Does Fresh Sausage Have Nitrates?- All You Need to Know

Don’t think you are the only fellow holding such a question; there are millions of your type. Does fresh sausage have nitrates? This is the same question almost all folks tend to ask. Loving sausages implies that you are not a vegetarian. You can use any meat type to make sausages and they’re always delicious.

After going through this article, you will be able to tell whether fresh sausage contains nitrates or not. Besides, we will educate you on why sausages with nitrates are good or bad for you. We have distinguished types of sausages i.e., smoked and cooked, fresh, dry and semi-dry, and cooked.

You should therefore expect reliable and educative content from this article. Let’s not waste much time under this section. Just sit back, relax and allow me to slowly take you through the entire report. Don’t blink!

Why you need sausage in your diet

does fresh sausage have nitrates

Apart from making sausages for commercial purposes, there are many health benefits that you accrue after consuming these foodstuffs. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to slim down or build up muscle, protein is critical. Have a look at these reasons;

  • Rich in protein

Traditionally, pork sausage is full of protein with an average of 11g per log. Protein is essential to our bodies to build and maintain lean muscle mass as well as enhancing tissue health. That’s the exact reason you require protein!

  • Your blood will be kept healthy

Vitamin is another content that you will get by consuming sausages. Apart from vitamin B-12, there is also Iron which is a great pillar for making your red blood cells healthy. Additionally, these contents are useful in promoting production of Hemoglobin.

Vitamin B-12 is also useful in helping you to metabolize both protein and fats.

  • Drives away hangover

Having breakfast at the right time is always advisable after having a long night of drinking or partying. Sausages are associated with sufficient phosphorus that maintains the function of the kidney. More so, the substance is necessary for establishing robust teeth and bones.

  • You will look healthy

Sausages are famous for making your skin healthier like that of a new born child. What about the eyes and hair; they will look smooth enough. Sausages are associated with something like 50% of your body’s RDA for niacin. This content is necessary to your body to make you look amazing.

  • Keeps you off diseases

If you are using pork-made sausages, there will be an abundance of selenium which is a nutrient to strengthen your immune system. Besides, it equips you with thyroid health and keeps your heart away from diseases. Therefore, taking your food along with some selenium rich foodstuffs is advisable for a diet; this action will maintain remarkable health.

 Nitrite-free and nitrate sausages

 Nitrite-free and nitrate sausages

A number of homeowners are much concerned about nitrites and nitrates in sausages. These are food preservatives applied in sausages and smoked meat. These preservatives work incredibly to stop the growth of bacteria, specifically Clostridium botulinum. It offers a distinctive flavor and a pink color to your product.

While shopping, if you are careful you will be able to see if the product is labeled nitrite or nitrate-free. Nitrates are mostly used to preserve products like sausages or hot dogs. Therefore, does fresh sausage have nitrate? And why are they used to preserve meat?

  • What is Nitrate?

This is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in the soil, water, and air. For food manufacturers, these are salts used to preserve food so as to curb the growth of dangerous bacteria. More so, they will prevent your meat from getting spoiled quickly.

  • Does fresh sausage have Nitrate?

We have some sausages like the Italian one that doesn’t have nitrates since they’re made with natural salt and fresh meat. However, you can apply some curing salt if you want dry-cured sausages. The salt contains sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite.

Nitrates are food preservatives that are used on processed meat to extend the lifespan of the product on the shelf. From this statement, you can realize that curing is necessary if the production is for commercial purposes. On the other hand, if you intend to feed on fresh sausages, then there’s no need to apply preservatives.

Alternatively, you may choose to put some sausages in the freezer for future use (for large sausage batches). In fact, this is the safest and excellent alternative to using nitrates. For your information, sausages with nitrates are cold smoked; you can cold smoke them since they contain cure. The cure protects them from bacterial contamination. However, you can smoke your uncured sausage.

Tips to determine if your meat has nitrate or not

Tips to determine if your meat has nitrate or not
  • Below are some easy steps to determine whether the meat you plan to buy has nitrate or not;
  • Confirm from the label to spot anything like “no nitrates”, “no nitrates added”, or “nitrate free”.
  • Start by inspecting the nutrition label. Doing so will help you to know whether sodium nitrite or sodium nitrate is present in your meat. Additionally, the label will contain potassium nitrite or nitrate, meaning that whatever you want to purchase contains nitrates.
  • Check the product and if it has been labeled “organic”, then it doesn’t contain nitrates. These types of foods won’t have preservatives such as synthetic nitrites or nitrates in them.

NOTE: The above three tips implies synthetic nitrite and nitrates and not the nitrites and nitrates that occur naturally.


  • Do butchers use nitrates to preserve sausages?

We have some butchers that may choose this way over refrigeration. Majority of UK traditional sausages don’t have added nitrites or nitrates.

  • Are fresh sausages healthy?

Yes, they have sufficient nutrients like vitamin B-12, Iron for production of haemoglobin and strengthening red blood cells.

Final words

Our article has tried to educate you on the meaning of nitrates and nitrites. Hopefully, you have also learned the importance of sausages in your diet and also if fresh sausages contain nitrate or not.

Another useful information should help you in this report is the tips to determine whether the product you intend to purchase contains nitrates or not. Up to that point, allow me to wind up the discussion.

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