Meat Grinder Buying Guide


Buying your favorite and most desired meat grinder is easy now because we have reviewed the things and wrote Meat Grinder Buying Guide to provide all the supportive facts.


Suppose you are looking for the best meat grinder and have no idea where to start and what to think before buying any meat grinder. However, it is crucial to explore all the things thoroughly to have the best one for your kitchen. Many things matter a lot when you are going to buy a meat grinder. We have considered all the things that can help you to buy a meat grinder for your kitchen. You can pick the best meat grinder by revealing these facts and have the most beneficial product at affordable costs.

Things to Consider While Buying A Meat Grinder

Buying your favorite and most desired meat grinder is easy now because we have reviewed the items and wrote Meat Grinder Buying Guide to provide all the supportive facts. Here are some considerations for buying a meat grinder. 

Look for Grinder Size

The most important thing that comes forth is its size. You have to explore the size of the grinder that can fulfill your needs. There are # that reveal the size of the meat grinder. It is referred to as the size of any meat grinder. There are different sizes available for home use: #5, 8, 12, 22, and 32. Some of the industry-standard sizes of meat grinders involve in the following chart:

Measurement of the Meat Grinder

Grinder Size
Plate Diameter
Cutting Blade DiameterCutting Blade Hole SizeGrinder Plate Diameter
#52 1/8″1 7/8″1/4″
#82 1/2″2 1/8″3/8″
#102 3/4″2 3/8″7/16″
#203 1/4″2 7/8″1/2″
#323 7/8″3 1/2″5/8″
#425 1/16″4 5/8″7/8″

All these things explain briefly about the size of a grinder. Usually, a larger meat grinder has a larger feeding tube, and a smaller grinder has a smaller feeding tube. While on the other hand, power capacity also differs from smaller to larger grinders. So, look keenly when you are going to buy a meat grinder—Focus on your need. If you need it for home use only then, go for a smaller size, and if you are looking for commercial requirements, you must opt for the larger one to fulfill your needs.

Usage Capacity

Well, usage-based buying is the smart choice. Are you going to buy the meat grinder only for occasional usage or use it for frequent use, then, you must choose an inexpensive and smaller size of meat grinder because using it after a while means there is no necessity to buy an expensive one to waste your money for frequent usage. The best option for home usage is size #5 or #8 grinder.

Grinding Strength

It is also essential to explore how much amount a meat grinder can grind. Various meat grinders ground almost many lbs per minute without any delay. If you are looking to grind the massive batches of meat within a few minutes, check out the grinder’s strength for grinding. A larger feeding tube can help you to grind more meat at a time. On the other hand, a larger grinder also aids in faster meat grinding, such as size #12 and #22.

Manufacturing Material

The material by which a meat grinder is made is crucial for durability. A stainless steel grinder will ensure more long-lasting usage capacity than other materials. Moreover, an aluminum-based or steel-based product will also serve the same durability. Try to check thoroughly about the material by which a meat grinder is made. However, the stainless steel appliances also look nice in appearance and more durable than other materials such as plastic and metals. Some stainless steel grinders come with stainless steel accessories to support dishwasher friendly washing. The negative aspect of stainless steel grinders is that they are heavier than non-stainless steel grinders. 


Accessories are also necessary to run the meat grinder. Different things help to make your meat more juicy and full of texture. The actual sausage stuffer and the sausage attachments offer the best grinding. Some grinder offers sausage stuffing plate for better regrinding support.

Explore Grinder Parts

Meat Tray

This meat tray also is known as a hopper. Meat has been placed on this part for grinding. You can hold cubes or strips of meat on it to push it more easily into the feeding tube for grinding.

Feeding tube

This is the place by which meat goes into the grinding area and be ground. Every grinder has a different size of feeding tube according to its size.

Meat pusher or plunger

The meat pusher or plunger helps to push the meat down to the feeding tube for grinding. It makes the grinding process more rapid and easier. 


Auger is also known as the screw or worm. It is the spiral-shaped accessory which grabs the meat. It put meat toward the cutting blade and grinder plates to finely mince the meat.

Cutting blade

It is used to cut the meat in a grinder. This is the most important thing which matters for finely chopped meat. It is a sharp plate, so be careful when you wash it with hands.

Grinder plates

Grinder plates help to grind the meat. It is a flat round plate with different sizes. 

Suitability for the Things

Try to choose a suitable meat grinder according to your needs. It means opt the one which functions according to the foods which you want to grind. If you’re going to grind meat, only then choose a smaller or meat-oriented grinder. And if you’re going to grind various foods such as meat, bones, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. So, you can opt for a multifunctional meat grinder. Some meat grinder is excellent to grind away all the things and meat like hard and soft bones to give a smooth texture to your meat mince.


The budget of the grinder also matters a lot. Sometimes it happens that the product which you want to buy did not fall into your budget. So, it is better to look for the prices and features of the meat grinder at the same time to choose the most relevant option. Moreover, do not spend an excessive amount on the product that you have to use it occasionally. If you want to use it for a maximum time, then spend a reasonable amount to have maximum benefits.


All these things are necessary to explore because they help you get the desired results for mincing your meat. You can follow this meat grinder buying guide to enjoy more advantages.