Connecting Your Joule to Alexa or Google Home

Alexa or Google Home, are the two best AI smart home control systems, as per user preference, nowadays. You can control almost every electronic device in your home if you have a strong internet connection and have the devices connected with any of these two.

Joul is a cooking device that comes in many variations. The one we are talking about here should have the ability to connect with the wifi connection of your home, just like that, you will have access to your smart home system.  It is extremely easy to connect your Joule with a smart speaker, however, you could have issues with it.

Let’s get you through the steps to Connect Your Joule to Alexa or Google Home!!

Basic Difference Between Alexa and Google Home

Connecting Your Joule to Alexa

There are some slight differences between these two, let us give you a brief and simple elaboration. 

AlexaGoogle Home
Google Home is a clever Google Assistant-powered speaker.
Google Home is Google’s smart home hub that is well integrated into other Google-powered products such as Chromecast, Nest Thermostats, and NestCams.
This hub can conduct contextual talks and provide you with seamless answers to several commands.
Google’s intelligent displays are pleased to use, especially since they support the number of video streaming providers.
After the Amazon Echo smart speaker, Alexa is a virtual intelligent assistant.
Alexa is Amazon software embedded in the Amazon Echo hub. Alexa works as an online helper who can teach new instructions and who is continually updated to be “human.”
Alexa is more compatible with a house that employs an ecological smart thermostat, Amazon Fire Stick, Ring Cams and Doorbells.
Alexa’s domination with music services did not mean that video services on smart screens performed likewise.

Note that we are not trying to prove which one is better and simply bring up the differences.

Connecting Your Joule to Alexa

Just link your account and say “Alexa, request a steak from Joule” or “Alexa, request a chicken breast from Joule,” then talk to meat cooked just as much as you like – Alexa will automatically adjust Joule to the correct temperature. 

…. This is the simplest way to put it, but, the main procedures could be a bit tricky if you are connecting it for the first time. 

Open the Amazon Alexa application and hit the top right-hand angle menu select options…


You will get a drop-down option where you will be able to select your Joul by writing its name. The name will appear in the search bar. Click “Enable skill” when you see this. You will be sent to a signup page for ChefSteps. Just login in and you have activated the Joule connection on the Amazon site.

Once your Joule skill has been activated…

Wi-Fi Connection: 

Make sure your Joule is connected with your home wifi connection and the same one as your Alexa is. If everything is set up and ready to cook, all you have to do is ask. Like any other Alexa-controlled devices just command by starting with “Alexa”. For example, “Alexa, open Joule”, will let you check on the status of a cooking procedure.

Joule Alexa Skill to Use For

Temperature Control

You can simply command your Joule via Alexa to bring the heat up to a certain point. Starting with Alexa and casually saying to set its temperature. Try to say “Alexa, ask Joule to heat water at 140°C.” If you think otherwise about the cooking temperature, say, “Alexa, ask Joule to modify the temperature to 130°F” To cease cooking, say, ‘Alexa, ask Joule to stop.’ 

Replicate Previous Meal

Your Joule can learn skills by cooking as per your preference every time. Alexa remembers how you like your steak or fish or the food. The amount of heat used last time, the amount of time used last time.  And just like that you can ask Alexa casually like, “Cook my steak like last time.’’

If you’re messy with your hands, you can switch your jug on fast without your mobile device, the Joule Alexa skill is extremely handy. However, the control choices may be enhanced. Many users of Alexa and Joule have noted that it would be nice to have an order where Alexa informs you how the Joule cooked.

Connecting Your Joule to Google Home

Visit the ChefSteps Joule app Google Assistant website and download and install it on your smartphone (usually a phone or other smart device). Link to your account. Link your account. To link your Google account to your ChefSteps account, you must have Google Home or Google Assistant on your telephone and launch the app.

Well, that was easy right? You could face difficulty even if the process is really easy. 

Wi-Fi Connection

Your Joul and the smartphone you will be controlling the Google Home should be connected under the same wifi connection. To connect your Google account to your ChefSteps account, you will need to launch the Google Home or Google Assistant app. Enter the e-mail and password for your ChefSteps account on the ChefSteps login page.

Enable Skill 

The ability enables you to use your voice to operate Joule. However, the skills still might be helpful even if you don’t own Joule. For instance, you may ask the Joule app for suggestions for protein time and temperature. You may also automatically adjust Joule to your chosen temperature if you do Joule’s own.

Joule google Home Skill to Use For

Temperature Control

You can just order your Joule to send the heat to someplace using Google Home. Start with Google Home and state its temperature casually. Try saying “Okay, Google, ask Joule to heat 140°C water.” If you think of the cooking temperature otherwise, say, “Okay Google, please tell Joule to change the temperature to 130°F” Say “All right, Google, ask Joule to stop” to halt the cooking.

You can even enable the options for the short commands, like “ Ask Joule to stop, Turn on the heat, Cook the Ribs”. Just make sure your Joule and Smart Phone is connected with the same Wi-Fi connection.

 Save Your Favorite Recipes

You will pick what to cook with the Google Home Hub. You may store the recipes you like. You can answer messages and instruct your other party to collect a component that is missing. The Google Home team monitors this community forum and notes all of the feature requests. You can answer messages and instruct your other party to collect a component that is missing. The recipes are centered on daytime — in the morning you’ll discover lots of possibilities for breakfast. They will also change based on your searches in Google and if a vacation like Thanksgiving approaches.


Question: Can Alexa play on two speakers at once?

Answer: The multi-room Amazon Echo devices allow users to concurrently play music across several speakers so that individuals may make their whole houses with the smart speaker from Amazon possible.

Question: Can you connect Google Home and Alexa?

Answer: Yes. Both Alexa and Google Home devices may be used in the same house and perform all their tasks. They may even be placed in the same room without interfering.

Question: Which is better between Alexa and Google Home?

Answer: Both the Amazon Echo and Google Home are fantastic intelligent home hubs. Google’s voice assistant understands more what you mean, whereas Alexa performs more without providing a particular order. Both businesses have aesthetically produced outstanding looks so that you can’t be missed.

Question: How do you fix joules?

Answer: The quickest resolution is usually to reset the device. To do this, simply plug your game back into it for 30 seconds. This restarts the program and removes any contradictions inside the device.

Closing Words

Google Home and Alexa are both the best smart home companion you can find at this race technologies. You just have to be sure of what you want and how you want.  Cooking with Joule Vide, takes your cooking sensation to another level and is connected with these smart home systems, what else luxury can you have?

What do you think of these pieces of information? Please do let us know if we have missed anything. Choose the best as you find and choose wisely.