LEM Big Bite Meat Grinder: Scheels Meat Grinder Review

LEM provides the products which make home processing easy and harvesting for you. Products that are strong and made to last long, just like a reliable and trustworthy old work truck. It helps that the LEM products are high-quality and high-duty, what you are expecting from the leader in the processing game.

The leaders are so confident about their products that they back all their LEM products with at least one year manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, they offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on equipment. They prepare meat grinders for hunters and home processing at a competitive price.

LEM products are generally well-constructed and high-quality. Products may be high-priced, but it’s possible that you will not regret your purchases. All you have to do is walk around market and look around for a product that will fit your needs.

About LEM Products

Products of LEM were founded in back 1991. However, the consequences of the LEM branding launch in all the stores of America and Canada. But the company mostly works on the internet. Physically it founds in Ohio, in West Chester. LEM produces each type of product that you need to convert your game into a delicious meal.

Larry Mets are the person who is behind the idea of this company. After working in a meat grinding company for 35 years, he left to start his own company. He stays in line with the meat cutting business. Also, he is a hunter himself and has many good ideas for easing their meat preparation process.

As it exemplified the quality and type of products manufactured by the company. LEM products are made of high quality and well constructed. Products may be high priced, but you can’t regret your purchase.

Some Advantages & Disadvantages of LEM Company


LEM is an old and well-established company, and it produces all types of products you need to grind your meat. Either you are new to the whole preparation of the

game. And a seasoned professional of LEM has all the thing what you need.

All the products range from entry-level, heavy-duty products that may be employed for commercial purposes. LEM company produces meat grinders, sausage products, jerky products, preparation products, seasonings, kitchen supplies, cooking products, drying products, and storage products.

Consistently, the company comes with new products. All spare parts of the grinder are also readily available. If any product can’t fulfill your expectations, then you can return it to the company and get your new grinder.


Feeding tubes are a notable disadvantage of LEM products. Because of some reasons, LEM grinders contain small feeding tubes. Therefore, you always need to cut the meat in small pieces to grind them.

Also, they produce some products with small, powerful machines that still lack reverse functionality. All big bite and heavy-duty LEM grinders have a lack of reverse functionality. But these grinders are very powerful and won’t be clog anyway.

So, maybe it’s not a big issue. But the meat grinders may be high priced.

Factors to Choose A Good Meat Grinder

Choose a grinder in the large meat grinders list in the market is easy when you know what you will use it for. It also needs to pay to pick one which will last for a long time. Here are some critical factors in choosing the best meat grinder for your kitchen.

Amount of Meat to mince

Many meat grinder motors can work for a short time before overheating. Any, you can grind some amount of cuts before the unit is damaged. Therefore, if you want to grind a lot of meat in a mincer in one go, then buy a meat grinder with a motor rating of 500W or higher. Or, for general micing, 350W or lower motors are good enough.

Functions and Features

The second factor to consider is the features of the grinder. The first factor includes having a reverse function, which makes it easy to remove the stuck piece of meat withing the grinder feed. Also, you may want a dual power switch. This is a safety feature. When you are not at home, anyone in the house accidentally turns on the blades when you are not around.


The golden rule of thumb is to choose a grinder with stainless steel material. It will be helpful to wash and clean all the parts of the machines. This material has a long lifespan.

Let’s have a look at the best product 0f LEM meat grinders:

LEM Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is generally considered as a strong grinder than other meat grinders. That is the immediate upgrade. LEM big bite grinder can use for both purposes, such as commercial or for home use.

LEM electric meat grinder will be able to cuts the big chunks into fine mince pieces. It comes with an impressive 0.5 horsepower performance. Grinder with this type of capacity can allow you to grind up to seven pounds of meat in one minute. Additionally, moving parts of the motor are lubricated permanently.

So when the grinder produces the meat, it works noiselessly. Also, it contains a brush steel finish. Therefore, your fingerprints will not be printed on the machine. So it makes it easy to clean your unit effortlessly. You receive some parts such as cutting plates, three stuffing plates, and a meat stomper accessory.

You will love its ability to work noiselessly as we use LEM’s grinders to minced the meat. The performance of the machine is also a big plus point. Units are perfect if they have any safety features like a dual power switch headlock of the grinder.

It can grind a lot of meat because of its powerful motorsThe machine’s weight is heavy
Permanent lubricate parts can reduce the cloggingLack of some safety features
It comes with big bite technologyComponents are not dishwasher safe
0.5 horsepower technology
Brushed stainless steel construction
Work with less noise
Can grind bones
Can be used for commercial use
Multiple accessories

Big Bite Technology

Big Bite is a company’s patented technology that makes the auger more efficient. With this technology, the auger can “bite” the excess piece of meat and drive it into the heat of the grinder.

You may be amazed when you know that the number of augers with this grinder can be beneficial. The fear is to make many ready cooks, whether a large piece of meat can be processed without any clogging because the wider auger can handle this problem.

You just have to load the big piece of meat, and you can find the machine working without any issue. Also, don’t worry about the clogging of meat. The piece of meat could be processed without clogging. Because when you put the large piece, the auger will manage the meat into an appropriate size.


This product of the LEM company may look like the most significant investment. The thing that makes it perfect is high-quality and unbeatable performance. This performance makes it the behemoth of the grinder.

It can boost brut power, high-quality, efficiency, and usability. There is no doubt that the LEM big bite grinder is an excellent grinding product for at-home cooking.