How to Make Starter Culture for Salami- Easy Hacks You Should Know

how to make starter culture for salami

Making Salami, a starter culture seems good even though it is challenging. When making the Salami, consider choosing starter culture as one of the features since you can sometimes fail to get the right products for your Salami. When worrying about making a starter culture for Salami, do not worry since it is just a …

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Can Sous Vide Bags Be Reused – Know How to Reuse Sous Vide Bag

can sous vide bags be reused

Whoever thinks of the environment, you will always try to buy items that are reusable so that you don’t harm your surroundings. In modern days, a good number of people are considering sous vide cooking with the aim of preserving the environment. So can sous vide bags be reused? With environmental protection in mind, homeowners …

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Should You Sous Vide Meat Before Freezing or After?

should you sous vide meat before freezing or after

Recently we have seen sous vide dominating most of the catering industries because you have the ability to prepare foods in advance. More so, using them is also easy and you may even reheat your already cooked food and feast on it. However, some homeowners have developed some concerns on whether to sous vide meat …

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What Can I Use as a Sausage Binder? – Answer Revealed

what can i use as a sausage binder

If you are planning to make homemade sausages, then you must be asking questions like “what can i use as a sausage binder?” Sometimes you may eat sausages that have a fragile and dry texture. Maybe the person who made it had little knowledge about a sausage binder. Luckily, most of these commercial sausages feature …

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How Are Sous Vide Foods Reheated- Different Methods

how are sous vide foods reheated

Many people have embraced sous vide cooking, claiming it is digital. However, sometimes you are likely to have food leftovers after preparing a delicious dish with the sous vide machine. That’s when questions like how sous vide foods are preheated will be of concern. How can you reheat the food, now that you use a …

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Fermenting Chicken Feed With Molasses

Fermenting Chicken Feed With Molasses

Fermented chicken feed may comprise various ingredients and molasses is one of them. To layman’s language, molasses emanates from sugar extractions; beets and cane sugar. It comes in different varieties and it is dark but sweet. Fermented chicken feed smells like vomit, is it possible? If you are an amateur in fermenting chicken feed, then …

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Fermented Chicken Feed Smells Like Vomit: Causes and Prevention

fermented chicken feed smells like vomit

Lacto-fermentation remains one of the best ways to enrich your fermented chicken feed with a lot of nutrients. The good thing about most chicken feeds is that you can make them right from your backyard. However, the problems come in when the fermented chicken feed smells like vomit. What can you do? Such a problem …

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How Much Fermented Feed per Chicken- Best Tips

how much fermented feed per chicken

Raising chickens means that you have to sacrifice a lot and one of the sacrifices is to subject them to dry or fermented feed. If you are in love with little-feathered birds like chicken, then the amount of fermented feed per bird should be a concern to you. I thought you should know that 1/4 …

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Is Anova Nano Bluetooth?: A Complete Guide

Is Anova Nano Bluetooth

Cooking from a distance is the dream of almost all homeowners. Some fellows have been sneaking to my email with questions like ‘is Anova Nano Bluetooth?’ If you are in love with sous vide, then you understand that you can remotely control a good number of sous vide equipment via the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Owning …

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Complete Guide on Venison Summer Sausage Pork Ratio

venison summer sausage pork ratio

Apart from giving you a fulfilling experience, sometimes preparing venison for summer can be hectic. You may have all the required ingredients to achieve better results, but now how to make the ends meet remains the concern. For example the venison summer sausage pork ratio is the common challenge I am talking about; you are …

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