How to Make Starter Culture for Salami- Easy Hacks You Should Know

Making Salami, a starter culture seems good even though it is challenging. When making the Salami, consider choosing starter culture as one of the features since you can sometimes fail to get the right products for your Salami.

When worrying about making a starter culture for Salami, do not worry since it is just a simple process that you can follow and push through. You only need to carry out the process by adding ingredients that contain their probiotics or rather good bacteria to the mixture when making the sausage.

The article below shows the steps you can follow when making the starter culture for Salami at home using different methods.

What is starter culture for Salami?

What is starter culture for Salami

Starter culture refers to the bacteria that are there during the fermentation process of Salami. Different types of bacteria work in place since they help enhance flavor, smell, or even color at some point. However, the central role of the starter culture is to keep the product safe and long-lasting.

The starter culture works by adding the culture to any salami mixture where the bacteria are introduced into the meat. The bacteria helps fight and destroy the harmful bacteria making the heart safe and improving its structure, flavor, color, and sometimes smell. When making the Salami, you need to use various combinations of bacteria depending on the effect you want to feel in your meat.

Benefits of using starter cultures for Salami

Benefits of using starter cultures for Salami

1. Starter culture speeds up fermentation since the process usually takes several months that you can fix within a few weeks or days. Therefore, the starter culture saves much time for the user, and then the output is safe for use.

2. Starter culture helps bind the meat where it creates a firm structure in the Salami and binds the salami mixture. After securing the core, it shows that there will be no air pockets or air bubbles in the heart.

3. Starter culture helps kill the undesirable bacteria that make the Salami safe for use. The safety results from natural ingredients that you use in making the Salami, and it is suitable for people with allergies.

4. It saves money since it helps you make your own Salami as it is cheaper than buying manufactured starter culture.

How to make starter culture for Salami

How to make starter culture for Salami

The article majorly provides a guide on how to make the starter culture for Salami where we will use the sauerkraut juice. To make the sauerkraut at home, consider using salt and cabbage, which you’ll create bacteria that produce lactic acid. The bacteria is called the lactobacillus planetarium, which in its family of bacteria includes Lactobacillus brevis and Lactobacillus Plantarum. The lactobacillus Plantarum is, in most cases, added in some commercial starter cultures that you can purchase from stores. Below is the process of making the Salami:

i. Cleaning the area you are using for the process

The first step to follow here is cleaning the area you will use, plus the equipment to work with using a sanitizer. Cleaning is essential because it kills all the organisms available at the place. You can choose to use vinegar and finish off with an iodophor sanitizer.

ii. Adjust the temperatures

Ensure you add the temperatures in the fermentation chamber to range from 66 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

iii. Mix the spices in the Salami

The third step is mixing the spices you want to use according to your taste. In this case, you can choose to use curing salt, white pepper, toasted cumin seed, oregano, and chipotle. Make you add dextrose to the mix because it will feed the bacteria that at last produce lactic acid. Ensure you add the spice mix to the meat.

iv. Add sauerkraut juice

After mixing the spices and adding spice mix, consider adding the sauerkraut juice by using cups for accuracy. Ensure you mix them until they become sticky.

v. Put the meat into casings

Consider putting the meat into casings and brush them down with mold that will help grow penicillium nalgiovense on the outside throughout the fermentation process. Ensure you wrap one small piece of meat in cellophane to test the PH. After some time, you will have the proper PH, which shows successfully fermented, and you need to put the heart into the drying chamber and leave it for a while.

vi. Check the color to know if it’s ready

After following the steps above and leaving the mixture for some, you’ll notice the changes in the color and texture of the mix. Another sign is that when you pull the Salami apart, it must not crumble like ground meat but instead should stay together.

Products to use when making the starter culture for Salami

Products to use when making the starter culture for Salami

There are many products that you can use to make the starter culture for Salami which include the following:

  • Yogurt is suitable for a starter since it can activate lactic bacteria in the meat. The only disadvantage of the above product is that it is hard to determine the exact amount you need.
  • Acidophilus is also a good product since it is a probiotic that aids in digestion. The acidophilus contains cultures that can better produce starter cultures for meat and different dairy products. The advantage of this product is that it is readily available and can be found in health food stores.

Reasons for using starter culture for making Salami

Reasons for using starter culture for making Salami
  • Natural culture

Starter culture is a natural ingredient that does not add more nutrients to the Salami, making it safe for use, unlike other nutrients that contain more nutrients that are not natural and can cause effects to the body when you consume them.

  • Lactic bacteria

It contains the lactic bacteria that is the good bacteria such that it helps the Salami to dry quickly and store for some good time without going bad.

  • Induces good bacteria

Starter culture induces good bacteria in the Salami that helps the Salami contain the excellent nutrients that will help the body.

  • Prevents against bad bacteria

The starter culture prevents the harmful bacteria in the meat that leaves only the good bacteria to work with the beef that maintains the taste of the food.

  • Free to preserve

When you have the starter culture, it is free to preserve and easy too since they can stay in a freezer.

  • Easy to use

It is easy to use the starter culture to make the Salami since the steps to follow are accessible and understandable.

  • Can stay in a freezer

The starter culture is good since it can stay in the freezer that you will use later when you need to make Salami.  


Now you know how to make a starter culture for your Salami. The guide has all the steps you need to make the food ready since it is easy to make, simple to use, and cheap. The starter culture making for Salami only needs a few ingredients to preserve your meat and enjoy any time you feel.

Ensure you follow the steps carefully that at some point, you can share the procedure to make the meat sweet. If you also wish to make the Salami without using the starter culture, you can follow the guide since the steps are the same.