Can You Sous Vide Multiple Steaks at Once?

As we all know, Sous vide is the best way of cooking steak to perfection. All you need in this process is to control the temperatures, seal the food you are cooking under moisture, and put the food in the container. You need to undertake fewer activities to make the process successful. The only challenge …

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Sous Vide Advantages and Disadvantages

sous vide advantages and disadvantages

Sous vide cooking is a method that prepares food in a water bath for a long time and still produces quality foods. Sous vide foods are delicious, which makes most people prefer using the method of cooking. Recently the technique was meant for restaurant chefs to prepare their meals, but currently, most people are taking …

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Is Chorizo Red Meat- All You Need to Know

is chorizo red meat

Chorizo is a type of sausage originating from the Iberian Peninsula. It is a spicy type of sausage that is usually sealed in a casing that is made from the intestines of animals. The casing is made up of edible materials therefore it is also edible and many people prefer it to the other sausages. …

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Sous Vide vs. Boiling- What Are the Differences

sous vide vs boiling

The water boiling point can be affected by altitude and the addition of salt. Boiling water is ideal for producing soups, stews, and sauces, as well as pasta and other grains. However, some foods do not like to be boiled. Sous vide is a fantastic way to cook at a lower, more mild temperature than …

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Do I Need a Rack for Sous Vide?- Quick Guide

do i need a rack for sous vide

Aside from the sous vide cooker, one needs a few things when doing the sous vide cooking. The containers and rack are the most significant. You can cook without the rack, but given that some recipes will need a lot of hours to prepare, it’s necessary to keep away from looking at them all the …

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Does Sous Vide Meat Need to Rest?- Complete Guide

does sous vide meat need to rest

When cooking meat steak the traditional way, it is necessary to allow it to rest. It is recommended that you leave the meat on the dish for at least 5 minutes before consuming it. After the meat has been rested, it is served due to inconsistencies in the temperature distribution throughout the steak. Balance while …

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What Are the Differences Between Fresh vs. Cured Sausage

fresh vs cured sausage

Sausages can be broadly categorized into two varieties in the field of sausage making. These include fresh and cured sausages. Regardless of where you live, your neighborhood grocery shop will likely stock some fresh or cured Sausage. However, you need to understand the differences between the two types for the right choice when buying. For …

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What You Need to Know on Smoking Store- Bought Sausage

smoking store bought sausage

The process of smoking sausages takes up a lot of room, and grills typically have only one primary cooking rack. On the other hand, smokers typically contain numerous racks to accommodate a large amount of meat during a single extended cooking session. You should use a specialized smoker for smoking sausages at home, but if …

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