Vitamix Meat Grinder Complete Review


Vitamix Meat Grinder is one of the best meat grinders that can help you get the desired ground meat level. It has powerful motor and remarkable features.


Grinding and mincing your meat is not a difficult task now. You can do this easily without any hectic. Various options are unique when it comes to working and outcomes delivery. You can use these options to make meat grinding faster and more refined. Vitamix Meat blender is one of the best machines to help you get the desired ground meat level. It has a powerful motor and remarkable features along with durability to ensure high-quality functioning. What it is and how it helps you to get the beneficial results for mincing and meat grinding. Let’s check out the article for the whole idea. 

What is Vitamix?

Vitamix is a blender that is a powerful and useful machine. It helps to grind a huge amount of meat within a short time. This is a high powered commercial blender backed with powerful motors that spin at about 250 miles per hour. Moreover, its motor comes with 11.5 amps, 1380 watts, and two peak horsepower. Its stainless steel blades spin so fast to grind all the small to large pieces into refined meat. This is a unique kitchen appliance that helps to give you the best grinding capacity. It can grind both raw and cooked meat. You can choose the consistency according to your requirements and need. It is undoubtedly the best option to make your meat more juicy and full of taste by making it at home. 

How To Grind Meat In A Vitamix?

You can grind meat with Vitamix Meat blender quickly because it works by manual settings. Some of the ways have been discussed below for your aid. Here they are:

  • Cut the meat into 1-inch cubes.
  • Try to keep the meat chilled.
  • Choose the speed for grinding that starts from 1 and ends to 6. 
  • Take off the lid plug.
  • Add meat gradually with a little amount to more massive amounts.
  • Take 10-15 seconds from adding the meat chunks.
  • You can also add the spices by scraping the ground meat into a bowl and mix it appropriately.
  • Grind it properly by evenly distributing the fat.

Features of Vitamix Blender

The features of this blender support meat grinding. That is why it is beneficial for your home usage. Vitamix meat blender has the following supportive features:

  • Provide powerful grinding support
  • High powered commercial blender
  • Powerful motors that spin at about 250 miles per hour
  • Comes with 11.5 amps, 1380 watts, and two peak horsepower. 
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Grind the small to large pieces of meat
  • Versatile kitchen appliance
  • Mince away raw and cooked meat

Along with these features, it is a more useful meat grinder that has benefits for your home and commercial use. You can make healthy and instant meat foods at home. It helps you to create different foods at home with instant working support.

Why Is Vitamix Different From Others?

Vitamix can offer you support for various foods. They may include:


You can also make the sausages with Vitamix blender. It is essential to have a smoother consistency to make your sausages more well-formed. By using this meat blending machine, you can use the variable speeds from levels 1 to 6. Try to add the meat chunks after 10-15 seconds. Make sure meat should be in 1-inch cubes. It will take a shorter time to make sausages at home with this meat grinder.


You can mince the meat with Vitamix Meat blender. It gives you support for the desired coarse texture. It provides beneficial results in the form of juicy minced beef. This blending machine is easy to use and make you eat more full of texture by grinding it with fat and meat separation method. You can start from variable one and increase it until you get the desired results.


There are various lovers of hamburgers. It has the patty, which gives you a fantastic taste for your hamburgers. The texture of its parties is more refined when you make it with a meat grinder like Vitamix. By making mincemeat with this meat grinder, you can have the desired texture for your hamburger patties. You can see the difference in patties made by meat ground in Vitamix Meat blender. However, try to use the pulse function along with variable speed methods to have the best results.

Tips For Meat Grinding

Well, many dishes can be made by only having properly grounded meat. You can have these options with Vitamix machine. Some of the tips have been discussed to grind your meat for a more texture oriented taste.

  • Clean all the things thoroughly and properly. Ensure you have clean the surface, all the equipment, and the utensils for keeping your meat. 
  • When you have ground your meat, grind a slice of bread to remove all the meat particles from the grinder.
  • Before you are going to grind your meat, let chill it for a while. Do not freeze the meat. It may help you get the desired texture of the meat.
  • Keep the meat at an accurate temperature if you want to freeze it. After grinding your meat, give them your desires forms such as patties, sausages, and meatballs. Then, put them in the ziplock bags along with their making time and usage days seal.
  • Store the things separately in separate bags by placing parchment paper within the bags.
  • People loved to eat the juicy meat. You can make it by adding a pinch of baking soda when you are grinding it at home.

Final Words

You can make the sausages, hamburger patties, and fresh ground meat at home to enjoy more nutrition and fun to your cooking. Vitamix can help you to blend your meat as well, along with other foods blending. This is a blender, but it can serve in meat grinding with its powerful motor. It provides you the desired level of texture and juicy flavor in your meat. It is one of the versatile product of blending that also offers meat grinding. This kitchen appliance has powerful steel blades that provide refined grinding capacity for your meat. It may blend the fats and meat so smoothly that you enjoy juicy texture in your homemade meat foods.

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