How Long Can You Keep Sous Vide Meat – [Explained Elaborately]

Sous vide is increasingly becoming popular since it has several benefits. However, the technique is not common with most people while cooking. In case you need to make Sous vide meat but you are not sure of the time it will take to keep the Sous vide meat then choose to keep it in a fridge or freezer and keep reading.

The only thing needed with the time to keep the Sous vide meat is reading the fridge or the freezer to know the state of the meat. There are also tips you need to follow when storing Sous vide storage.

The article below shows how long you can keep Sous vide meat where it depends with the place you will use for the storage, how Sous vide cooking works and the benefits of using Sous vide cooking. There are also the frequently asked questions and lastly the conclusion.

How long can you keep Sous vide meat?

The amount of time you can take while keeping Sous vide meat depends on the place you are using for the storage. When you are using a freezer and you place the meat in bags then you can keep the meat for a period of three months but for poultry meat you can keep them for a period of six months.   

How Sous vide cooking works

How Sous vide cooking works

Sous vide cooking method is also a method that works with low temperature that takes a long time when cooking. Sous vide means vacuum in other languages like French which shows that food is kept sealed with all the air in it removed.

Using this method requires the user to place food in plastic Sous vide bags or glass jars and give it time to cook in water for a good period. The advantage with the cooking method above is that the cooking is in batches that most people prefer using it. The method is good since it helps in regulating temperature in a lower way than the normal methods.

The temperatures are so low that sometimes people wonder how they will keep the Sous Vide and the time it will take. There are different answers to this question but the most common one is keeping it in Sous vide bags for some hours which is safe and keeps a lower temperature.

Steps of cooking Sous vide meat

Steps of cooking Sous vide meat

i. Prepare some amount of ice or water in a container that is large enough to accommodate the number of Sous vide bags available with you. Ensure your work area is clean and the water you are using is clean since we are preparing food.

ii. Immerse the Sous vide bags in the ice water until they are fully submerged. Place the bags in water gently by dipping them and ensure the water is covering the bags.

iii. Give the Sous vide time in the water for like two hours depending on the amount of bags you have. If you have many bags you will have to give the Sous vide some good time but if you have less bags then you will also spend less time with the meat in water.

iv. Regulate the temperatures and ensure they are below four degrees Celsius throughout the whole process and you can choose to add more ice when necessary. At this point you need to adjust the temperatures regularly to avoid using high temperatures that will kill bacteria or very low temperatures that will lead to growth of bad bacteria.

v. The last step here is drying the Sous vide bags after removing them from the water and giving them names then storing them in the fridge or a freezer.  There are different ways of drying the meat after removing them from water which will depend on the ones that you prefer.

Benefits of cooking Sous vide meat

Benefits of cooking Sous vide meat

Some people are not sure if cooking Sous vide meat is good and safe. Below are some of the benefits that you can check.

  • It saves time

Cooking Sous vide meat saves a lot of time since you put meat in bags, set temperatures and submerge them in water or ice in a container and it is over. There is no necessity of you standing at that place monitoring the process or if the meat is overcooking since the requirements are in place. The workload with Sous vide is also less since you only need to put the meat in bags and adjust the temperatures to a certain level that will not allow them to overcook.

  • It is delicious

Cooking Sous vide is good since it retains the juices available in the meat and the entire aroma it has. And also the method ensures the food is cooking to a certain level. Sous vide cooking makes food delicious since it helps maintain its attractive color after cooking and then helps in enhancing the flavor of the meat that it tastes more sweet than other cooking methods.

  • It is healthy

The method is healthy as it is in control of all the ingredients and the portions that maintain human health. It is healthy at the same time since it prevents the loss of good nutrients by cooking food evenly and prevents overcooking of the meat so that it maintains all the nutrients you need in the body.

  • It is economical

Sous vide cooking is economical because it saves money such that when portioning the food in Sous vide bags it ensures that there is no food that is going bad. The only problem with cost is in purchasing the bags to store the food in. however the bags help so much that it does not waste any kind of food since you will pack all the food available and store them carefully.

  • It is safe

Safety is one of the major reasons you always choose to use Sous vide cooking since they cook in plastic Sous vide bags at low temperatures for some time. However, using plastic bags is safe due to the use of low temperatures.

Moreover the plastic bags in place lack additives that can be harmful when they get in touch with food. Sometimes cooking at lower temperatures feels unsafe since food can develop harmful bacteria that are not good for health. Therefore you need to take note of the temperature and control it when cooking. When the temperatures are cool you can make safe food.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can one marinate foods?

Marinating foods is good when you are having a chamber vacuum sealer that you will not be able to vacuum seal liquids. The method is good and works well for advanced meal preparation while also allowing you to cook food in a marriage using the Sous vide cooking technique.


The question of how long you can keep Sous vide meat is now your idea that you can either keep in a freezer or fridge that will determine the exact time you will utilize. The technique has benefits that are in the guide, and some of its effects.

Many people choose to use this method due to some of its advantages including that it can stay for long. Check on the information above so that you can be sure of the time your meat can stay after cooking and the level of its safety. Using the right way of cooking will lead to something nice.