to most individuals using the crème Brulee.

Crème Brulee remains upset if you fail to use enough egg yolks in the mixture. Mainly for beginners, they fail to use enough egg yolks, causing the crème Brulee not to settle, and at the same time, they fail to cook it for long, which can cause food to be messy. So it would help if you were keen on the eggs, the time to cook, and the time to let the dessert sit in the fridge.

Do not worry if the crème Brulee is not settling since you can fix the issue. Therefore, to help fix the issue with your crème, I have provided some steps below that you can carefully follow. There are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

How can one identify a crème Brulee?

How can one identify a crème Brulee

Before you judge out that the crème Brulee is not settling, consider checking it to be sure of the problem of your crème. You can try out different testing methods, like testing tough corned beef.  Back to our discussion, what does the crème Brulee look like?  

Crème Brulee depends on whether it is curdled or scrambled to know its look.  There are many different looks of the crème Brulee like the soupy, runny, and loose.  When your crème is not settling, you need to know the reasons and fix them.

Reasons why the crème Brulee is not settling

It is good to choose to know the reasons causing problems with your cooking which is an excellent decision. After knowing the reasons, you can now know the mistakes and correct them. Several factors cause the problem, which you will identify below and fix.

1. The ratio of egg yolk and cream

The ratio of egg yolk and cream

The most common ingredients for making creme Brulee are crème and egg yolk. Some mistakes come when the bakers do not add a good ratio of the crème and yolk to the mixture to settle and produce something sweet.

Check on the ratio of the ingredients with your mixture since it is not advisable to use the ingredients as some are light while the other is heavy. Therefore ensure the egg yolks are in excess compared with the crème. Failure to follow the ratio can make you cook some that you will not enjoy at all.

Therefore if your crème Brulee is not settling, check your ratio if it is correct such that if it is not correct, you can correct it to make something good.  If your ratio is good then, choose to check on the next issue in the reason below to correct the issue.

2. Time for cooking the mixture

Time for cooking the mixture

When you spend less time cooking your crème Brulee, you will produce a runny and undercooked result of the food, making the crème Brulee not to settle. When cooking the crème Brulee, ensure you set the oven to certain degrees, which should be 325 degrees, and the baking time must be at least 40 to 45 minutes at most, which is enough for the mixture to be ready for eating.

After cooking the crème Brulee, keep it under internal temperature, which is about 170 degrees, to allow the crème Brulee to set correctly.  Ensure you maintain the temperature so that it does not exceed or reduce since it affects the nature of the cake you are baking.

Therefore, if your crème Brulee is not settling, check if you gave it time to cook well or if it lacked the time. If it is a good time and the ratio of the ingredients is okay, then the issue will be with the cooking style.

3. Cooking style of the crème brulee

Cooking style of the crème brulee

There are different styles of cooking crème Brulee depending on the recipe you are using since different recipes have different steps for use. Therefore, if you crème Brulee did not settle at first, the issue can be with the recipe. Maybe the recipe has quick steps of cooking that you miss some steps causing the issue. The issue primarily affects those individuals who are cooking the crème Brulee for the first time.

When cooking, you need to follow some steps correctly to develop the good things. Try the following steps in cooking:

i. Use the right size of ramekins. Please do not use too big or too small ramekins since they won’t help.

ii. Use a hot water bath to help the crème to set at the bottom.

iii. Add water in the ramekins to be half of it.

iv. Put the pan in the oven carefully to avoid water from getting into it.

4. Time to keep the crème Brulee in the fridge

After cooking the crème Brulee, you need to keep it in the fridge, but the mistake is that you need to leave the crème Brulee in the fridge to be good. The average time to let the crème sit in the fridge is four hours after cooking.  The time is enough to cool completely, and the crème Brulee will adequately set.

What to do to fix the crème Brulee that is not setting?

What to do to fix the crème Brulee that is not setting

After finding what is causing the crème Brulee not to set, you can now take action to fix the issue. Below are the tools you will need in the process:

  • Bowl
  • Metal strainer
  • Boiler
  • Ramekins
  • Hot water

Steps to follow

i. Remove the crème brulee custard

When the crème is not setting, consider removing the custard by scraping off the top skin that forms on the crème Brulee.

ii. Pour the custard and work through it.

Ensure you pour the custard and work through it, which will help remove the grainy parts and keep it smooth.

iii. Heat the custard and stir it.

After getting the smooth custard, you can choose to heat it and stir.

iv. Put the custard in the new ramekins.

After stirring the custard, put them in the new ramekins and put them in the hot water bath. Ensure you put the ramekins in a large pan and add hot water that helps the custard set and make it even.

v. Re-bake the custard

If you are done with the hot water bath, you can re-baking the custard and ensure you follow the proper procedures and follow the correct temperatures for you.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can crème Brulee fail to set in the fridge?

Yes, of course, the crème Brulee can fail to set while in the fridge because the custard can be too wet for the fridge to handle. Therefore ensure your custard is good for the fridge to get good with t


If you are having issues with your crème Brulee not setting, I think the article will help answer your questions with the relative contents. The guide contains why the crème Brulee is not set and what you can do to fix the problem. You should follow the proper procedures to achieve a good result.

Remember, failure to set the proper temperatures will lead to an issue; therefore, ensure you use a thermometer to measure the temperatures and give the crème Brulee enough time to cook and cool.