Difference Between Sous Vide and Slow Cooker You Should Know

The sous vide, and the slow cooker are types of cookers used for cooking. Many people mainly use two great dishes during the cooking process. They are the fastest method of cooking for people that need a short time in the kitchen.

The two cooking methods are prevalent because you can take the fastest time when you use them while cooking. The two cooks have some similarities and differences in working and operating. Before choosing one method on what cooking method to use, you must check your options and needs of choosing one out of the two.

The article will explain the differences between the two methods of cooking their similarities. I will also present the best between the sous vide and slow cookers.

Quick comparison table

FeatureSous videSlow cooker
Temperature accuracyHas a thermostat that regulatesRanges from low, moderate or high
Overcooking of foodPrevents overcooking due to temperature regulationIt is prone to overcooking
Nutrients lossReduces nutrient lossHigh risk of nutrient loss

What is a slow cooker?

What is a slow cooker

The slow cooker, also called a crackpot, is one of the cooking appliances used. The slow cooker has a cooking pot on top of it made of stainless steel, porcelain, and ceramic, surrounded by an electric heater or heating element.

The slow cooker has an enclosed environment that is sealed with a lid. The enclosed environment ensures that the food inside it remains at constant temperature and can allow the food inside to heat and fast and stay hot for the extended period you need. Its design does not let any evaporation take place.

Since the slow cooker can retain heat for an extended period, it is the perfect cooking material for intricate cuts of meat that need to be slowly cooked. The slow cooker is also suitable for preparing stews, sauces, and soups that require a slight simmer for a given period.

What is cooking sous vide?

What is cooking sous vide

The sous vide cooking can be done with special appliances since they require a slight shimmer. They can be placed in devices that are placed inside hot water to boil.

The sous vide usually heats the water that its immersion has been placed inside the water to a given specific temperature and at the same time circulating the heat. The food to be cooked is placed and sealed inside an air-tight bag that will allow you to cook the food evenly and gently over time.

The sous vide cookers generally have some specific temperature settings that will allow you to set a particular temperature for your food. One thing that will help you not to overcook your food is the water bath inside will never exceed the temperature settings of the sous vide.

Since the food inside it is sealed with bags, the water content or the moisture will never escape from the food sample. The pack also ensures that the food will not lose its taste and aroma whenever you cook since all of its nutrients remain in the food.

The similarities between slow cookers and the sous vide

The similarities between slow cookers and the sous vide

The following are the key and common similarities between the two cooking appliances.

  • Both have long cooking times

The two appliances use recipes or food that take a relatively long time to cook, usually food that can take up to six hours to be ready. The idea makes most of the people who want to cook food that can be cooked in the morning and are expected to be ready by noon or dinner time. The cooking methods are used by people that cook while doing some other chores in the process.

  • They are used to soften meat

The two methods or appliances of cooking will take a long period before the food cooks, therefore, making the cooked mat soft at the end. The process of meat being tenderized occurs when the collagen inside the tissues of the heart becomes soft and changes into gelatin that adds flavor, moistens, and the meat becomes juicy. When the proteins in the meat are heated, they become weak, adding to the taste of the heart at the end.

  • The two cooking require a minimal amount of heat

Sous vide and slow cookers need less or minimal energy compared to using other cooking methods, such as the stovetop. You cannot use the stovetop without heating the entire room.

Differences between the slow cookers and the sous vide

difference between sous vide and slow cooker

The following are some of the most common and significant differences between the two cooking methods.

  • Temperature accuracy  or precision

The settings of the slow cookers are primarily low, high, or warm. Sous vide, on the other hand, differs from the slow cookers in that it has a thermostat that can be used to set temperatures into precise settings. Having specific temperatures ensures that the heat circulating inside it keeps the food at the desired temperatures needed to cook. The temperature accuracy will help you cook food according to your preferences without overcooking the food.

  • There is a possibility of overcooking the food

Since the two cooking methods allow one to cook slowly because they have a lid that encloses and retains all the moisture that the food has, there is also a possibility that the food will overcook if you leave them to cook for the period with checking them. The food will dry up and burn if you leave them to cook for long hours.

The use of the sous vide will help you not exceed the needed temperatures for the food to cook, but the food might overcook. It can happen if the sous vide is left for a long time without being attended to in the process of cooking.

  • There is a possibility of nutrient loss

Slow and steady cooking typically interferes with the valuable nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the food or vegetables. The low temperature and long cooking period will enable the enzymes inside the vegetables to degrade in the process when the nutrients inside the food make the food less nutritious than when you cook the food in other different methods and ways of cooking.

The use of sous vide, on the other hand, is good to use while cooking since the nutrients of the vegetables can be retained. When you cook the vegetables using the sous vide, they are placed or sealed inside bags without exposing them to any excessive heat.

Most slow cooker recipes are designed to reduce any form of evaporation possible. The technique ensures that the juices and liquid will remain inside the pot and form the simmering sauce.


So between the two methods of cooking, which is better? Sous vide cooking is better than the slow cooker for most recipes and food. It makes most of the food more nutritious and flavored and ensures that its initial texture is preserved because the food will be overcooked. The sous vide is also more versatile than the slow cooker.

On the other hand, a slow cooker is an excellent appliance used to cook liquid-based food such as stew, soups, and others. When it comes to the recipe that requires that flavor to be liquid, the slow cooker is the best appliance to use.