Does cooking fermented food kill bacteria?

Eating fermented food depends on a person’s preference that they will either eat when it is warm or cold. They can choose to eat some cold food with the other hot type to blend the other. When eating fermented food, some people feel it is bad since they think it is not suitable for their health, which I can agree is because cold food is not good. However, warming the fermented food kills the bacteria available when the cooking temperature is high. When you use a lower temperature, the bacteria will remain safe.

Bacteria in fermented food help remove the useless bacteria in the body and help in some other factors. Fermented food is good to eat since it contains some content of bacteria that is good for your health. Therefore cooking the fermented food can kill the bacteria in the food that is a loss to you. In most cases, we do consume fermented food but without the idea that the food is fermented. For example, when we take alcohol, it is a fermented drink with bacteria that help run the body.

The article below shows the main things about fermented food and will explain the meaning of fermented foods. If cooking the food kills the bacteria in the food, other factors after that are the frequently asked questions about the fermented foods and the conclusion.

What are the bacteria in the fermented food?

Does cooking fermented food kill bacteria

 Before getting the type of bacteria in the fermented food, it is good to know what it means with the fermented food. Fermented food is a type of food made from microbial growth that consists of the enzyme reaction. Some types of fermented food include alcohol like wine and beer. Some other types of foods include honey, hot sauce, and yogurt. Almost everyone eats fermented food, but they do not know if it is fermented or not, considering that the fermented food affects their body.

Fermented food contains different kinds of bacteria that are good for the health since the body will be able to balance the number of harmful bacteria and good bacteria in the body. Some of the other benefits include that it improves the digestive system and prevents some diseases.  The bacteria in the inmost common foods are the probiotics that live in different parts of the body like the skin, urinary tract, and gut.

There are many benefits of eating fermented food to the body that helps in providing good health. Sometimes cooking fermented food can kill the bacteria that make our bodies weak.

Does cooking fermented food kill bacteria?

Fermented food is always cold or, let’s say, at an optimum temperature in the room since most of the foods are from the fridge that cools the food to room temperature. Sometimes after buying the food, we want to eat them without warming or cooking, but because they are cold, you choose to warm them or cook them so that when you cook, you are killing the bacteria in them.  

Cooking the fermented food kills the bacteria in the food, which carries the probiotics making the food lose its meaning in the body. However, killing the bacteria depends on the temperature you are using to heat the fermented food. Using higher temperatures to heat the food kills the bacteria, but when you heat at lower temperatures, you will not kill the bacteria.

Therefore, consider using the heat of lower temperatures to warm the food when you want to heat the fermented food after buying it. In most cases, we need to consume fermented food when we cannot prepare the regular meals that we are tired of or when we are in a hurry.  With people using microwaves to heat the food, it is always sure that you are killing the bacteria in the food.

Some of the fermented foods from the manufacturing industry, like the meat canning industries, continually heat the meat before canning them, meaning they kill the bacteria before packaging the food. The heating process with such foods prevents them from spoiling since bacteria make them break faster than they kill all the bacteria.

If you want probiotics bacteria, consider eating food from the fridge that preserves the foods for long without killing the bacteria. If you love fermented food, it is good that you get yourself a fridge and ferment the foods at home, then keep it in the refrigerator for preservation. When fermenting the foods, check the ingredients you are adding since some components like acids kill the bacteria in the food.

How does the cooking kill the bacteria in the fermented food?

Many people ask how the cooking kills the bacteria that they do not understand about the temperatures. Cooking the fermented food at higher temperatures for a long time kills the good bacteria in the food.

Cooking the fermented food for over ten minutes with higher temperatures kills almost all the bacteria in the food.

When you buy fermented food, you can consume them without heating to help maintain the bacteria. If you feel like you need to warm them, consider being keen on the recipe by giving the food a short time and using the heat of lower temperatures.

Follow some few tips on how to handle the fermented food to maintain the bacteria in them.

How to make the fermented food

Making fermented food needs you to follow some steps that help you with the right type of food with no effects on the body. Below are the steps to follow while fermenting your food:

i. Gather all the tools you need for the fermentation process, like the knife and other equipment. Ensure you have enough materials for the procedure.

ii. Prepare the food we are fermenting to be ready for fermentation. The ways of preparing the food include trimming if it is meat, slicing if they are vegetables, chopping, or you can leave the whole of the food depending on your preference.

iii. Choose the type of spices you will add to the food you are fermenting. In most cases, people use salt in the fermentation process. Choose the herbs according to what satisfies you.

iv. Add water to the container you are using for the fermentation process to prepare the brine. Ensure the water is free from impurities.

v.  Check the weight of the food you are fermenting under the brine and keep the mixture in an anaerobic environment during the fermentation process.

vi. Decide a cool place in your house and move the mixture to the point. Follow the reasonable steps of identifying when the food is ready for storage.

vii. Keep checking the moisture to ensure there is the growth of mold or any other batches on the mixture by changing the position or container of the products.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the effects of eating fermented food?

Fermented foods are suitable for a good number of people; however, for some people, it causes some side effects. The high content of the probiotics in the fermented food can cause bloating of the stomach since it has a lot of gas accumulating in the stomach. When having such problems, it is good to eat some specific foods since some contain a lot of sugar that causes bloating. And if you are making your fermented foods, follow a recipe to come with good food for the body.

2. What are the advantages of eating fermented foods?

There are good benefits of eating fermented foods to the body. Some of the benefits include:

  • They improve the health of the digestive system and they help in balancing the good bacteria in the body that helps maintain the digestive system.
  • It improves the immune system and helps reduce the rate of getting infections due to the higher amount of probiotics content.
  • It helps make digestion easier where it breaks down the nutrients of the food that makes them easier to digest.
  • Other importance includes that it helps in reducing the weight of the body and improves the brain’s functionality.


The article below shows a few details of fermented foods and answers whether cooking the fermented ones kills bacteria. And yes, when you cook the fermented foods, you are killing the bacteria, and that when you are consuming the food, you will be eating the food to be complete, but it cannot add anything to the body. If you want to eat warm food, consider being careful when heating the food and checking the time to heat the food. Being this keen helps in maintaining the nutrients in the food that will help the body.

It is good that you learn the steps of making the fermented food by yourself so that you will be making the food and preserve it without killing the bacteria available in it.  Avoid cooking the fermented food after buying to improve your health status and other factors. If you can purchase a fridge, consider getting one so that you can ferment your food and store them in the refrigerator.

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