Vertical vs. Horizontal Sausage Stuffer: A Quick Glance

Selecting and choosing the meat that you will use for your sausage is the best thing that you should keep in mind; you grind it with the proper plate to see the best texture out of it suitable for the sausage. It will help you choose whether you will go with sausage stuffer or stuffer attachment.

The type of sausage you will choose, whether vertical or horizontal sausage stuffer, will depend on your needs and preferences. Preparing the two kinds of links is not a complicated process as long as you have the tools and materials.

In this article, I will explain the vertical and horizontal sausages in detail. I will also explain the advantages and disadvantages of both links. The article will finally give you a solution on the right size that you will use when preparing your sausage.

A quick comparison table

FeatureVertical sausage stufferHorizontal sausage stuffer
CapacitySmall capacityMore capacity
VersionsHas several versions with itAvailable in only electric and manual versions
OutputLess outputLarge output

What is a vertical sausage stuffer?

Horizontal versus vertical sausage stuffer

In general, the vertical sausage stuffer is popular when comparing the horizontal versus the vertical one because most people like the vertical sausage stuffer. Some view reasons make them more popular, but one of the common ones is their size. When the measure continues to be minor, they take up a smaller space than the horizontal sausage stuffer. The size makes them be used primarily on the wide range of uses in the kitchen. Their shape also makes it free stand on the table without being clumped or supported.

The horizontal sausage stuffer can come with both the electric version and a manual one, but the common thing about them is they work with the principle of gravity. The sausage meat is placed at the top of the stuffer using a container, and its casing moves over the outlet pipe. Therefore, as you turn the handle of the sausage stuffer, the gears inside it dive the meat down and out inside the casing. One user can operate a vertical sausage stuffer, and therefore it is very suitable for beginners.

What is a horizontal sausage stuffer?

What is a horizontal sausage stuffer

The horizontal sausage stuffer is a bit different from the vertical one in that it is a bit longer, and therefore it requires more room to use and operate. Horizontal sausage stuffer usually requires support because they are not free-standing. Consequently, they need to be clumped onto the table or a counter. Because of how they operate or work and the energy they need, they require two people to manage them.

The process to grind the sausage is you fill the cylinder of the staffer with the sausage meat and at the other end of the casing end of the staffer. For the two users of the sausage stuffer, one user will collect the sausage from the outlet as it comes out while the other person is using its handle. There are also manual and electrical versions of horizontal sausage stuffers. Such arrangements are both suitable for large and small-scale usage.

Horizontal versus vertical sausage stuffer

vertical vs horizontal sausage stuffer

The usage and function of the vertical or horizontal sausage stuffer are almost the same. They both transfer the sausage meat from the inlet to the casing that produces different and individual links.

But the only differences between them are how they operate and how they are designed. There are also some advantages and disadvantages to each sausage stuffer depending on the needs and usage. I will explain in detail the pros and cons of each sausage stuffer.

I recommend that before choosing any sausage stuffer to buy, it will depend on your requirements. The first thing that will make you select the type of sausage is the size and the amount of sausage meat you need to use, and the number of links you want to make. You should therefore select a sausage stuffer that will suit your needs. Some other factors will help you choose what type of sausage stuffer to use, depending on your needs. But the best suitable one will also depend on the number of the output you want to have or the number of sausages you wish to produce.

Vertical sausage stuffer


1. It is suitable for both experts and beginners.

2. They are available in different versions that are electric and manual.

3. Its small size types are suitable for most kitchens.

4. The simple to operate

5. They require a person to use.

6. They can serve as many choices as possible


1. They are used in small capacity

2. The number of output is less

3. It is not suitable for commercial use

4. It requires more effort when you are turning the handle.

Horizontal sausage stuffer


1. They have more capacity

2. It is available in both electric and manual versions

3. They are mainly used by professionals and for commercial use.

4. Its output is large

5. It is safe to use it


1. It cost more than the vertical sausage stuffer

2. It requires more than one person to operate it.

3. It requires a working edge or a table to work as expected.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What size should any sausage stuffer be?

Both of the two varieties or types of sausage stuffers come in different sizes that will leave you with other options to choose from depending on your needs and requirements.

Talking about size does not focus on the output size of the sausages since they will differ depending on the link you want to make. The size can be varied by changing the casing output tube. For instance, the sausage used in breakfast will have casing tubes of between 21 to 26mm in diameter, while those, for example, the hotdogs, will have as large as 30mm diameter casing tubes.

The actual size of the sausage stuffer will generally depend on the capacity that it is given and the amount of the sausage meat that it can hold.

  • Should one use a manual sausage stuffer?

Since there are many commercial stuffer sausages out there, manual horizontal and vertical ones are also available and the best options that one can use.

The manual sausage stuffers come with options that will help you choose according to the size and number of sausages you want to have. Therefore you can use the manual sausage stuffer to stuff your link in your design and options.


The article helped you to better understand the standard and primary type’s sausages stuffers in one way. That one will be used in making sausages—choosing the type of sausage stuffer to make your link will depend on the size, quality, and a number of the sausages you want to make. 

Therefore if you want to make sausages for your own or family members, the best type of sausage stuffer to use is the vertical. But if you want to use the horizontal sausage stuffer, they will come in a small size that gives you a small output.