What to Serve With Venison Sausages- All You Need to Know

Many homeowners have found their ways into my email with questions like ‘what to serve with venison sausages?’ This doesn’t necessarily imply that you won’t consume or serve venison sausages alone. But to make your dinner special and heavy, you should consider consuming venison sausages alongside other dishes.

Therefore if you are wondering about the best recipes to serve with venison sausages, then this article is meant for you. We have decided to come up with this guide so that you enrich your sausages with unique flavor and taste. You will know different ways of making your deer sausage taste better.

Remember, this type of food, despite being a wild game, it’s not only very tasty but also lean. Since it is also expensive, consuming with other recipes or types of sausages can save your pocket. Well, allow me to show you more of such information.

Best dishes and recipes to serve with venison sausage

You don’t have to worry about selecting the best dish to consume alongside the venison sausage anymore. Below is a more than enough list designed for you? This section will entirely entail various food types to dine together with this type of sausages. Here we go!

1. Rice or pasta

What to serve with venison sausages

Let’s kick off our discussion by combining the venison sausage with pasta. This type of sausage is leaner compared to other meats since the venison feeds on grass. More so, this type of sausage contains less saturated fat with vibrant flavor. Consuming it with both rice and pasta is therefore exciting.

You will meet various recipes that contain a combination of venison sausage and pasta. You are therefore allowed to enhance your plate of pasta with grilled venison sausage. Alternatively, you may mix your sausage with pasta sauce if you plan to enrich the entire fish with venison flavor.

The highly recommended recipe is one red onion, chopped tomatoes, plus garlic (clove). The deal is simple as you only have to fry the garlic and onion before adding chopped tomatoes for simmering. After cooking the pasta, pour it into your sauce and then consume everything alongside your venison sausage.  Looks simple but delicious!

On the other hand, you can also serve the venison sausage with various rice-based dishes. It doesn’t matter whether you like jambalaya, paella, or risotto, venison sausages can pair well with any of these. As if that is not enough, you can still mix your sausage with mushrooms; you will get a nice and unique flavor.

2. Potatoes


The second food type to pair with venison sausage is the potatoes. I know this sounds unique, but until you give it a trial. It doesn’t matter whether you like baked potatoes, gravy, French fries or onion, don’t hesitate to take your venison sausage with these recipes.

It is simple because you will be required to bake your venison sausage with other ingredients like potatoes, cherry tomatoes, spices, and asparagus on one pan. Alternatively, you can BBQ vegetables with your venison sausage together; that’s if you are in love with veggies.

On the other hand, some onion gravy and mashed potatoes can also work pretty well. Lastly, you are also allowed to prepare fries and then cook the venison sausage in a skillet with some onions and olive oil. Your kids will be grateful for such a meal.

3. Garnishes


Give a trial to garnishes because it also makes an excellent food to serve with venison sausages. However, your sausage should be grilled, especially when you wish to consume deer meat as your main food. Grilled venison can still be served in a bun to prepare hot dogs.

There are some combinations that can pair well with grilled venison sausages like rice, potatoes, and egg noodles. There is a popular Italian recipe that contains this type of sausages, some spices like garlic, paprika, oregano, and beef to get a fatty juiciness taste. Mix these ingredients and then place them on the grill.

While still cooking a mixture of venison patties and beef, try adding some cheese and give some minutes to melt. The last thing will be to place this mixture in the toasted buns. They will be then consumed as sandwiches.

4. Soups


You can choose any type of stews and soups across Europe to serve with venison sausages. Therefore, if you must take soups in your meals, then you can mix tomato broth with the venison sausage. Alternatively, you may combine it with classic kale soup and Portuguese potato.

For those people in love with caldo verde, it’s possible to substitute the chorizo with a little venison sausage. The richness in flavor of this type of sausages, it’ll always couple with herb stew and red wine.

5. Vegetables


If you are a vegetarian, but still want to consume venison sausages, then you don’t have to worry. It doesn’t matter whether you grill, cook, or bake venison sausages; it’s possible to devour them with some veggies. Apart from this meal being savory, it will also be rich in nutrients.

Some vegetables to pair with your sausage are baked beans, mushrooms, onions, coleslaw, or sautéed peppers. In situations where you choose to grill your venison, remember to involve various grilled vegetables like peppers, eggplants, mushrooms, and zucchini.

6. Sauces


Another type of food to pair with your venison sausage is sauces. This option remains useful, mostly when you wish to consume the sausage as an appetizer. You may also want to consume this type of sausages as a cold snack during summer days. If this is the reason, then I would urge you to pair it with various tasty dips or sauces.

Mix mayonnaise, 1/4 –cup of honey and Dijon (mustard with some cayenne peppers and vinegar). You will have a unique honey mustard sauce. Barbecuing the venison sausage means that you will have to mix one cup of mayonnaise and some honey Barbecue and yellow mustard.

Pork sausage and venison sausage

Pork sausage and venison sausage

Lastly, you can mix your venison sausage with pork sausages and still make a great meal. On occasions where you own ground pork for venison sausage, there’s no problem to mix them to taste homemade sausages. However, you must ensure that your venison is thoroughly ground before mixing it with some spices.

The next thing will be to add your pork to the mixture and serve yourself enough portions.

Tips on choosing the best food to serve with venison sausage

  • Knowing how to grill venison sausages is highly recommended since you can combine it with other types of meat or grill it alone.
  • Mixing your venison with beef or fatty pork can also give you a delicious meal to feed on.
  • While choosing the best food to pair with your sausage, consider your taste and favorites. Choosing a wrong couple will ruin the entire of your venison feast.


  • Can you tell the taste of the venison sausage?

Even though it’s quite hectic to describe this type of sausage, some use words like earth and rich to refer to it. It’s full of sage, acorns, and herbs

  • Is it safe to consume deer sausage?

Yes, venison remains to be full of protein compared to any red meat you know. It enhances muscle growth in your body.

Final words

Before you log out, allow me to say that there are other various foods that can pair well with venison sausage, but the above ones are the best. Consider mixing them with your venison sausage and never regret. However, I would urge you to opt for foods that are flavorless.