Fermenting Crock vs. Mason Jar – Which One You Should Pick

The fermenting of crocks is a straightforward process when you have little knowledge of how to do the fermenting. Suppose you have searched and are looking for a method and procedure that will help you do it without a problem. The article will help to finish the process in a short time.

Fermenting crocks has been a topic that most people debate about how it did quickly. The issue is about the debate of what fermenting or container versus the Mason jar is best and how. The discussion explains whether mason jars are suitable for fermenting or the best substitute to replace them.

Since I can’t provide all the answers on what is best regarding the fermenting crocks vs. Mason jar, I will only try to provide as many answers and techniques as possible. After reading the article below, you will make the right choice according to your needs and taste.

A quick comparison table

FeatureFermentation crocksMason jars
PriceThe price varies but mostly expensiveIt is cheap
CleaningThe user should be keen when cleaningIt is easy to clean
AvailabilityCheck specific shops to get itReadily available at any place

What are fermenting crocks?

What are fermenting crocks

Over the past couple of decades, people have been using fermentation in one way or another. The first evidence that shows fermentation is the traditional preparation of beer. One of the best examples dates back to Egypt, and it was seen in their drawings that show some of the earlier usages of fermentation.

The people could have used some other containers made from clay or other materials like ceramics if fermentation and crocks could have been used today regularly on a large scale in terms of numbers. The principle on how and when to use the fermenting crocks today’s idea could not have been different from the old usage of the fermenting crocks.

The fermentation crock is round or oval, and basically, they are heavier than any other type of container used to ferment food. They are also relatively more significant than any other fermenting container used to ferment food; therefore, the container can ferment large volumes of food.

The fermentation crocks usually are of two types whatsoever: the water sealed and open. With an open fermentation crock type, the food to be fermented is packed inside it, and it is covered with a ceramic plate; finally, clothing is used to cover the top of the crock. With the water-sealed fermentation crock variety, on the other hand, at the top of the food, two semi-circular weights are placed there. Finally, the gutter around the top lid is foiled with water, and the upper seal closes everything.

Can you use mason jars for fermentation?

Can you use mason jars for fermentation

One can use a mason jar’s fermentation in any form of fermentation, depending on your needs. But what matters only is whether you should use the Mason jar for fermentation or not. The debate exists on the mason’s ability and its suitability as well.

Most people believe that the use of mason jars is unsuitable to use, but they are also unsafe to use in the fermentation process. The most crucial point is that people think it is dangerous to use mason jars because they don’t sell to the same extent as other containers used in fermentation, including the fermentation crocks. The fermentation process might be harmful and compromised when using the wrong approach and procedure.

However, most of the experts in food technology and fermentation will advise you that any risk that arises when you use the Mason jar in fermentation is negligible and therefore using it is a safe way of fermenting food. The use of mason jars fermenting food is safe and provides you with a convenient way of fermenting food, and is also inexpensive.

Those people have faced some difficulties on what containers to use during the fermentation process because of the cost of other fermenting containers. The use of mason jars to ferment food is the best, cheap, and most convenient way to ferment food that one can use. The other advantage of using mason in fermentation is using the jars to store food in the refrigerators. In addition, it is easy to clean mason after using them, and they are also reusable, making them more convenient than any other fermenting container.

Fermentation crocks vs. mason jars

fermenting crock vs mason jar

Here we will look into the advantages and disadvantages of fermentation crocks and mason jars. I will divide the fermentation crocks into water-sealed and open dishes to compare the containers.

Water sealed fermentation crocks


1. It is straightforward to use it since the process of operating is simple and easy.

2. Using it allows you to seal everything well and therefore the food cannot be contaminated by any foreign materials.

3. It is thicker, which means that it can have a constant temperature.

4. Some odors cannot be able to escape therefore the end product will be good and testier.

5. It is a stable fermentation that can keep beneficial bacteria.


1. Relatively high price tags compared to other fermenting containers.

2. The water inside it needs to be monitored regularly.

3. It has a narrow opening that makes the process of packing difficult.

The open fermentation variety of the fermenting crocks


1. It is cheaper than the water-sealed fermentation crocks and you can afford one of them at an affordable price in the market.

2. It is straightforward to clean because they don’t have many complicated parts that you are supposed to clean.

3. It is significant; therefore, it can store a large volume of the food


1. There is an additional lid that needs to be purchased.

2. The cloth cover can cause drip that can damage the food.

The mason jars

 It is another type of fermenting container used in any fermenting process.


1. It is also cheap to use

2. They are readily available when you want to get one.

3. Easy to use and clean.

4. It is reusable

5. It can be used to store food.

6. You can modify and upgrade mason jars using different lids.


1. It is not airtight since the air inside it can escape.

2. During the fermenting process, it must be vented.


The explanation and the comparison above will assist you and give you more knowledge of the fermentation process. The comparison shows a better idea behind the fermentation crocks versus the mason jars, giving you the ability to decide what is the best choice for you to choose and use.

Your choice will depend on your traditional choice of fermentation crock to use. The choice you will select will depend on the features you will expect to get, such as the levels of airtight seals and size. You also need to choose or decide whether you need a water-sealed open crock fermentation crock.

The best substitute for the fermenting crocks is the mason jars that will give you a low cost which is very conveniently available. The additional benefit of using the mason jars is their ability to store food that you are fermenting. You must also be aware that when you are using the Mason jar, it will give you the capacity that the fermenting will have the airtight as the fermenting crock does.