How Much Pork Fat to Add to Venison Sausage?

Venison is a source of protein that many people use because of its nature. The venison sausage is hard to make when you want because it has more minor amounts of fats that you need to add to the pork fat. Making the excellent venison sausage, you need the sausage with pork fat to produce a yummy link. However, most people keep asking the exact amount of pork fat they can add to the venison sausage. It is good to use less pork fat for the number of venison sausages you have.

Adding the pork fat to the venison sausages is a way of putting more spices into the sausages. It is like a way of customizing the sausages to the excellent taste of the individual. To make the venison sausage, you need to use deer meat and specific parts to make good venison sausages. When making venison sausages, you need to be keen since deer meat lacks fats in most cases. Therefore you need to know if venison sausages need fats, the part of deer to make the sausages before deciding on the number of fats to add to the links.

The article below shows the amount of pork fat to add to the venison sausage, which will first indicate the part of deer to make the sausages and the components of deer sausages. Later are the frequently asked questions on the venison sausages and lastly, the conclusion, which is the summary of the article.

What is venison sausage?

How Much Pork Fat to Add to Venison Sausage

Venison sausage is a type of sausage that contains venison, a protein from its nature of being lean. Venison sausage is a sausage that is made from deer meat. Deer meat is meat from the deer animal that they use to make the burgers, stew, jerky, and sausages that will be discussed in this case. After getting the deer meat, you can use it to make the venison sausages to your taste. When making the venison sausages, you need to add some fat, like in this case, the pork fat, salt, some liquid, pepper, and some spices, to make it yummy.  All this is because the deer meat making the sausages is lean and lacks proteins. Therefore you need to add the proteins to make the sausages sweet. You need to add the proteins to some amount to prevent them from clamping on the sausages.

Sometimes people ask the specific parts they can use with the deer meat to make the venison sausages. With someone who has experience in sausage-making, they can use any position to make sweet venison sausages. However, it is suitable for some learners to consider choosing specific details that some features are versatile, and you cannot make sweet sausages. The best parts to use are the rump and the legs that make good sausages for the learner, but you can also use the flank, shoulders, neck, and shank. You must avoid using the significant parts of the backstrap and the lion, since they lack fat.

How much pork fat do you need to add to the venison sausage?

Before deciding on the amount of pork fat you need to add to the venison sausage, you need to know if the venison sausage needs fats or not? Usually, getting the venison sausage is hard to find since deer meat has no fats that people find it hard to make the sausages. When buying deer meat to make the venison sausages, consider checking the parts with the spare part if you are lucky. Venison sausages need fats before deciding on the amount of fat to add; this is what you need to know.

However, some people who do not consume fats will not have to add the lard to the venison sausages.  If you are having such a problem, consider using vegetables for the links to add taste to the food since the vegetables contain moisture that can work with the sausages. The problem with using vegetables is that they will lack moisture when you cook them later since frozen vegetables lack moisture.  But also, with this case, you can add the moisture by either adding water or beer in the cooking process or using the mushrooms to provide moisture.

After finding all these, you can check the amount of pork fat that you need to add to venison sausage. Remember, the most popular type of fat to add to the venison sausages is pork fat. The pork fat to use must always be from the back since it has more fats than any other part of the body, but you can choose to use the belly fat if there is no option. Fats in the sausages make them look yummy and feel sweet when consuming them since they are emulsifying to the links.

Therefore, you need to add some amount of fats to the sausages to get the taste of your food. If you still do not know the number of fats to add to the deer meat when making the venison sausages, you need to know the average ratio. The amount of the venison must be higher than the amount of pork fat; such the venison must be 80 percent while the pork fat is 20 percent to create a balance between the two.  If you feel 20 percent is lower, you add the amount so long as it does not exceed 50 percent since that will be excess fat.

How to make the venison sausages?

Pork Fat to Add to Venison Sausage

Ensure you maintain the number of fats you need to add to the venison sausage since the ratio matters a lot when making the sausages. But if you have experience with making sausages, you must have many ideas and tricks to make them. Follow the tips below to make some if you do not have any idea.

 i. Ensure you grind the deer meat until it is acceptable to avoid having the time to chew the sausages for long if the heart is not good. Having rough deer meat can make poor sausages that you will not like.

ii. Add a meat binder to the meat. A binder is a type of milk powder in form and contains no fat that helps mix the mixture. The binder makes a different view of the sausages when you need to cook them.

iii. Choose the outside casing of if the sausages. In this case, you can either use sticking which is a natural product, or use bog or beef casings. Remember casings add the nature of the final product to attract the customers or people to eat.

iv. Lastly, choose the types of herbs you will use. Herbs are natural spices to your sausages. If you are unsure of the herbs you will use, consider choosing the bay leaves, rosemary, and sage, which are the best herbs. The herbs are of good flavors that will make the sausages sweet.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can one use beef fat instead of pork fat?

Some people consume only beef; they feel they need to use the beef fat only for their sausages. Yes, you can use the beef fat if it is okay with you since it is cheap and works the same as the pork fat with your sausages. However, you need to be much careful when adding the beef fat because the fat changes the flavor of the links, unlike the pork fat that does not change the flavor of the sausages. When you use the beef fat, the sausages will taste like beef that if you like, it will be sweet.

2. What is the difference between beef fat and pork fat?

The difference between the beef fat and the pork fat is with the melting, where the beef fat’s melting temperature is higher than the melting temperature of the pork fat. The color of the fats is also different since the color of beef fat is yellow, which will change the look of the sausages, while the color of the pork fat is white, which is why it is good for us. However, the amount to add to the venison sausages is the same, which is their similarity.


In the normal cooking process, when adding fat to meat, the fat does not exceed the amount of heart since the outcome will be fatty, which is not suitable for consumption. Therefore, the idea must guide you when preparing venison sausages to lower the number of fats. The article below answers the question on the amount of pork fat to add to the venison sausage, which is that you must not add fats above 50 percent.

Finally, choose to use beef fat if you feel like you are not comfortable with the pork fat since they work the same except for their taste that has the difference. Consider following specific instructions when preparing the venison sausages to develop a good taste of links for you. Add a good amount of fats to the food to have a sweet taste.