Is It Best to Smoke Before or After Sous Vide?- You Need to Know

Sous vide is one method you can use to cook sausages. Many people are trying to practice the technique with different foods. The sous vide way is effective due to its many advantages, such as; it allows the cook to regulate temperature until the sausage is well cooked. Also, it will enable the user to cook their favorite food until it is salty. On the other side, smoking the dishes improves the taste of your sausage, making it more attractive and tasty.

When choosing whether to smoke before or after sous vide, the first thing you must consider is the person’s preference and the time available for one to cook the sausage. There are advantages and disadvantages concerning the first thing to do, whether to smoke first or sous vide first. Some claim that the sausage is tastier if you smoke first, while others are against smoking first.

Luckily, the article below shows the best way to smoke sausage, maybe after or before the sous vide. Also, it shows how you can use the smoking and the sous vide method to get the tastier and lovely sausages of your preference.

Is It Best to Smoke Before or After Sous Vide?

smoke before or after sous vide

Before knowing if it is best to smoke before or after sous vide, let’s look at the benefits of using the sous vide method. The benefits include the following;

i. It adds flavor to the sausage meat if you compare it to other methods, especially the traditional techniques.

ii. Allows the cook to regulate the temperature during the cooking process until you finish cooking the food thoroughly. The temperature regulation prevents the user from carrying out frequent turning of the sausages and checking.

iii. When cooking vegetables, the method is most effective.

Despite having many benefits, it has its faults, such as; it prevents the sausage meat from developing a crust. The disadvantage makes it less practical for other people who want meat that has a crust.

Smoking before or after sous vide depends on one’s preference and taste, or it depends on the type of food you are going to prepare. Also, consider the timing you need if it favors smoking before or after sous vide.

Smoking after sous vide

Smoking after sous vide

When mixing sous vide with smoking, one way to attempt it is to prepare the items in a sous-vide manner first before smoking them. So, depending on the sort of meat you’re designing and the level of softness and smoothness you desire, you’d set it up to your absorption fryer and let it do its thing.

After finishing the process, proceed to the next step. You can start by taking the additives out of the bag and placing them into your smoker’s barrel. Choosing to leave them in there for around 30 minutes will probably be sufficient time to enable the smoky air to imbue additional flavor and into your meals. Furthermore, not leaving the dish in the smoker barrel for too long will prevent the core temperature from rising too much, negating the effort your sous vide oven has made.

Smoking before sous vide

Smoking before sous vide

Another option is to smoke your components first before cooking them sous vide technique. So you’d season the protein first, then smoke it for anything between 6 and 8 hours. You can regulate the temperature anywhere between 150 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

In most scenarios, it is advisable to smoke the dishes before cooking their sous vide. It takes less time to give the meat a smoky taste, but utilizing smokers and maintaining a steady fire and interior heat temperature needs a practical learning technique. Fresh beef, according to some cooks, absorbs smoke quicker than ground or cooked meat. You also don’t have to continue monitoring smoking meat if you’re making a meal for a gathering.

You can complete the dish on the barbecue once it has been prepared sous vide. During the smoking process, that is, smoking the meat, keep in mind that the core temperature must never surpass the temperature preset in the oven or the smoker barrel. Anything more than this temperature will destroy the objective of the sous vide procedure, as the meat will never sear steaks properly once it has been overdone. If you smoke before or after sous vide, the same rule is applicable.

To add good taste, smoke the beef at a reasonable temperature for a few hours. Then, based on the quality you desire, simmer the beef sous vide for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. Reheat the meat in the grill or return it to the smoker barrel to reclaim the crispiness and brown look.

A pinch of smoked salt or liquid smoke can be added to the container when employing the sous vide technique. It will add even more taste to the dish. Also, don’t throw away the fluids. All of the cooking liquids stay in the container as the meat cures in the sous vide equipment. Those fluids can be repurposed to make a thick sauce to accompany the meal.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I apply the sous vide technique when cooking my dishes, especially chicken?

i. Heat and preheat your oven to 350°F.

To begin, warm your sous vide oven to the degree; that is the temperature degree you wish. Before you put the chicken in the boiling water, double-check that it has reached the temperature you specified. Insert your sous vide device inside the pan, preset the parameters, and switch it on to accomplish this method.

ii. Garnish your chicken with salt and pepper.

Strive to get a complexion, bone-in chicken breast for a more incredible flavor. Season it to taste with salt, pepper, and any other spices you want. If you’re going to utilize flavor and aroma like rosemary, coriander, or oregano, now is the moment to do it.

 iii. Place the chicken in a vacuum-sealing pack and lock it.

Wrap the lid of the sealed bag back over itself first, forming a neat cuff, to properly bag the chicken breast. After that, push the chicken breast through the small pocket to ensure that no chicken juice gets on the seal’s edges, preventing infection.

iv. Close the bag.

Using a zip zipper pouch, you can use a specific vacuum sealer or modify the pack with the extrusion process. Some applications demonstrate how to properly seal the dish before placing it in the sous vide cooker.

 v. Start preparing your meal.

Immerse the sack in the water bath, making sure it does not obstruct any of the cooker’s digital output ports. When the vacuum pack lowers right away, you know you’ve closed it securely and done all things correctly.

vi. When the timer goes off, remove the chicken and let it cool down.

Pull the sack from the water and the chicken from the container after your sous vide cooker says that the chicken is ready. Now you may proceed to cook your chicken breast in the dish of your choice, whether it’s a steel pan or a Teflon pan.

  • How can I smoke my dishes?

1. Collect all the ingredients necessary.

The ingredients include; dishes of your choice, and if it is meat, choose the type of meat you want. Also, select the type of wood you wish, such as pecan for a milder flavor, an apple for fruity taste, and hickory that has a strong flavor.

2. Cover a dish halfway with water and wood chips.

It is a crucial component that many folks neglect while studying how to burn dishes correctly. If you want to give your dishes a mild flavor, you must smoke them with fruitwood for 3 to 4 hours. If you want a robust smoke taste, though, you must smoke your meat for around 3 hours with mesquite wood.

3. Transfer the wood pellets from the bowl of water to the steakhouse.

4. Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Put the dry sausage in the smokehouse on frying sticks or metal racks.

6. Maintain a constant temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit in the smokehouse.

When you smoke dishes at an excessively high temperature, the fat within the foods melts if present. The dishes become tasteless, dry, and bland as a result of this drying process.

7. For the most outstanding results, switch out the wood chips every hour and a half.

8. Examine the Temperature

9. Remove the smoked dishes from the pan.

10. Using cold water, cool the smoked dishes.

11. Allow 2 to 3 hours for the smoked dishes to air dry.


If you plan to cook any dish, you may wish to combine the two methods, smoking and sous vide, to get the best results. But sometimes, you may wonder if you can smoke before or after the sous vide method. Luckily, the article describes the two ways, either before or after sous vide. The most recommended method is smoking before the sous vide due to many advantages, such as the flavor is retained and the dishes are tastier than smoking after sous vide.

Finally, if you enjoy the outcomes of cooking with sous vide absorption mixer but lack the smoky flavor that arrives from using a high-quality smoker barrel, combine different the two to get the best of all outcomes. Also, using both methods may enable you to get the results you desire, depending on your presence.