Why Do We Ferment Dosa Batter? – An A-Z Insights

Is it required for dosa batter to undergo fermentation

Dosa Batter is a South Indian pancake, which is mostly loved by people who prefer quality and spicy foods. Processing dosa batter to be sweet and likable, it has to pass numerous stages for the addition of flavor and nutrients. For dosa to be ready for eating it must be passed all the stages hence …

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Can Idli Batter Be Used for Dosa? – Get a Clear Idea

can idli batter be used for dosa

Idli and dosa are among the most liked South Indian food. Every person benefits a lot when taking this type of food as it helps the body with nutrient value and faster digestion. More so the species in them helps in body development. What I can assure you is that these kinds of dishes perform …

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Can You Leave a Sous Vide Unattended? – [Answer Revealed]

can you leave a sous vide unattended

In any chance have you ever seen a sous vide recipe that has a cooking duration of over 12 hours or even three times that time? Yeah, it is true to conclude that cooking sous vide for a long period is tiresome for every person. Provided you have some other personal work you have to …

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Can You Ferment Ginger in Honey? – Finally Answered

Can you ferment ginger in honey

Many people think fermenting food is only by the use of water brine solution and salt. But that is not the case because changing the salty taste to a sweeter one you have to ferment food in honey. There is a change of taste and texture when ginger is passed through honey. Based on taste …

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Sous Vide Beyond Burger: All Facts About Beyond Burger

Sous Vide Beyond Burger

Everybody most of the time prefers to have a meatless burger as their meal. This counts to everyone whether you base yourself as a vegetarian or vegan. I guess if you are familiar with the sous vide beyond burger maybe for once or you tried to make a veggie burger that looks like beyond burgers, …

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Is Sous Vide Cooking Healthy? – All You Should Know

Is Sous Vide Cooking Healthy

Sous vide provides a healthy meal for every user provided a correct cooking procedure is followed. Honestly, every person wants an elaborate way to prepare food. Maintaining a high nutritional value and spicy food this is the best article for you. I have provided you with enough information you need to bring out the healthiest …

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Difference Between Sous Vide and Slow Cooker You Should Know

difference between sous vide and slow cooker

The sous vide, and the slow cooker are types of cookers used for cooking. Many people mainly use two great dishes during the cooking process. They are the fastest method of cooking for people that need a short time in the kitchen. The two cooking methods are prevalent because you can take the fastest time …

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What Happens When You Ferment Vegetables? – Here’s the Answer

What Happens When You Ferment Vegetables

Over the past decades, most people have been fermenting to increase the stability of fresh food. Fermenting the vegetables and other foods will make them safe to eat when you don’t have a fridge and ensure that the flavor is enhanced. The process of vegetables and food fermentation can be done in tiny homes and …

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How Does Fruit Ferment Naturally? – The Ultimate Guideline

How Does Fruit Ferment Naturally

Fermentation is a chemical process that by any molecule; for example, the glucose is broken down anaerobically. Fruits any fruit can therefore ferment own its ass long it is in a condition that can support fermentation. Most of the fruit will ferment naturally as long they are in the state to help the fermentation process. …

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Fermenting Crock vs. Mason Jar – Which One You Should Pick

fermenting crock vs mason jar

The fermenting of crocks is a straightforward process when you have little knowledge of how to do the fermenting. Suppose you have searched and are looking for a method and procedure that will help you do it without a problem. The article will help to finish the process in a short time. Fermenting crocks has …

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