Can You Keep Food Storage in a Crawl Space?

For many years, I stored an entire year’s supply of food in the crawl space of my home. I have also used the crawl space to store 72-hour kits, water, and other items. So, I feel confident that I can point you in the right direction when it comes to deciding if a crawl space …

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Is it Safe to Store Food in the Garage? (and how to Make it Safe)

Is it Safe to Store Food in the Garage

Food storage is essential for preparedness, but a lot of us don’t have big root cellars. Not to mention that few pantries are large enough for long-term food storage. For many of us, that leaves the garage. Can you safely store food in the garage? Canned food and other shelf-stable food is best stored in cool, …

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Is a Home Freeze Dryer Worth the Cost? Cost Breakdown

Home freeze dryers are all the rage in the food storage world, and for really good reason. But is it really worth buying your own home freeze dryer? Are home freeze dryers worth the cost? The harvest right home freeze dryer (small size) costs about $4 per use (for power and the mylar bags to store …

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How Do Filtered Water Bottles Work?

How Do Filtered Water Bottles Work

Filtered water bottles are one of the best ways to reduce waste and purify water in an easy and accessible way. Although many people own these water bottles, not many know exactly how they work. Most of them are made with carbon filters that effectively and simply absorb harmful particles. But how do filtered water …

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