Do Sous Vide Cookers Use a Lot of Electricity?- You Need to Know

Is sous vide cooking something you’d be interested in trying? Most likely, but then you realize it’s an electric cooker that requires you to plug it into an electrical outlet, and you start to worry about the electricity bill. You’ve probably heard that it takes many hours to cook a steak. And what about meats that are heavier in texture, such as roulades or meatballs? You’ve started to question if sous vide cookers consume a significant amount of electricity.

It is possible to discover models that consume less electricity, but keep in mind that a lower wattage may imply that the cooker may take longer to achieve the desired temperature.

This article has clearly outlined what is required during sous vide cooking. The required watts to be used and the amount of energy used is also outlined in the article. In addition to that, you will also find answers to some of the frequently asked questions that will help you understand the topic better.

Watts required during sous vide cooking

Watts required during sous vide cooking

The power requirements are printed on the appliance’s packaging in certain cases. Occasionally, knowing how much energy an appliance consumes is necessary, particularly if the appliance is large. Because they add to your electricity expenses, watts are important.

It’s likely that if you’re considering acquiring sous vide cooker, you’ll want to find out how much power it consumes first. It certainly does not consume as much energy as an oven or a tumble dryer, but the difference in consumption is not insignificant. Perhaps it will be one of the variables you consider when comparing different brands.

Wattage is also considered a sign of how quickly the device heats the water bath, which is another consideration. It’s something that many people think about while picking between two different brands.

Because the power and cook time of the sous vide cooker vary, electricity is used. The power consumption increases when you use a high-wattage appliance and cook for an extended time. Cooking for a short length of time, on the other hand, is an exception. Energy bills will be lower because you will be using less electricity. Cooking times and power ratings of your choice sous vide cooker should be considered as a result.

Amount of power used by sous vide machine

do sous vide cookers use a lot of electricity

It all depends on the model, but on average, sous vide machines consume between 800 and 1200 watts of electricity. It is possible to discover models that consume less electricity, but keep in mind that a lower watt may mean that the oven may take longer to achieve the desired temperature. If you consider the average watt cost and the number of times a typical home uses a sous vide machine, you will not come up with a particularly high figure.

1. Sous vide immersion calculator

Immersion circulators for sous vide come in a variety of capacities. Their power ranges from 800 to 1500W, so it’s best to pick one that matches your requirements.

Immersion circulators with greater power will most likely benefit restaurants and professional cooks. Even so, if you simply sous vide your food occasionally, an 800 to 1100W device would suffice. Cooking thicker meat may take longer, but it will not significantly impact your electricity expenditure.

2. Sous vide water oven

Sous vide water ovens, like immersion circulators, heat the water as well, but, unlike immersion circulators, they do not entail any water flow or movement. However, they are not as effective as an immersion circulator circulating the water within the sous vide apparatuses themselves. However, because of the absence of movement in a water batch, it is possible that the temperature of the water will not be the same throughout. This will result in some uneven cooking.

A smaller number of moving components means water ovens consume less electricity than immersion circulators because they heat water rather than move it. As a result, they consume somewhat less electricity than immersion circulators.

For example, a model with a power output of 1000 watts warms the water quickly and can achieve great temperature precision. Specialized models can be incredibly energy efficient, continuously consuming little more energy than a sixty-watt light bulb. The only time sous vide machine consumes a little more energy is during the initial period before it reaches the desired temperature.

How to know the amount of electricity your unit consumes

Convert the wattage to kilowatts and the cooking time to hours, then multiply the two figures to get the electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh). After that, you can multiply the resulting number by the rates charged by the electricity provider company to determine the amount that must be paid to the utility company. I’m hoping you’ve gained some new knowledge from this article.

Can one leave sous vide machine unattended?

Can one leave sous vide machine unattended

 If you have other commitments like going to work, picking up your children from school, or getting a good night’s sleep, it might not be easy to commit to something like this for an extended period.

Additionally, having to stop and restart sous vide cooking degrades the flawless results of sous vide cooking and adds to the trouble of the process overall. This is the point at which you may begin to worry if it is safe to leave the sous vide machine to cook dinner while you are away from home for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can the sous vide machine work all day?

This is the point at which you may begin to worry if it is safe to leave the sous vide machine to cook dinner while you are away from home for an extended period. And the answer is, yes, you absolutely can. When cooking sous vide, you can leave it unattended, allowing you to carry on with your other responsibilities while the food cooks.


The Sous vide cooking method allows you to produce meals suitable for a five-star restaurant at home. If you were apprehensive about the prospect of adding another electrical item to your kitchen, you could rest assured that you have nothing to be afraid about anymore. Investment in a sous vide cooker has numerous advantages and tasty results.

The average-range model will most likely result in no noticeable difference in your utility costs at the end of the month if you choose it.