How to Cook Jello Worms- Easy Recipe

Jello worms are easy and cheap to make. It’s apparent to children because it is easily edible and keeps them excited.  It’s mostly prepared in parties and even in elementary schools. While it’s easy to prepare they are also tricky when removing the worms outside the glass.  Jell- O worms and cream make excellent worms which are edible.  When cooking them you can make your own choice in the choice of color to use whether it’s green or red. Keep in mind that when the straw is tight it will be easier for them to be removed.

If you need to cook Jell- O worms, you have come to the right place.  Less effort is imposed on the preparation of this meal. Even though a lot of time is required in cooking them I assure you that earlier preparation will give you a humble time.  These worms are made with slimy and candy cookies.  They contain a strong nutrient mixed with other spices.

This article will highlight the tools required in preparation of Jell- O worms. Besides, it will address the ingredients needed in making these worms. It will also analyse a step by step procedure when making this dish including the frequently asked questions.  Finally, I will do the summary of this article by pointing down the main points discussed in this article and the method of storing the leftovers.

Cook Jello Worms

Tools required:

How to cook Jello worms

Rubber band

Glass- 4 to 5 inches high




Paper wax

Plastic grip bottle

A box

A cup



A box of Jello box

2 packets of Gelatin

 3 cups of warm water

½ cup of whipping cream

2 box of 60 plastic straws

6 rubber band

8 to 10 drops of food color

4 drops of citric acid



1. Arrange the straw in a desired and the right place.

2. Move the malleable side of the straw outside.

3.   Tighten the straw using a rubber band by ensuring the whole box of 60 is completely exhausted.

4.   Put all the straw inside the glass. Here the high point does not matter a lot, it should be  3 to 5 inches.

5.   Make the preparation of the straw by ensuring they are all clean.

6.   Mix Jello and water together and let them settle for 3 minutes and muddle inside the whipping cream.

7.   Add up the food color using 8 to 10 drops depending on your choice.

8.   Fill up the grip bottle with the combination of Jello and start adding straw. Fill partly little liquid in the foot of the glass.

9.   After filling the straw partly, put it in the freezer for about 18 minutes to enable the remaining Jello combination not to leak out at the foot of the glass. There will be some leakage but it will seize.

10.  Continue with the filling of the straw. This will consume time but you will try filling the straw completely.

11.  Place them inside the fridge for about 2 hours.  After the worms have settled. Pull them outside the glass and insert them under the warm water to eliminate extra Jello.

12.  After using several methods, then it will make it easy to draw out the straws. Insert each straw inside the warm water for about 3 seconds. Remove a little amount of the straw from

13.  Using another hand, carefully pull the worm outside the straw and dredge them with citric acid in order to make sour worms.

Storage leftovers

1. Fridge

The leftover Jell-O cups will be covered and put in the fridge for about a week. Do not place them in the freezer because it will melt and start leaking out and change the taste of these worms.  But they will still be edible.

2. Use plastic wrap or aluminium foil

This will prevent the worms from being in its original state and preserve its original taste.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How do you use jelly worms?

Put a 50 gram tub pull to fix up the reel rope by sticking to a ball before you try to make a hook link. Pick a jelly worm by removing the hook from the head. Make the bend loose and release the shank at hook eye.

Tighten the worms to make sure that the hook side bard and  the corner of the worm are easily exposed.

  • What type of worms is edible?

The common worms which are considered to be edible around the world are agave, sago and mealworms.  Many people give vivid analysis of these worms as wacky and smooth. People make these worms by frying them like locusts. Worms which are common are eaten around the whole globe.

  • Can you eat raw worms?

Worms can be eaten raw when there is no time to prepare them. Like other parasites, worms have life bacteria which carry viruses. Therefore there is a need to cook them first before eating.

  • Can earthworms live in your stomach?

Worms can enter into your stomach or small intestines through walking barefooted or walking in stagnant water.  So it’s easy for them to enter the stomach.


Jello worms is the best and funniest meal that is enjoyed by kids and even adults. The way of preparation is very simple despite the fact that it consumes a lot of time. All you need to make the delicious worms is that you need to purchase all the requirements a day before in order to observe time.

In this article you will find the ingredients and tools you need in order to make the best aroma. Also there is a significance procedure which highlights one by one step needed in preparing Jello worms.  Jello worms are supposed to be slimy and gross. Even though making of this dish is simple, removing the worms outside the straw might seem tricky but the procedure will help you to reach them easily.  When you are removing the worms outside the straw you need to wear gloves to prevent your hands  from being in contact with the color used.