How to Prepare Penne Pasta With Sun- Dried Tomato Cream Sauce

Penne pasta with sun-dried tomato cream sauce is a food that is usually considered fancy food and is mostly prepared for dinner. It is a portion of fast food that is creamy and is vast with flavor. It can be made a vegetarian dish when prepared without chicken and is mostly available in most restaurants.

It is usually prepared with some ingredients like butter, cream, cheese, and pasta. It is added with tomatoes that are sun-dried and mixed with chicken. Black pepper that is crushed, fresh basil, and chili flakes are also added to make it spicy. It takes a very short time to prepare and is usually very sweet.

Preparing penne pasta with sun-dried tomato cream sauce is very easy. It takes a short time to prepare. Some essential tools can be used to prepare this dish. Each tool or device is designed for special ingredients as discussed in this article. The procedure to prepare this dish is also discussed in the article.

Tools used to prepare penne pasta with sun-dried tomato cream sauce

penne pasta with sun dried tomato cream sauce

1. A pasta pot

It is usually large to prevent overcrowding of pasta and gives it room to move in the pot as it boils. A large pot is also suitable to put in a lot of water that cooks the pasta completely.

2. Tongs and a spider

These are very efficient tools that are very versatile and quick. They are used to pick the pasta out of the cooking pot even when still hot to a sauté pan. They can also be used to toss the pasta. They also help to maintain the pasta water that is used to mix the pasta with condiments.

3. Sauté pan

This is a tool that is mostly used in the final cooking process of pasta preparation. It is an essential tool for binding the pasta and condiment. Most sauté pans are between 10 to 15 inches.

4. Ladle

This is a tool used for measuring ingredients. It helps in balancing pasta water so that the pasta is not overdressed.

5. Mixing bowls

These are special bowls that are used to mix the dough over a work surface.

6. Pastry board

This is a board that is very large and is made of wood. It provides a workspace that is large and very easy to clean. It makes it easier to mix the pasta dough.

7. A rolling pin

It is mostly made of wood and is very long and is very thin at the ends. It is used to roll out pasta and takes a lot of practice to roll out the best pasta rolls.

8. Sifter or a flour dredger

This is a container that is usually made of metal and has got so many perforations or holes. The main use of this tool is sprinkling some flour into the pasta to act as a coat when working with it.

9. Pastry scraper

This is a blade-like tool with a handle made of wood and is used to scrape out the pasta dough before and after rolling.

10. An electric mixer

It is made with a dough hook and is used to mix the pasta dough.



i. 5 boneless and skinless chicken breasts or chicken thighs.

ii. 3 crushed garlic cloves.

iii. 3 tablespoons of butter

iv.  1 cup stock of chicken or cooking water for pasta.

v. 1 ½ cups of heavy cream

vi. 1 cup of thinly sliced sun-dried tomatoes in oil

vii. 2 cups of grated parmigiano reggiano

viii. ½ to 1 teaspoon of salt.

ix. 1 to 1 ½ teaspoon flakes of red chili.

x. 13 ounces of black pepper (ground)

xi. Black pepper (freshly ground)

xii. Shredded basil leaves



1. Take a large pot of water, heat it and add salt until it tastes like seawater.

2. Read the package instructions to cook the pasta.

3. Use a cup to drain pasta cooking water from the cooked pasta.

4. Use a large pan to melt butter and that holds all the cooked pasta.

5. Add chicken to the pan and cook for about 10 minutes until it turns brown.

6. Add garlic, mix well and leave it to cook for 2 more minutes.

7. Add salted water or chicken stock and some salt then cook the chicken for about 5 minutes.

8. Put sun-dried tomatoes and cream and simmer

9. Add Parmigiana Reggiano and add pasta after adjusting salt.

10. For about 2 minutes, simmer pasta while stirring constantly until the pasta is coated with sauce and properly distribute tomatoes.

11. Distribute into 4 equal portions, garnish with black pepper and basil that is shredded.

Ways used to store pasta

Ways used to store pasta

Various ways are used to store pasta. These ways include;

i. It should be cooled before it is stored

ii. The use of an airtight container can also help to store pasta.

iii. The best way to store pasta is by separating it from the sauce.

iv. Freezing the casserole is one of the best ways to store pasta.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Question 1: Is the fiber that is soluble in pasta soluble or insoluble?

Answer: The pasta is made using a product of wheat and all wheat products are made of insoluble fiber.

  • Question 2: What is the estimated glycemic index for most pasta?

Answer: Pasta is considered a low glycemic food and it can be estimated to be around 50.

  • Question 3: Is pasta among the fattening meals?

Answer: Pasta is not considered a fattening meal because it contains fewer fats and less amount of sodium too. Research done by the US Department of Agriculture indicates that pasta is not a fattening meal.


In summary, pasta is a very delicious meal that is made using different tools. These tools are used for specific purposes and used in different stages in the preparation process. It is very easy to make and takes little time to prepare.

Pasta is a healthy meal that contains very little fats and sodium. The reduced quantities of sodium and fats reduce the chances of fattening effect that result when this food is consumed. Different ingredients can be used to prepare it like the Americans who use semolina.