Is Anova Nano Bluetooth?: A Complete Guide

Cooking from a distance is the dream of almost all homeowners. Some fellows have been sneaking to my email with questions like ‘is Anova Nano Bluetooth?’ If you are in love with sous vide, then you understand that you can remotely control a good number of sous vide equipment via the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Owning an Anova Nano cooker that is controlled through the phone is a big investment. You will be able to achieve hand-free operation by installing Anova app on your smartphone. Apart from educating you on whether Anova Nano cooker is Bluetooth enabled or not, the article will cover other useful information like how to link your smartphone to the Anova Nano.

Furthermore, we will teach you how to fix Bluetooth connection complications with your cooker. Bonus, you will benefit from our tips when using Anova Nano Bluetooth enabled precision cooker.

Is Anova Nano Bluetooth enabled?

Is Anova Nano Bluetooth

If you are keen, the introductory part should tell you whether this cooker has Bluetooth connectivity or not. But since we are human beings, sometimes bothering yourself too much won’t be necessary. For this reason, I want to inform you that Anova Nano precision cooker is Bluetooth enabled.

Its Bluetooth 4.2 allows you to pair the cooker with your smartphone for distant operation. There is a handy app known as Anova Culinary app to help you get away with this connectivity. This is a clear indication that nothing should hinder you from downloading and installing the app to your smartphone.

Bonus, these applications are associated with several recipes to spare you from searching them online. Additionally, this technology gives you a chance to share your favorite recipe. The app is supported on both iPhones and android devices.

To pair your smartphone with the Anova Nano cooker, the phone should support Bluetooth 4.3 android and above. This is just one of the requirements and considerations when connecting a smartphone to a Nano precision cooker.

Reasons for using Bluetooth to control Anova Nano

Reasons for using Bluetooth to control Anova Nano

Now that we know some of the cookers are equipped with Bluetooth, let’s see why using Bluetooth is necessary. Remember, you can still run your machine without the help of a Bluetooth, but I know you are asking yourself the exact reasons to opt for Bluetooth.

There is a handy control panel on the Anova Nano to help you operate it, meaning that other technologies like tablets and phones are not a must-have. However, connecting and operating the cooker via the phone comes with a lot of benefits; one of them being flexibility. Such connectivity allows you to operate the machine at a distance.

Additionally, the unique Anova Culinary application makes the work easier for you. It is actually one of the best apps to connect cookers like Nano to smartphones for convenience. If you are not around or maybe you are busy watching your favorite TV show or movie, Bluetooth connectivity should help you kill the two birds.

The Anova Culinary app is also advantageous as it comes with several recipes to protect you from hassles that you may incur while trying sourcing them from the internet. With your phone, you can power off or on the machine, alter the temperature, or even set the cooking time. This is just a technology whose time has come and therefore we have no choice, but to embrace it.

How to connect Anova Nano precision cooker to Bluetooth

How to connect Anova Nano precision cooker to Bluetooth

After downloading and installing Anova Culinary application on your smartphone, connecting the Nano cooker will be a breeze. Somebody somewhere has already started to worry on how to achieve all these; don’t bother your mind so much. Just follow these steps and thank me later;

Step 1: Downloading and installing Anova Culinary application

There is nothing much under this step because you can get such apps from places like playstores; for android devices. Register after the installation.

Step 2: Launching the App

Before you tap on “Sart Anova”, launch it first. Tap this button after launching; it’s located at the bottom part of the screen.

Step 3: Enable Bluetooth

Go to your Bluetooth settings on the smartphone and enable it. Though this action depends on the type of your mobile device, enabling Bluetooth is always the same.

Step 4: Launch the Culinary application and log in

This step is very simple as you have to open the app on your mobile device and stay logged in.

Step 5: press the “Target Temp” function

Go to your Precision cooker and locate this button. Press it and advance to the next step.

Step 6: Pairing

Tap on the “Connect your Anova” button, located at the bottom part of the screen. Then tap on the “Connect” button, next to the model of your Anova Nano.

Step 7: Configuring

 There is a 4-digit number on the Anova Culinary cooker application. Type it as the pairing code before you tap on the “Connect” function. Connection successful!

Troubleshooting Anova Nano Precision cooker Bluetooth connection problems

Troubleshooting Anova Nano Precision cooker Bluetooth connection problems

It is possible that your machine fails to pair with the Bluetooth and this can be really hectic. There are various reasons that may give rise to such complications. Luckily, there is a way you can solve these issues after putting some considerations into the place.

In fact, solving most of them is a walk into the park since they involve simple troubleshooting tricks and steps. Below are some of the culprits that are likely to be held responsible in case the Nano cooker fails to connect to Bluetooth. We have suggested easy fixes for each problem;

Wrong code: Don’t type in the wrong code. The devices won’t pair; double check the code to be sure.

Incompatibility: you should be more careful when pairing the two devices. Your phone should at least support Bluetooth 4.0 android or iOS 9.0.

Problems arising from the smartphone’s Bluetooth connection: This problem can be another victim of poor or no Bluetooth connection between your two devices. There are several actions that you can try to solve the complication like;

  • Reinstalling the mobile application.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth on the Anova Nano precision cooker by pressing the middle button from the top of the cooker.
  • Try also to disconnect all the paired devices before reconnecting them again.

Outdated app: Sometimes the Anova Culinary app might be outdated. Try to update it via the setting of your device, Google Play Store, or Appstore.

Tips when pairing Anova Nano cooker to Bluetooth

Tips when pairing Anova Nano cooker to Bluetooth
  • Don’t use wrong code; no pairing will occur.
  • To pair your smartphone with the Anova Nano cooker, the phone should support Bluetooth 4.3 android and above.
  • Make sure the Anova Nano with you is Bluetooth enabled; else you will be doing zero work.
  • While pairing, make sure the cooker is on as well as the Bluetooth and the Anova Culinary app is running.

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  • Is Anova Nano superior?

Despite its small size, the power puts Anova Nano to the next level. You can use it to cook up to 7 steaks in the shortest time possible.

  • Can I use Anova Nano to boil water?

Not a good idea; it neither cools nor boils water.

Final words

Hopefully you now understand that Anova Nano is Bluetooth enabled. Besides, we have provided handy content on the pairing process as well as troubleshooting the problems. But, you should fulfill some requirements of which have also been mentioned under the tips one betterment section.