Smoking Uncured Sausage: Let’s Know the Best Tips

You don’t want your sausage meat to be cured, do you? Because cured sausage is typically smoked, have you ever questioned if cooking uncured sausage is a safe practice to follow? It is true that when it comes to meat, we all enjoy an excellent, Smokey flavour.

The type of sausage being manufactured and the kind of meat used in the first place will determine whether or not it is necessary to cure the sausage before smoking it. Some sausages require curing before being smoked, and some do not.

The difference between cold smoking and hot smoking is a matter of personal preference. It is possible to smoke uncured sausage, but it must be hot. That is the quick answer. To find out why, continue reading this article.

How fresh sausages, uncured are smoked

How to smoke uncured sausagesFunctionEssential products
Set the temperatures to 200-250 °FTo avoid germs and food poisoningCheck the sausage smoker from Amazon
Rotate your sausagesTo be cooked appropriately throughoutMeat temperature probe
Check for a greyish colourTo know when they are cooked 
smoking uncured sausage

Making fresh sausage is a personal preference, and whether or not you cure the meat will depend on whether you’re using a cold or hot smoking technique. Some people believe that curing salts can enhance the flavour of the meat, but you should experiment to see if you can achieve a better taste.

To smoke fresh, uncured sausages, heat the smoker to a temperature ranging from 200°F to 250°F (95% humidity to 100% humidity) and keep it there until the sausages are finished. To avoid any problems with germs and food poisoning, wait until the smoker reaches 250°F before beginning to cook your cold fresh sausages.

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It should take around 90 minutes and 2 hours to smoke your fresh sausages. For your sausages to be appropriately cooked throughout, you should rotate them while smoking. 165°F (74°C) is the perfect internal temperature for the fresh sausage, and it is advisable to verify this with a meat temperature probe before cooking.

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In addition, because fresh sausages do not include curing preservatives, they will most likely turn greyish rather than pinkish while they cook instead of canned sausages.

Simple tips to follow when smoking fresh sausages

Simple tips to follow when smoking fresh sausages

i. Make sure your smoker has achieved the minimum temperature required for cooking fresh sausages to reduce the danger of food illness.

ii. Air drying the sausages before smoking them may result in more dark red in the meat as it cooks, so keep this in mind.

iii. Put the sausages at least one or two inches apart to allow air to circulate evenly around them and for uniform smoke penetration during the grilling procedure.

iv. Instead of piercing each sausage to verify the temperature, use one or two of them as ‘tester’ sausages to save time and energy.

v. Please do not allow the sausages to remain for too long after cooking since their skins will begin to fold, making them appear less than attractive.

vi. Sausage can be refrigerated for up to three months or kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 days, during which time it will retain its Smokey flavour.

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vii. Casings made of natural ingredients are the most commonly used for smoking sausage. However, fibrous casings take longer to smoke than paper ones.

Reasons why curing sausages is essential

Reasons why curing sausages is essential

Of course, there are certain advantages to the curing process, one of which can enhance the flavour of the final product. If the proper curing chemicals are applied, it can also aid in the sausage’s ability to retain more moisture over time, preventing it from becoming dry.

While curing is essential for keeping you healthy, it is also necessary for maintaining the sausage safe from becoming infected with various germs, including those that cause botulism and other diseases. Bacteria causing botulism can be found in meat when it is subjected to a low-oxygen atmosphere that is just mildly acidic, warm, and wet, which happens to be precisely the kind of condition that slow smoking creates.

Consequently, if you plan on slow smoking your sausages, it’s better to cure them first. This will help prevent these potentially harmful germs from taking hold during the smoking process, which can be deadly.

The next advantage of rapid smoking (or hot smoking) sausages is that they don’t need to be cured because the smoking procedure also cooks them simultaneously, as opposed to cold or slow smoking, which imparts a smoky taste to the meat but does not cook it.

On a similar note, sausages that are fully cooked before being smoked do not require curing before being served. Bacteria should be eliminated throughout the cooking process, though curing will not be detrimental to long-term preservation.

The basic truth is that if you prepare the sausages before smoking them, they will most likely not require curing. Furthermore, if you quickly smoke your sausages (rather than slow smoke), they do not require curing because the meat does not need to be cooked first. In contrast, if you intend to slowly smoke uncooked sausages, you will undoubtedly want to cure them first. It may even be advisable to cure prepared sausage slowly before smoking it.

To determine whether or not a variety of sausages should be cured before smoking, let’s take a brief look at a few different sorts of sausage.

  • It is necessary to cure fresh smoked sausage before smoking it cold.
  • Curing is not required for fresh smoked sausage that has been hot or quickly smoked.
  • It is not necessary to cure fully cooked sausage.
  • Salami, for example, is a dry sausage that does not need to be cooked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it possible to smoke uncured sausage?

As a result, in conclusion. Uncured sausage can be smoked if you want to give your sausage a great, smoky flavour while still keeping it uncured at the same time. This can be done with sausage that you have produced yourself or with sausage that you have purchased from a supermarket. Just make sure you’re hot smoking it (instead of cold smoking) before you start.

  • How long does it take for a smoked sausage to bloom?

The sausage should be hung on the sturdy, environmentally friendly, and anti-microbial blooming rack for 1 hour after it has been appropriately smoked to a cooked temperature, using the included wooden dowels. Observe as the sausage slowly continues to cook and oxidize, turning it into an even more vibrant-looking sausage towards the end.


Uncured sausage can be smoked if you want to give your sausage a great, smoky flavour while still keeping it uncured at the same time. This can be done with sausage that you have produced yourself or with sausage that you have purchased from a supermarket. Just make sure you’re hot smoking it before you start.

Because your sausage will not be treated with a cure to avoid contamination, hot smoking will ensure that you are thoroughly cooking it to destroy the bacteria.