Joule Minimum Temperature and Joule Ice Baths

If you possess the Joule Sous Vide cooker, you’ve probably realized that the minimum temperature setting isn’t always the best option. Perhaps you enjoy more than preparing meals with your sous vide system. The process could involve various activities that necessitate the Joule minimum temperature.

Some of the activities performed with the sous vide machine could be defrosting, thawing, or chilling foodstuffs. This is when the minimum temperature setting and the option to utilize the sous vide cooker inside an ice bath help. As demonstrated later in this article, the minimum Joule temperature that can be set is 68°F (20°C). You will also be devastated to learn that the Joule ice bath is not a viable option for cooling or probably defrosting your Joule.

This article elaborates on setting the minimum Joule Temperature and determining whether it’s possible to perform a joule ice bath. The article also contains information on how to achieve the maximum Joule Temperature. Find also the best responses to the commonly asked questions on Joule minimum temperature and joule ice baths.

How low the minimum Joule Temperature can be set

joule minimum temperature joule ice bath

Your Joule can be set to a minimum temperature of 68°F (20°C). Be aware that this is the lowest temperature at which the Joule can be set. The Joule’s internal thermometer can still detect and report temperatures below this.

The lowest temperature for the Joule is discussed extensively, as consumers wish to utilize their Joule for rapidly chilling and cooling goods (or things like wine). Regrettably, Chefsteps (the original producer of the Joule) indicates that the Joule cannot be utilized for chilling or cooling. Moreover, Joule lacks a circulation model, which means that you cannot circulate water (such as freezing water) without heating it.

Getting a sous vide system capable of reaching lower temperatures is quite beneficial if you need to quickly cool anything after preparing it to be kept in a fridge or freezer. Additionally, it can be used to expedite the defrosting or thawing of meat without affecting its quality or consistency by putting it in the microwave.

If this is a must, Anova Sous Vide Precision Cookers do have a much lower minimum temperature adjustment. Each of them operates between 32-197˚F (0 – 92 degrees Celsius). Let’s briefly check on these cookers;

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cookers

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cookers

Anova is a well-known, industry-leading brand in the sous vide arena. They’re renowned for their high-quality sous vide cookers (or immersion circulators), which are simple to use and regularly produce great results. Anova Culinary is available in three distinct models, as explained below:

  • Anova precision cooker pro – Given the Anova Precision Cooker Pro’s power, it’s ideal if you have a big family, frequently cook in huge batches, or routinely host large dinner parties. Additionally, it is the perfect pick if you want the best in terms of functionality and versatility.
  • Anova Precision Cooker Nano – Due to the low power consumption of this cooker, it is unable to reach the same capacity as the other Anova immersion circulators. However, you still get all of the capabilities necessary to complete the task (at the expense of some additional features) for the cheapest cost.
  • Anova Precision Cooker (WiFi) – The Anova Precision Cooker’s (WiFi) mid-range power rating is ideal for medium-sized groups or cooking in moderate batches. It’s the overall best selection, and you can’t go wrong.

While these three major models share many features, and you cannot go wrong with any of them, they have a few key distinctions worth noting that may sway your decision one way or the other.

Is it possible to perform a Joule ice bath?

Is it possible to perform a Joule ice bath

Due to Joule’s relatively low minimum temperature (68°F [20°C]), many individuals wonder if they may use it in an ice bath to cycle their foods in chilly water for defrosting or chilling. Unfortunately, the Joule is not intended to circulate chilly or freezing water.

The inbuilt thermometer of the Joule detects lower temperatures and automatically activates the heater to bring the water temperature up to the lowest temperature pre-set on the Joule. As discussed previously, the Joule lacks a circulation model, which means it cannot be used to circulate (but not heat) ice baths. While the Joule ice bath is not an option, the Anova Sous Vide Precise Cookers are.

Maximum Joule temperature

Maximum Joule temperature

The maximum temperature can be achieved with a Joule Sous Vide at the other extreme of the temperature range. It is possible to set your Joule to a maximum temperature of 208°F (98 degrees Celsius). Because the maximum temperature of the Joule is relatively high, Chefsteps does not recommend operating the Joule at this particular temperature for extended periods.

Since the Joule must work extremely hard to achieve and sustain this high temperature, there is a risk of straining the device and causing damage to the device. Accessories that help to improve the insulation of the water bath help significantly in this situation. Elements like sous vide vessel lids and insulation covers are excellent for limiting heat loss, which means your Joule will not have to work as hard to keep water baths warm. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it possible to sous vide without a vacuum sealer?

Answer: Is a vacuum sealer required? No. Sous vide is a French term that translates as “under vacuum.” And sure, it could not be very clear.  Because you do not need a costly vacuum sealer—or perhaps a cheap countertop —to prepare meals at a reduced temperature in water effectively.

Answer: The function of the most often used sous vide appliance, immersion circulators, is heating and circulating the water to maintain the desired temperature during the cooking process. Additionally, because smaller containers heat up faster, preheating is not necessary.


To conclude, Joule’s temperature range is a frequently discussed subject among Joule enthusiasts. While the Joule maximum temperature is quite high, the Joule Sous Vide minimum temperature may be enhanced.

The minimal temperature setting on the Joule is widely seen as a drawback of this otherwise excellent sous vide device. Since one cannot put it in an ice bath, I would recommend exploring an alternative sous vide approach that allows you to cool and defrost foods in addition to preparing them.